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Does anyone else have an open WR receiver and have a LB/DB leap INT the pass or the db comes out of nowhere and gets a pick 6? I force some throws but have many INTS where the ball is thrown short or goes wayyyyyyyyyyyyy off target (I first thought I was hold the button too long, but still have the issue with quick releasing it) Throwing 2-3 INTS a game on average and its very frustrating

The only work around I have found is to drop INTS to 20 where I throw 1-2 ever 2-3 games, but feels like im "cheating"

Is there a better work around or what am I doing wrong? Sometimes my QB is throwing INTS with 3-5 step drops, I understand that scrambling would lead to more INTS and am fine with that
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Are you playing on sim or competitive mode?

I'm pretty sure CPU defenders were given AI to react to the ball quicker in this version. Sometimes the ints do seem unforgiving, but it's an improvement over last years version which had a lie number of ints.

Sim mode will have more ints as well since it gives more weight player ratings.

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With default All-Pro and especially All-Madden difficulty, the passing game can be somewhat unforgiving of user mistakes. Most of the INTs I throw are 100% my own fault... but there have been times when I wish the game would trigger a few more "swat the ball" animations and a few less "intercept the ball" animations.
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This is my biggest gripe with the game. After playing two full seasons on slightly adjusted sim All-Madden...CPU pass coverage is insanely good while it is impossible to play zone coverage with your own team regardless of who your corners are. But if you try bumping down to All-Pro, your running lanes are too large and the CPU offense can't move the ball. The need for a difficulty level between these two extremes is so glaringly obvious I cannot believe devs haven't realized this.

This being said, I think sometimes our own pride gets in the way. It's very hard to let yourself go 4-12 or 6-10 or even 7-9 when you deserve it in your CFM. But, the AI has a long way to go in two respects for this game:

1. All-Pro: Giving the CPU some ability offensively.

2. All-Madden: Ridding the game of some of its cheese and replacing it with actual football intelligence. No more making the right read only to be picked by a leaping linebacker who abandoned his coverage facing backwards the instant the ball left your hand. No more shutting down the CPU's offensive routes only to watch Jacoby Brissett scramble for 60 yards on a 4 Verts play because your defensive ends are cemented by an impenetrable offensive line.

Better player motion technology (seen in games like UFC and FIFA) paired with more realistic AI and a CFM overhaul would put Madden in the Sports Game of the Year category and that's not even an exaggeration in my book. Having fun, but wow I can't wait to have a lot more.

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