How would M19 implement Shaquem Griffin?

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Re: How would M19 implement Shaquem Griffin?

How do you "portray" him? I have a little different perspective than I presume many people who have posted here do, as I have a physical disability myself (a muscular condition I was born with). In my 'travels' I have met many people with many different physical conditions. Just like everyone else in the world, we're all unique individuals and we thus deal with our own shortcomings differently.

Let's assume for a moment that EA CAN do a unique physical appearance for Shaquem. Some people might say "I don't want to be singled-out...I want to be known as a football player, not as the football player with the missing hand....just use your normal player model". Others might say, "Portray me as I am! I am proud of this and I want others to see what you can accomplish in the face of adversity."

I don't think either stance (or any other stance) is right or wrong and it is frankly one I personally battle every day of my life. I AM proud for what I have done with my life in spite of my disabilities but by the same token, I don't want to have people going out of their way on my account. There are times that the greatest compliment I have received is someone saying, "I sometimes forget that you have a physical disability....you're just Josh to me..."

Only one person in this world can answer this question...and that's Shaquem. I hope that IF EA is contemplating portraying him any differently than any other player in Madden, that they speak to him first.
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Re: How would M19 implement Shaquem Griffin?

Originally Posted by Devaster
He has no left hand. Would they simply make his catch stat 0? What about wrapping up tackles/sacks?

Real curious to see how a team deploys him next season.

His combine numbers are absolutely insane for his size and weight.

0 catch rating? Shaq can catch better than most guys with two hands. Guy is a beast!

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Re: How would M19 implement Shaquem Griffin?

Originally Posted by YogiGarebear89
Gerald Green in the NBA only has half a finger on one of his hands and yet in NBA 2K he has all of his fingers. I know they are two different companies but I would venture to say that knowing EA, he will have two hands

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It's being over thought. It's just a simple question of whether not doing it would bring bad or awkward publicity, and how much of that they're willing to cop.

The key here is a missing finger isn't really considered a disability. A missing hand is. It's not so much about authenticity as it is about sensitivity.
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Re: How would M19 implement Shaquem Griffin?

why not ask him, if he agrees in principle, check with NFL, NFLPA will be ok as he gets a share from EA. Maybe EA offer donation to a disabled charity? they dont have to ask but its the ethical and right way to do it. i think the NFL will support it.
but what i think may happen is as they do with any "risks" is lower the injury rating. i dont think they nominate l wrist or r wrist is broken just a wrist except for the animation. his injury should be normal in reality there is less to injure.
ask the player see what they would like and be sensible and sensitive.
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Re: How would M19 implement Shaquem Griffin?

Originally Posted by Ueauvan
didnt he use a prostetic to lift weights, logic says he may use one in the nfl. did he use one at UCF?
No he didn't use a prosthetic in college. I'm assuming he used a prosthetic arm to lift the bar because I really don't see any other way he would lift 200+ pounds 20 times with . And I'm 99% sure he isn't going to use a prosthetic arm in the nfl as well
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