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Re: Quarter Length

Originally Posted by ForUntoOblivionSoar∞
Try this then: Stay on All Pro but use the total control passing mechanic on every pass.

Lol. NO THANKS!!! . Again, Iím not trying to make things more challenging. I still enjoy the game default all-pro, actually. And, Iíve built a strong team. With the talent on my roster, I expect to win every game, u know? And, I do struggle from time to time when going up against a solid D. My most recent SB victory was fairly easy and I won by 20+. But, my previous SB was an absolute all out war with Big Ben and Pitt!! They had a crazy 3rd qtr with 3 quick strikes that really came out of nowhere and put me down by 10+. And, I ultimately fought back and won by a FG within last 2 mins. So, again, Iím not really looking for more challenge.

And, I tried the target passing for end zone fades for awhile, and it was ok. But, something I donít like about it is the implementation. I donít like the 2 icons being used (1 for ball and 1 for WR). I think that makes it too easy and u end up chasing the other target the whole game. It feels less like football to me and more like a Ďchasing bullseyeí game at that point. And, I donít like the having to stand still to do it. If they removed the wr target icon and u really had to figure out where to place the ball, I think Iíd be more interested in using it.

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Re: Quarter Length

I use 15 min Qtrs with 17 sec Run-off. 18-20 sec would probably be slightly more realistic time out of the huddle, but the AI spends very little time reading the D, and thus runs too many plays.
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Re: Quarter Length

12 Min Quarters/ 20 Sec Runoff. M17. I end up running approximately 60 plays per'game. Works out fairly well.
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Re: Quarter Length

13 minutes and 20 run off has a nice pace and rhythm, gives accurate play count, and qbs and centers audible more at the line. Really feels like 15 minute quarters.

15 minutes with 20 runoff gives 10-15 too many plays at times.qbs werenít audibling with anything less than 20 second runoff. That was earlier on, may have changed. 13/20 feels right.

9 minutes with no run off. Ran with this for a while. Gives accurate stats, but flow and pace seems off. Just feels weird seeing2-4 plays run per minute. Feels to rushed on the field, but the games seem to take forever.
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Re: Quarter Length

6 minutes.

i tried using longer ones but they just give me an unfair advantage.

i can almost always come back given enough time.
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