Our Madden NFL 19 Wishlist - What's on Yours?

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Re: Our Madden NFL 19 Wishlist - What's on Yours?

Originally Posted by huntt26
But a close second is what 2K does with full team and league customization. I love that I can create a fully custom league, make my own uniforms, make my own logos and such and use them. Bring back Team Builder but take it a step further. I'd love to make a custom league with *gasp* XFL, Arena, High School or NCAA teams.

This. This has been at the top of my list for years now.

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Re: Our Madden NFL 19 Wishlist - What's on Yours?

On the field (user vs CPU), the thing I would like to see the most is the CPU intelligently use all the gameplay tools available to users, diagnose and exploit matchups, and generally speaking not be so locked in to whatever routine it uses based on the play call alone.

On the field (user mechanics), I'd like more and more better tools to attack other users with - green dog blitzes, run pass options, coverage shell disguises which aren't baked into the play calls, etc.

In Franchise, I would like to see more roster management mechanics - compensatory draft picks, restricted free agency, 5th-year team options for first round picks, etc. - and a far greater challenge with respect to managing the salary cap.

In Ultimate Team, I would like to see customizable private leagues.
Christopher Hooe

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I think a lot of the way the defense plays and the whole "psychic" feel of it has a lot to do with the canned animations that madden has and just the unnatural movement and lack of true football player movement. It seems if they fixed that the one on one play and like movement would fixed itself a lot and in essence make the stuff like space the field and revamp the redzone a much easier fix. *If they fix the animations across the board to be human like the rest of the stuff they fix would be icing on the cake for me
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I totally agree with a coaching carousel, along with full control of the staff if you are the HC or owner. Lip guard mouthpieces are a must, shoot half the league wears them and* they're not represented. Draft classes would be sick, but EA will never do it. League expansion would be awesome. Basically do everything that 2K does in their franchise mode and blatantly copy it.*
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Re: Our Madden NFL 19 Wishlist - What's on Yours?

Originally Posted by Corwin Brown
I just get a kick out of people saying the game does artificial things like boost ratings. I'd like to ask the many people who think this, you don't thinkcoaches play a big part in having their teams prepared for you their opponent? You don't think Bill Belichick has his team prepared for everything you do or might do to his team and individual players? I get that chess match from Madden but to play chess you first have to understand the chess pieces!*
That's not what is happening in the game. When you boost ratings across the board, or play on all madden you don't get a more strategically improved challenge, you get an artificially stronger challenge because the rules of the chess game get bent in the AI's favor. Sure Bill Belicheck might get his players to play beyond their abilities, but boosting ratings makes all 32 teams play like Bellicheck coached teams.

Ratings boosts mean that Julio Jones is locked down every week by mediocre cornerbacks. Ratings boosts mean that TJ Yates can torch your secondary every time you match up against him.

What's worse though is that the AI isn't strategic about how to use the good players they have. I can't think of how many times I've played the falcons and seen Julio only get 4 targets in a game.

We want a chess game that is legitimate, not placebo effect and imaginary.
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Re: Our Madden NFL 19 Wishlist - What's on Yours?

I am primarily an offline gamer and I thoroughly enjoyed Madden 18 and the graphics overhaul.

1. An offline playoff mode with overlays and commentary unique to the playoffs that the user sets up. NBA 2K, MLB The Show 18, and NHL 18 both provide this option. NBA Live 18 even gives one the ability to make the environment a Playoff game.

2. Classic teams, classic stadiums, and the ability to choose Mexico City and London venues for exhibition games. If this game integrates classic players for Madden Ultimate Team I am not sure why they could not include classic NFL teams.

3. Pro Bowl teams and All Pro teams from the year prior for Exhibition use.

4. A new version of Longshot and build on to how they brought in draft preparation with the Combine into Longshot last year.

5. Various stadiums were off last year including the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots. The Ravens did not have mention of their 2012 Super Bowl in their stadium and the Patriots stadium does not have the new wall they built in 2017 to display all five of their Super Bowl banners.

6. NBA 2K always did a good job witb the VIP mode where it tracked your stats, play styles, and various records. Integrate something like that or even see how NFL 2k5 tracked user records.

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* AI CPU Smarter on offense, defense, special team and playbooks during game *
* real time dynamic weather during game *
* Franchise Mode overhaul need to be 80% : new menu layout, coach carousel,* revamped news and smarter cpu roster management and owner mode need to be great* *
* new scoreboard layout *
* new pre-game warmup with season stats *
* QB overhaul including scambling *
* brand new crowd reaction to what happen during games *
* NFL Replay challenge need to be overhaul *
* Players animations need to be improved more better *
* team chemistry need to be more realistic* *
* player morale need to improve better *
* player injury history from nba 2k that has one *
* players tendency need to improve better *
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Re: Our Madden NFL 19 Wishlist - What's on Yours?

I like the list, however we are wasting our breathes with a Madden 19 wishlist.
This game is all but finalized at this point.

Now is probably the time to start a Madden 20 wishlist (crazy since we don’t know what is in Madden 19).
Then again, it is probably a safe bet to “copy and paste” our wishlists until they actually add our requests.
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