Our Madden NFL 19 Wishlist - What's on Yours?

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Re: Our Madden NFL 19 Wishlist - What's on Yours?

Couple things that, I'm sure were mentioned prior by a few good lads a couple pages back, but just to strengthen the notion:

1). Remove XP system

Yes, the idea that you can selectively choose specific attributes of a player you want to upgrade is good. However, building XP over in-game stats heavily encourages stat-padding (i.e. let me throw to my new SS development rookie WR 20 times each game for 200 Rec Yds & 3 TDs......and thereby afford Speed/Catching/CIT attributes).

2). Improved A.I.

The fact that the A.I. isn't too responsive to User Repitition is a solid reason why people are able to abuse #1. Money plays just being cheesed with mininal consequence. AI never takes advantage of its strengths in personel. Not even going to get into the questionable decisions they make off the field...

3). New Injury system

This has been a point of interest to me for quite some time. Guys, let's face it - Football is a tough, barebones sport....especially so at the NFL level. After several seasons, how many players could honestly tell you they are functioning at the same 100% they had when they just entered the league? Nearly everyone on that gridiron has suffered some kind of nicks/cuts/bruises and far worse.....and guess what - very rarely do these sustained injuries just disappear. In Madden however it's:

1) Player suffers broken hand (5 weeks)
2) 5 Weeks pass
3) Player is back on the field, with absolutely no detriment to his play.

In short:
Injuries have immediate (seasonal) consequence
Injuries do NOT have long-term (career) consequence

That Bodily Injury Chart which shows degradation over the span of a player's career should be implemented.

4). Deuce Douglas' Badge system.

*See him for that* lol.

5). Make Physics Relevant

Time and again, with every passing Madden I purposely make a 5'8 185 RB with 90 Truck/Stiff Arm exclusively to test this. He preforms about as well as you'd expect from a Jamal Lewis or Blount. That's just a blatant disregard for physicality.
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Re: Our Madden NFL 19 Wishlist - What's on Yours?

I am glad that some of the responses have included gameplay improvements as well as CFM improvements.

We can't overlook improvements needed in game play because there are a lot of needs in that area that has been covered very well in this thread.

We all know they have different teams working on different areas of the game, so, hopefully everything is covered for each kind of player with more love in CFM.
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Re: Our Madden NFL 19 Wishlist - What's on Yours?

OK, I don't often participate in these sorts of "wishlists"; but I'll chime in with my personal opinions. I want to start off by saying something though. I've had a lot of fun with Madden this year and while I definitely want more, I have certainly gotten my money's worth. My "wishlist" includes some of the following.
  1. Get rid of the "character" approach in CFM. There is nothing tangible or immersive that comes from pretending you're 'Owner X' or 'Coach Y'. Just being a "GM" like most franchise modes is perfectly acceptable. Way too many things in franchise (multi-team control for one) are overly complicated because of this approach.
  2. Bring back the pass-lead sensitivity slider. Seriously, this is such a simple tool that can allow people to tune user accuracy without going into 'slider hell'. For those unfamiliar with this slider, what it does is increase or decrease how sensitive your left stick is when aiming passes. The current stick sensitivity right now for M18 is really forgiving, making it pretty easy to aim passes (you pretty much have to jam the stick all the way to get an errant throw by a top QB). Increasing the sensitivity of the stick gives directed passing more of a "feel" and requires a lot more discipline to make the right throw at the right time.
  3. Create a simulation game style. We have one you say? Really? Let's take a step back and call it out for what it is...it's Madden "Classic". So, let's redesignate the current "sim" style as "Madden Classic" and build a fourth game style that is truly "simulation-based"...(i.e. tuned for 15 minute quarters, proper progressive fatigue, no pocket 'timer', proper coverage and tackling dynamics, etc.). The current model is too much of a "compromise" style and does too little to really reflect a sim style mindset. Note: I am lumping AI changes, CPU playcalling improvements and a lot of the other elements into this section as I feel that many of these "wants" are truly more sim-oriented (though they have uses elsewhere).
  4. Overhaul the player ratings paradigm. People complain about player differentiation in Madden, and they aren't wrong. BUT...you can absolutely get player differentiation in Madden right now, by simming ahead 10 years with super-low XP values. What this demonstrated to me is the major flaw in the default ratings conventions. Say you have a big ole power back. He has high strength, high trucking, high stiff arm, etc. He should be trying to plow through guys 90% of the time. But, on EA's default rosters, they will mix in a ton of other moves...which dilutes their "ID" as a power back. The reason? In an effort to bring up the player's overall rating in-line with other players, the other ratings (like agility or spin move) are increased...to the point where the player begins to use them more....thus diluting the times when they use their "bread and butter" powerback skills. It isn't so much that the key ratings are too high, it's that the players' weaknesses are too good.
  5. Overhaul player traits. Many of us have learned the hard way this year just how impactful player traits are for this game. Frankly, I think the gameplay is better without them; but also understand the intent of having them. The way I see it...2 options here. One is to get rid of them altogether. The second is to make them dynamic based on a player's ratings (instead of being assignable or upgradeable). For example, a guy will unlock the 'big hitter' trait only if their hit power and tackle ratings are both over 90 (and they will lose the trait if those ratings regress). The issue right now is that for draft class players, the traits seem to be haphazardly assigned. By making the traits based solely on player ratings, this will allow guys to stand out a bit more and give a great deal more character and longevity within franchise mode. For anyone who has played MLB The Show 17 or 18, this is akin to the player "quirk" system.
  6. Avoid the inclination to get "mini-game happy" in franchise mode. With all the clamor for franchise improvements, the last thing I want EA to do is to just add a bunch of "extra stuff to do" to bulk it up. Think about it. How many of us autosim the weekly drills? Why? It's boring and just adds unneeded fluff to franchise. FIFA flopped by adding the "negotiation mini-game" this year...basically adding an extra layer of stuff that we watched once or twice only to sim through it afterwards. Franchise immersion is not about the tasks but about how well the game can involve you in the things going on throughout your own fictional universe...yes, I want more in franchise mode but I urge caution in the sorts of things we add.
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Custom stadium music
MLB The Show on PS4 has custom stadium music that you can use with a USB flash drive. The music also plays through the stadium speakers. NCAA Football 14 had custom stadium sounds, but didn't play through the stadium speakers.

Fix the sidelines as well. It hasn't been changed for years.
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Re: Our Madden NFL 19 Wishlist - What's on Yours?

Originally Posted by Sucram7777
Couple things that, I'm sure were mentioned prior by a few good lads a couple pages back, but just to strengthen the notion:

1). Remove XP system

Yes, the idea that you can selectively choose specific attributes of a player you want to upgrade is good. However, building XP over in-game stats heavily encourages stat-padding (i.e. let me throw to my new SS development rookie WR 20 times each game for 200 Rec Yds & 3 TDs......and thereby afford Speed/Catching/CIT attributes).
This is easily dealt with in two ways (both used together):

(1) Make XP be entirely dependent upon HC, assistant coaches, and position coaches on your team, and player dev trait (this obviously includes the addition of NFL coaches who are not HCs. I want NFL assistants in this game. And if that's not possible, then AT LEAST have CPU created assistant, and make their attributes contribute to XP).

(2) Have an actual training camp, OTAs/etc, which will be devoted to improving particular traits. One can be used for improving physical traits, and the other for position specific traits (since after all, early on players are doing work outs and basic drills, while later they do playbook and skill related things).
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Re: Our Madden NFL 19 Wishlist - What's on Yours?

I have some suggestions that would do wonders for the excitement and feel of the game. These two things below would make a big difference for the game.

1. The ability to mash a button to break out of tackles, not the trigger buttons or shoulder buttons but a regular button on the gamepad. Take a look at how NFL2k5 implemented the ability to break tackles when running the ball by pressing the break-tackle button repeatedly. It may not sound like a big factor but that one ability to break tackles makes the game so much more fun. Again, take a look at how NFL2k5 in how they implemented it, why not add it, at least for an option?? Come on, this is one of these little things that make a HUGE different.

2. Animations - at the end of each play, the players that go through their animation celebration does not flow correctly. You can clearly see how animations are taped together and it looks very very ugly, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Again, this is another one of those little things that make a HUGE difference. The animation sequence needs to flow from one to another. Watch when a player makes a big play and he celebrates, after the celebration animation, the player suddenly rotates into the "walk to huddle" animation but its not clean, its not seamless from one animation to another....this REALLY is a ugly thing that does not make the game feel polished. Why hasn't this been fixed in all the years?????? Its the little things that make the big difference.
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Re: Our Madden NFL 19 Wishlist - What's on Yours?

Improved AI and CFM are the biggest things to me.

For CFM (and in no particular order after #1)...

1. Re-worked contract system. The current system is bad on so many levels... players don't want money consistent with what they would ask for in real life, the cap doesn't rise at a consistent rate over time, contracts don't have important things like choosing when to disperse the guaranteed money and 5th yr options for 1st round picks... basically just make it like the real NFL so managing the cap is a challenge and causes us to make tough decisions.

2. 32-team control in Cloud CFM

3. Ability to choose weather and game time for all games (it's in play now and in Fifa... can't be hard to implement)

4. Actual stadium customization options when building a new stadium. No more preset stadiums. Let us build it from the ground up like the PS2 games.

5. Better uniforms from teams in relocation. Ability to mix and match their jerseys/pants/socks/helmets and customize sleeve length.

6. Progressive injury system for seasons and careers. Along with this should be an injury-prone trait that shows up in college scouting. Something they can work out of by staying healthy for a few seasons in the NFL, but can also intensify if they remain injury prone (i.e. Sam Bradford).

7. Redesigned CFM interface.

8. WAY more complex offseason schedule. OTA's, offseason workouts, mini camp, training camp, etc... The NFL season is year-round now with GM's being fired during training camp (Gettleman) and trades happening in February and it should feel that way in Madden.

9. More categories for stat tracking in the menus. I should be able to see where my TE is on the list for receiving TDs in a season. During games I get the notification that they've broken Jimmy Graham's record, but I don't have a place with the top 10 for a game, season, career for any TE stats, RB receiving stats, etc. The more the better.

10. Ability to draft in a cloud CFM from the Madden app.

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EA hasn't gotten it right in over 25years, what make anyone think this year will be any different this year. 18 play was a decent game, but the lack of football detail is what they continue to fail at.
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