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Re: Madden 19 Feature Set Predictions

I think they should make the offensive line and defensive line play to the their ratings. Make it where if someone else controlling the defensive linemen, then he won't able easily overpower the offensive linemen. The player would have depend on the ratings of his defensive linemen and also the offensive linemen's ratings in order to get through and sack the qb.
(If (player controlled or not) defensive linemen is better than offensive linemen then he should get through).

Also have dynamic difficulty and get rid of all the other skill levels. Make it where the dynamic difficulty depend on how good the teams are and if you are playing as bad team and you play good team, you will have a tough time( it gets tougher when playing real amazing team)
Where as if it was the other way around then you would have a easier time when trying to win.(if your team is better than the other team, you have a better time winning.) Sometime like this would make the game much better. Like a realistic difficulty based on overalls.

Overhaul The CPU AI in the whole game. Improve (2min drill defense and offense, CPU QB's AI, etc.)

These would make the game more realistic. For all game modes.

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Re: Madden 19 Feature Set Predictions

Originally Posted by SyncereBlackout
Got it.

So archetypes are penicillin, nuclear, assembly line etc. caliber game changers for CFM players?

Thatís got to be the answer. Because 3=1. So the 1 has to be major. Right? Right? Please say Iím right!


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I hope the archetypes are actually worth while. If thatís the case, Iíll at least think about picking up M19. Unless we have more info about CFM that draws my attention, Iím not buying.

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