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Re: Madden 19 teams.

Originally Posted by adembroski
Jags. Elites at every level on the defense and that offensive line is gonna be sick with Fournette behind them. Lots of people will yell, "Bortles," but QB isn't exactly as important in Madden as real life.

Jaguars as well - just like every other year Iíve ever played Madden. Not much really to build unlike previous years; however, upcoming contracts on defense will be interesting this iteration.

Also, you can do worse than Bortles Iíll tell you that, and Iím talking about real-life now. Everybody hates on Bortles, but heís actually an adequate starter with a lot of things he does remarkably well. Not every quarterback has to be Aaron Rogers or Tom Brady to validate there job. Not talking about you, just a lot of people pile on this poor guy.
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Re: Madden 19 teams.

People pile on Bortles because he stinks. Last year was by far his best as a professional, and he was right in the middle of the pack. His previous three years he was easily a bottom 5 QB. The Jags lost the AFCCG because the coaching staff had no faith in him to win the game for them. They then inexplicably exercised his fifth year option.
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Re: Madden 19 teams.

The Dallas Cowboys!
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Re: Madden 19 teams.

The Houston Texans.

As always.
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Re: Madden 19 teams.

Thinking about the Browns or Bears this year...possibly Buffalo.
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Re: Madden 19 teams.

Packers, Colts, 9ers, Bears. Thereís quite a few this year that should be fun.
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Re: Madden 19 teams.

Eli + Saquon + Odell + Shepard + Engram

The Giants offensively should be a fun team this year. Defensively a work in progress
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Re: Madden 19 teams.

Packers will be fun to build this year.

Best QB in the game

2 first round picks in the first draft

3 stud CB prospects

Very good DL



NFL Green Bay Packers

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