Zan's Madden 19 Interview - w/ Sr. Producer Carlos Guerrero

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Re: Zan's Madden 19 Interview - w/ Sr. Producer Carlos Guerrero

Originally Posted by roadman
I am going to side with another person I know from OS and beyond and agree with them: I think when it's all said and done, the community, including myself may have over-reacted to Carlos's 4 words vs the whole entire interview.

We don't know the proper context in what Carlos was referencing. Here is how the context could of been how he meant it:

There are some people in the community wanting a complete overhaul of CFM and if those demands and expectations aren't met, they will pass on the game. My thinking is their expectations are to high, because I don't believe they will overhaul the whole thing. My belief is that there will be three or four much improved changes, but for some people, that won't be enough.

And, I am willing to bet that Carlos meant it in that context. There is no way anyone can convince me at this pointe in Carlos short tenur that Carlos thought, well, I know that target audience has been underwhelmed and I am going to drive the nail in harder. If I am wrong, I will come in here and admit it.

I tried to mention last week, you need to take in the whole interview and his body of work(which has just started) vs the four words that could have been taken the wrong way because CFM has been the red headed step child since Madden 13.

Carlos has been on board since early on in the Madden 19 process and I am sure he was well aware that CFM has been underwhelming up to this point.

Again, I am cautiously optimistic these next couple of week and I will see at the end of those two weeks if I am feeling the same way.
Around this time last year people were making assumptions about the state of the game based on the body language of devs in interviews, it's just that wonderful time of the year where everything is an overreaction.

But at the same time I feel like people on both sides are focusing too much just on that statement. On one side there's people dismissing everything about this guy from square one because of what he said and then on the other side people make it seem like people are just using what he said as a reason to hate on the devs or complain. While for some that might be the case, the reaction and frustration for a lot of people is about a heck of a lot more than just those three or four words and what he said was essentially just a stick that poked a bear whose frustration has been steadily growing for the last several years and at this point I can't really blame people for that anymore. You listen to him talk about core gameplay and making sure that the game is fundamentally sound, that people enjoy playing it and things like AI are good and talks about getting that to point and having a plan for that and that's the kind of thing I think people wanted to hear or would have been okay hearing. They both mean literally nothing without proving it but it at least would have made people feel better but at the same time it then creates expectations. If he had dumped on CFM and said we're going to make it great, that would have been held over him far more than this will IMO but in the moment people would have treated him like a savior rather than the enemy. Then you go forward to what he talks about Madden 19 being more balanced and Madden in general being more balanced moving forward and that's one of those things that sounds great but we don't really know what that means. If I give you 10 pennies/dimes and someone else 10 single dollar bills, that's technically balance but at the same time it's really not. It's all wait and see but there's a lot of people that are sick of waiting and seeing.

And I think that's why I think a lot of the other parts of the interview have fallen on deaf ears for a lot people. Partly due to the fact that he didn't say what they wanted to hear and partly because until it's proven, it doesn't mean jack. I'm not going to sit here and banish the guy to the pit of misery after one interview and, like what you posted, there's no way you're going to convince me that he intentionally went out of his way to take a shot at franchise. Even though the statement itself isn't wrong, it wasn't the right thing to say and specifically applying that tag to franchise was going to cause some issue just as it would have had he said it about any other aspect of the game or portion of the community. But ultimately, I definitely understand where that frustration for people stems from and why people are upset by it, the same as I understand why people are optimistic about the things he said and him in general based on his previous history.

I don't know about you guys but I can't wait for the spicy takes that will inevitably come over the next week.
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Re: Zan's Madden 19 Interview - w/ Sr. Producer Carlos Guerrero

I agree pretty much Deuce in what you stated and laid out, I appreciate your take and opinion. Well said!

I feel, like you said, he poked the bear because franchise has been underwhelming since Madden 13 for a lot of people.

I just don't feel there was any intention on his part because the same could be said for gameplay or any other part of the game.

There will be people who aren't happy with 3 or 4 upgrades to their desired mode or area, and they will be wanting for more.

Also, I don't feel Carlos should be judged in his short tenure with Madden on those 4 words (said this earlier) because CFM was underwhelming before he climbed on board.

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