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Re: Lamar Jacksons M19 Value

Originally Posted by stinkubus
So long as the offense has the ability to play-maker I don't ever want a zone automatically attacking the QB. Your entire offense could be built around manipulating zones by rolling out and then hitting a play-makered hitch in the space which they vacated.
true.. although i've never been in a league where playmaker wasn't banned.
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Re: Lamar Jacksons M19 Value

Originally Posted by SpectreBugg
I would agree with you, if madden wasn't so broken. There is a reason many sim leagues are pretty strict about how you use a mobile qb. The problem is...

1. RPO's don't exist in madden
2. Read option doesn't function properly, and sometimes not at all
3. AI Defenders don't react to running qb's

As of right now, a mobile qb is good for 1 thing in madden(minus the cesspool that is mut and h2h), and that's taking off and picking up 10-15 yards because defenders won't come after you until you pass the LOS.

Don't get me wrong though. It would be great if mobility and read options/rpo's were a functional part of the game, but right now, they just aren't. Most of the time you see these guys shine late in games when you're running 4 verts and taking off with the qb once the defense clears out. Guys who play like that don't tend to be around in the leagues very long however.
I disagree. Of course people can abuse speed QBs and use em cheesy, but the best use of a mobile QB in my mind are necessitating a QB spy/Contain from the defense and loosening up the coverage and pass rush. Next is in the redzone using the read option.

Putting that constraint on a defense, and messing with the playcaller by utilizing it properly, that's the best part.

In my league most people are proficient at hitting L3 to stop the scrambles and also using contain to frustrate those who rollout too often.

In online play vs randoms I agree with you though.
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