Top 10 Madden 19 Gameplay Improvements

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Re: Top 10 Madden 19 Gameplay Improvements

Man to man and Zone coverage could be tweaked just a bit so that their is better realistic reactions based on what is happening on other parts of the field. I didn't play 18 but I remember many times in 17 where the CPU CB or safety would make some unrealistic recovery from being out of the play in order to come up with an INT. For example, I was the Bills playing against the Chargers in the AFC Championship game and I was at their 7 yard line and it was 3rd down. I guessed they were going to blitz so I sent my TE straight up the field on a hot rout. I guessed correctly and I passed as soon as I saw their right LB blitzing. My TE was wide open in the seam where their LB had been. Out of nowhere,the free safety,who was positioned deep and just to the left of center in the back of the end Zone came flying by and intercepted the pass. In real life and in past Maddens,that is a TD pass to my wide open TE. I made the right decisions,correct play,correct hot rout etc. and the CPU still made an unrealistic fast reaction play (let's be honest,it cheated). We should be rewarded by making correct calls and plays against the CPU's coverages.,not be cheated by it! Hopefully, those types of things will be improved and fixed in Madden 19!
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Re: Top 10 Madden 19 Gameplay Improvements

Originally Posted by 4thQtrStre5S
Quality AI play calling should assist in creating better user players who may then gain confidence to compete online.
While this is probably somewhat true, online H2H remains it's own animal for now. There is nothing the AI can throw at you on either offense or defense that would prepare you for a game against someone with a tough scheme and/or a good user defender.

The AI can't hot route. You can get away with minimal hot routing on offense, but you wont' be able to stop anyone even halfway decent if you don't know how to adjust on D.
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