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Re: Madden NFL 19 Gameplay Blog

Originally Posted by iNolaNightmare
Good stuff in there. Excited for the Big Nickel package. 4-2-5 with 3 safeties has become very common in the NFL and isnít exactly easy to replicate in the game.
Big Dime 2-3-6 (normal) has this personnel by default.
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Re: Madden NFL 19 Gameplay Blog

Originally Posted by Sucram7777
Reading above what you highlighted, I see:

"Create your own hidden gems, and stash them in the lower rounds".....

While Custom Draft Classes is nice for those who want to simulate real college prospects for drafting, I really hope they have more features to share about it come the day of the Franchise Reveal.

As an offline guy, what would be the point of tampering with a procedurally generated player?

If I make him and outlier of his position with his physical size (6'4/250lb HB like Brandon Jacobs), tweak his ratings so that they accomdate his size (95 Truck/Stiff Arm, etc), how would "stashing him in a later round" effectively hide him from me?

I could likely tell who guy I created is just by looking at his height/weight alone - which stand out at his position - and discern that he's the man I edited.

Not to be on the negative, but I really hope they have more to show on this particular feature that allows Classes to be more sporadic without too much user input.
I mainly edit ratings to clean gameplay up more to my liking.

As with any customization mechanism, if one wants to use it to gain an upper hand, it just falls upon their experience.

Personally I might scout and highlight my draft board before any editing, but after that I just Sim the picks.
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Re: Madden NFL 19 Gameplay Blog


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Who Dat!
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*ll St*r
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Re: Madden NFL 19 Gameplay Blog

Khallib just posted this in another thread, but having two might be good.
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Re: Madden NFL 19 Gameplay Blog

Yeah, the blog sounds fantastic, but as many have said, truly u have to wait to play it to Ďfeelí the changes. But, really, everything in this blog is on point. I was discussing wr vs SS in another thread recently, and Clintís explanation of how scenarios will play out sounds exactly like what I want to see, anyways! Lol. So, good deal there. The one cut accel burst will be interesting to see as well. If done well, could look/work really well.

Heís touting the RPM pretty heavily. Heís touting the physics/momentum pretty heavily. Claiming that a 6í2 big RB will look/play different than a 5í7Ē scat back. Different animations for those guys and whatnot.

Sounds like more control on the catches or defense swats or hitsticks. All of that sounds great.

If theyíve implemented the rb movements well with the Ďholding RTí vs Ďjust the left stick,í that can be a game changer to a degree just giving more options in the run game. I also like the drive the pile stuff and think they were smart to put on the right stick. I have often times been stuck in a pile in M18, and almost instinctively wanted to push up or up-right with the right stick to find the gap, so I think Iím going to like that mechanic.

So much good stuff in that blog, really. But, of course, it all comes down to Ďhow it actually plays when itís in my hands.í Lol.

So, Iíll say Iím actually looking forward to 19 more than I was 18, actually, and hope the game feels as good as they say for the changes made. The little things like the QB adjustment/fidgets/etc sounds like a more immersive experience. The lack of rag-doll and more contextual awareness of players at all times sounds good.

And, u get to choose your celebration. This is an otherwise trivial addition, but Iím a fifa Guy, too. And, I always have a set bunch of celebrations I like to pull off depending on who scored the goal. Lol. So, Iím going to enjoy this. And, u get to do on sacks and a few d plays, too? Thatís going above and beyond on that one. They couldíve easily just left it with TDs, but adding to D celebrations is a great extension of that.

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Re: Madden NFL 19 Gameplay Blog

I hope with the defensive fixes they make man coverage play a lot better. It's been broken for too long.
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I realize some of the things I want to see in madden *is in the minority in want and need so I donít get overly disappointed with that. Honestly though at 35 Iím beginning to feel aged out of madden. It reminds me a lot of hip hop music *in comparison. With this esports stuff (and I realize how big itís getting and Iím the dinosaur) remind me of mumble rap. I just canít relate to it and I feel later iterations of madden wonít be something Iíll purchase as it creeps slowly but surely away from the simulation Iím looking for.*
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Re: Madden NFL 19 Gameplay Blog

I may have missed it, but is target passing still locked to being pin point accurate? I didn't play the game last year, but I feel like I remember that accuracy ratings did not affect where the ball went when target passing. That's correct, right? If so, any mention of changing that to being ratings affected?
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