Height & Weight Player Archetypes

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Re: Height & Weight Player Archetypes

Originally Posted by T4VERTS
No he should perform better as a deep threat because of the attributes that gave him that 90 deep threat rating not because of the archetype itself, this is the big disconnect I think here and around the internet. The archetype is a formula's take on who is best fit to be used in this way. The formula uses attributes that are truly what make the player good at these uses, that is in the person who wrote the formula's opinion.

If a player is higher OVR in deep threat it would mean he has better release attributes, jumping, etc which is then quantified by the higher OVR for deep threat. If the guy has 82 deep threat he probably lacks some of those deep threat attributes which is why he is lower than your 79 overall rated (90 deep threat) guy.

Archetypes drive progression and how that is handled along with tie in to schemes. Attributes are now , and will be for the foreseeable future, what dictates game play.

I appreciate you taking the time to drop that knowledge. It gives me a better understanding of the subject at hand.
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Re: Height & Weight Player Archetypes

The one thing I do not want (will probably have to edit myself) is too many players being serviceable across multiple Archetypes.
- a few players yes, but very few

This would water down the Archetype impact to me.
- what’s the point of a WR with size (ie 6’3”+) if a 5’11” WR’s can be just as impactful as a Red Zone Archetype

Fixable by editing, but would be nice to not have to do myself.
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Re: Height & Weight Player Archetypes

Originally Posted by BreakingBad2013
I think you’re giving them too much credit. All they’ve done is add a label to something that’s already in the game, and then tie it a bit to XP. For multiple years every player has a different overall based on the scheme he’s in, even though it never changed his on he field performance.... so they’ve just named it, and put boxes around that... these aren’t even archetypes, they’re literally just XP mods that mean nothing in-game, and have no REAL consequences. When we say scheme fit should matter, we mean a player should have to be in the right scheme to perform. When we here archetype, it SHOULD mean a player is limited in his skills, where madden allows you to upgrade any skill for any player. So we’ll see power backs having a good season, and becoming highly elusive and high juke/spin or Zone coverage cornerbacks turning into elite man defenders.

It’s painting your house’s trim white when your roof is leaking...
You mean kind of like the “game planning” “knowing your opponents playcalling.” Yet it is so shallow it only goes based off last week’s first down playcalls we found out. Which was not how it was kind of portrayed. Yet it was not touched or improved upon. Does not sound like it is now again either. So have a hard time accepting “ they just adding it like this but will improve it.”Kind of like the companion app as well. Just goes untouched. Things like this is why many don’t hold much faith in them claiming they will make it better down the road . Just as likely to be removed as improved .
Yup, i said it !

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Re: Height & Weight Player Archetypes

I wish weight mattered more for rbs.... you can have a 180 lb rb average 20 carries a game with no problem.
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