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Defense / Balance / Tuning

After seeing some videos of Madden 19, reading the Madden 19 blogs, the OS E3 review, as well as reading through posts and knowing what we had in Madden 18 the defense has me extremely worried AGAIN for Madden 19. I have read & heard some pretty cool things and great new additions as far as Real Player Motion and that defensive players are not able to cover and USER a MLB or Safety and play the whole field anymore. Thank you! I also like that a player won’t break on the ball if he doesn’t see it. What a concept! Lastly. It sounds like the Strafe was well done and a way to counter the 1 cut & RPM moves that were put in. Those are all necessary and great changes, but the 1st 2 things will immediately favor the offense. I can see it now, all I will need to do is go lab & wait for the CB to turn his back and then throw for a money reception every time.

Here are a few things I think need to happen & be done to counter the offense to not make this a overpowered offensive game. Football should be a chess match. Keep in mind that RPM could fix a lot of what I listed below if it is tuned properly which is why I’m making this post (we have 3 weeks until the game go's Gold). Hopefully in that time frame it can be tuned properly to fix some of these legacy issues.

1A - Man defense! I know I have brought this up in multiple threads, but it truly really needs it’s own thread. I usually start 1 every year on release after testing WR routes and interaction and IQ of DB’s. Anyways, as bad as we need player IQ for man defense rating that is not in 19 (AFIK). OK, we don’t have it fine. We do have a man coverage rating though. If these are done properly and balanced with the new WR short, mid, & long route ratings we can accomplish what we need to here though. We all know man to man was useless without major slider adjustments. Speed rules in madden and certain routes could not be stopped vs man to man and would create way too much separation. Routes like drags, out routes, out & up’s, C routes, etc. I hope that RPM factors in here now as the animation of the CB not being able to react to a WR cut created unrealistically way too much separation. From the sounds of it man defense will possibly be nerfed? I saw some good footage of coverage on a drag and an out route in a video from E3. Smitty said he loved where it was at and didn’t think it needed to be nerfed at all and it was perfect as is. I really hope they don't dumb this down.

To elaborate on this, a bit more though with man coverage FIFA does a great job IMO with the jostling between players. This is something they could share between EA games. 2K also has this where you can grab a guy on the fast break and slow him down. Madden could benefit with better jostling between DB’s & WR’s IMO. Another thing FIFA does a great job in is with their position & header battles. I can’t win a header with Lionel Messi against a bigger stronger DB as well as I shouldn’t. This could translate to those bigger and taller possession receivers where position matters. Read the mismatch if you have a small CB matched up on Gronkowski. I also think madden needs pass perception attribute ratings & pass perception tendency ratings (how often they will go for steal/interception) like 2k has. If we had less players going for INT’s and more players making plays on the ball it could balance the better WR & DB man to man coverage play as well as get more realistic QB %’s. It would also mean USERS wouldn't be afraid to throw the ball into tight spaces more often. Really USERS will need to retrain their brain to pass or not be afraid to pass to guys covered. Or make better read progressions and not just lock into 1 WR and route. Gone would be the 80 yard drive where Russell Wilson went 9/9. Add to that though maybe we would need to offensively have a counter for the offense with higher catch ratings and possibly a higher lead passing accuracy? (I’m just thinking out loud here).

If it is all done properly with ratings it would be balanced. Just because my 1 WR on the Right side is locked up doesn’t mean my other receiver is not. IRL Qb’s go through their progressions. No different here. Players would need to adjust to new and tougher coverage or play on lower levels. Ratings should matter in route running, man coverage, & agility. Of course speed, acceleration, press release, & press coverage should all factor in as well.

1B - Press coverage in man to man in Madden 18 would instantly get a player beat off the line in a animation that created unrealistically 5 yards of separation immediately. Even with a 99 press corner and a player with low press release it wouldn’t matter. What’s the point in pressing and building a team or drafting players like this? Fix the animations in press and make this a viable option to call in man to man.

1C - As a USER shading to the inside or outside did not work as it should have IMO. If I am calling Shade outside in man to man I should be susceptible to the slants and inside routes, but more importantly I should be playing and cheating everything to the outside. This has to work better. I’d know what offense was going to do, I’d call adjustment, and still got beat with it? The offense is already so overpowered we need these adjustments to work for a proper counter. If I guess wrong it could be a disaster but If I guess right it could win me the game. Either way it could be a game changer.

1D - Drag route cheese. How can we defend drag routes? Vs man? As I listed in 1C above If shading works and I choose inside this should combat that. As it was in Madden 18 players would get 5-6 yards of separation and leave my players in the dust like they were grade school kids trying to cover Jerry Rice. I’m not saying players like Edelman should not create space against a slower low man coverage DB but not 5-6 yards from the start of the play. What about zones? If I select underneath I’d actually like to see my LB’s be aware of the drag routes and not back up 5 yards. I am really hoping that the reworked protect the sticks work and can combat the double drags on a 3rd and 2 for example. Again we need counters to the overpowered offense here.

2 - DL and reach tackles. As a user make this camera relative in making me the User press right to reach with left & visa versa. As is now it’s opposite and feels weird. If I played defense from defensive perspective it would work as intended but I don’t. Make it camera relative as well as a efficient counter to run game if usering a DT.

3 - RPM has push the pile. Well, so should the MLB’s or all LB’s to be able to simulate short yardage or goal line situations. I don’t like that I either have to rely on a dice roll with my DL to insta shed to get a stop or that my MLB has to go untouched. If we give them a push the pile as well it’s a legit counter which also gives us that true fight for every yard feel. On the subject of MLB’s I’d also like to see MLB’s like a Bobby Wagner have a better ability to slip blocks to get into gaps. Thinking about the Ray Lewis type of player. Being sucked into a block and then just stuck doesn’t work and should be used with player ratings here (Shed Block) that are higher for stud LB’s. I usually edit this myself and it legit plays better. Also more responsiveness in block shedding with LB's by pressing right or left on the right stick. Just slight tuning needed here...

4 - The game speed is now lower which I love and I hope that it stays this way up until release. I believe it animates better as well as just plays a better game. But this gives the users more time to throw the ball and make reads as well. So, again this favors the offense. This is a perfect time to make sure that robo QB’s are completely gone as well as throwing off the back foot needs to have a serious drop in accuracy. And throwing cross body 50-60 yards should not be feasible anymore. Throwing with pressure drops accuracy.

I get that it is a fine line for EA I suppose in making a defensive game. But I don’t think this makes the game a defensive game it just makes it a chess match. It gives us the proper counters versus the offense in every way possible. We have different skill levels & different game styles these can be tuned for. We also have sliders that can be adjusted in each game style. If we play on All Madden Simulation mode we should get the best coverage possible without psychic DB’s. If thats too tough lower the sliders or drop a skill level and try All Pro. They could dumb this down for competitive mode or for quick play now online games. Problem solved. We all win! The sim gamer wins, Little Timmy wins, the arcade madden bowl players win, & ultimately EA wins. I ultimately think the more real life the game becomes and the more strategy that is put into the game all players will adjust and be better off. Even the madden bowl & Esports games would be more exciting. As is now it’s who can score more or get 1 stop. No one punts and they go for it on 4th & 20. Why? Because they know it’s near impossible to stop someone with the sliders being used.

Let’s bring the chess match & Defense to Madden 19! Don’t nerf anything just tune it & balance it…
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Re: Defense / Balance / Tuning

Exactly! Better man to man coverage with reactions from the rest of my defense according to how those man to man battles play out. At the same time,hopefully the zone coverage in Madden 19 doesn't rely on unrealistic breaks on the ball like it did in Madden 17 (didn't get 18) and relies on positioning of LBs,CBS Safeties. I remember I was playing 17 and I was the Bills playing against the Chargers in the AFC Championship game. I was at their 7 yard line and it was 3rd down. I guessed they were going to blitz so I sent my TE straight up the field on a hot rout. As soon as I saw they were blitzing their right LB I threw it towards my TE who was in the wide open seam where their LB had been. Out of nowhere, the free safety,who was positioned deep and just to the left of center in the back of the endzone,came leaping into the air and intercepted the ball. In real life and in past Maddens that's a td pass to my TE. I made the right call,right hot rout and the CPU still made an unrealistic INT(let's be honest,it cheated). Hopefully,things don't happen like that in 19. You make the right decisions in your strategy,you should be rewarded by making plays against the CPUs coverage!
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