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Re: Interview with Clint

Originally Posted by bucky60
OK, lets define real....anybody can join in.

Let's start with your example. Madden already has injuries that last less than a game where a backup comes in for X number of plays. Madden even at times lets you select if you want to keep the player in or bring in a backup. Your example would give you an immediate choice of keeping the player or replacing him. Why not do that? Madden is already close to it.

How about injury ratings for different parts of the body, like NBA2K has. How about persistent injuries that players can even play through (for some injuries). Madden already has an unrealistic abstraction of this. But the player has to miss X games and before he's fully healed you get that "Big Decision" to return to lineup or start the backup. But that "Big Decision" only shows up one week. It's kind of an arcady implementation (which I think is a pretty crappy implementation). Make it more realistic. Each week the player is injured have a trainer automatically evaluate to give degree of injury, chance of re-injury or chance making it worse, and if the player can play (out, doubtful, probable, etc). And you can decide each and every week to sit him or play him.

Anybody else have anything to add?

Madden 08 had it done best, with rehab conservative and rehab aggressive when you were in dire need and needed to try and get a player able to play ASAP. I'm a bit hazy on the specifics, but could you also rush them back early as well?
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Re: Interview with Clint

Originally Posted by roadman
Actually, it is double that now.

Please add customizable sliders and toggles in the following areas, etc..........

Or get a list together and link the thread.
Lets do it!
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Re: Interview with Clint

2nd part of the interview.

1) I really like the Hit Stick functionality changes with going low on players.
- should be the standard/initial attempt unless Tackle Trait says otherwise.

2) Breaking into contact with WR before ball arrives is a “Huge” application that opens the doors to less tethering.
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