Thoughts on today's Madden presentation

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Re: Thoughts on today's Madden presentation

Originally Posted by strawberryshortcake
I know the OP would probably be interested in the following stuff linked below

"I looked at it like my background, right? I looked at it as a film."

That's exactly the problem. You should have looked at it like a live television sports producer and live sports videographer and not like a filmmaker at ALL. But your filmmaker background should have informed you about what shooting style is appropriate for the project at hand. Instead you put NFL Films coverage on audio that comes straight out of game broadcasts. That, like I said before, is like putting Mario Brothers sound effects on a game like Uncharted.

That quote does him no favours despite the fact that he is so proud of himself for saying it. It explains PERFECTLY what the problem is with Madden, right there. NFL films doesn't shoot our broadcasts that single handedly influence what we think sports should look like in games to be authentic. It's why FIFA and NBA games play side to side and why the best baseball games try to emulate where cameras are placed in stadiums. (NHL is a different animal, I can explain why if anyone's interested but it's not related to what we're talking about here). I've never done it myself but I PROMISE you, no videographer running around with a RED or any other HD camera is getting shots of on-field footage thinking about "how do I make these guys look like giants or like living legends?" No, it's one thing and one thing only... "crap, I better get a reaction shot of Brady missing that receiver so the director can cut to it, because if I can't, I'll be on b-roll fan footage duty again."

Plus, one other thing, it demonstrates a complete lack of understanding the sport and today's audience. Because NOBODY (well, ok, hardly anyone) under the age of 40 remembers what NFL Films weekly 35mm presentations of the week's games looked like 20 years ago. They just don't do the same thing anymore, they don't use those fantastic soundtracks and slow motion playbacks. So you're using a "filming" style that is known to people from the old Ed Sabol, Sam Spence NFL Films days in a game predominantly aimed at audiences that have never seen that before. And if we're being honest, you're not even doing that very accurately.

You want to know the last game that truly looked like a televised football broadcast? NCAA 14. That is like watching TV. But it doesn't have the glitz and glamour they're looking for today.

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Re: Thoughts on today's Madden presentation

The presentation is finally pretty good and commentary is very solid, but I want my NFL Films music back by Sam Spence! This music just brings the Madden game, any madden game to a new level, this was awesome hearing this on the replays.

One of the reasons I can't rid of Madden 10 and 11.

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