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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

1. Customization - especially owners mode, relocation, uniforms & team names, scheduling, realignment, etc
2. Improved/revamped AI, roster management, scouting, playbooks, the entire off-season (see ncaa14, HC09, past maddens)
3. Assistant coaches/carousel - and not just OC/DC. (See HC09/5ncaa14, past maddens)
4. bring back roles/traits/badges (madden 07, i think)
5. A LOT better QA/QC!
6. Quit showing the coach/sideline every play! I'd be happy with once a quarter or not at all.

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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

Some good things in here for sure...

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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

Originally Posted by mtmetcalfe
So Josh, love your list but curious about the request for separating franchise mode and online franchise. Iíve seen this request by numerous people but wonder what it serves. Canít you simply just not play online? Some of my inquiry revolves around the fact that I like to play both, by myself and also play franchise with my friends and Iím afraid if thereís an effort to separate the modes, my online franchises may suffer from it.
This is a really fair question and while I cannot speak for others, I personally have a rationale behind it.

My thinking is that there are limiting design decisions in franchise mode are built to accommodate online franchises. A couple of examples include things like the inability to assign CPU teams' playbooks or to a much lesser degree, weather conditions, before games (which could be abused in an online context) or the use of the "character" paradigm for each team's control requiring people to 'take control' of each "character" separately (versus a simple "control all teams" toggle like you see in other sports games).

I also think that it has the potential to limit the type of online commissioner tools that they might otherwise add to the mode, in fears that it could further limit things on the offline side (or at least complicate the).

Madden has a pretty strong online franchise community, I personally don't think separating it out would negatively impact things but could allow for subtle differences to be added to each mode to better streamline both experiences.
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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

1. Scheme: Make Schemes unique. Why are there only 2 34 schemes that are identical outside of 1 Safety position yet there are 4 options for 43 defenses if you include the 46? Why am I not allowed to play zone defense (CBs) as a 34 user and not allowed to play man defense with a 43? This makes no sense. Also, use every archtype somewhere in at least 1 scheme otherwise get rid of them. Why do we have slot WR or CB if they don't appear in any schemes? Break up the WR position into different ones for at least WR 1, 2 and 3. No team wants all deep threats or all possession type WRs. Give us a TE 1 and 2 as well and a nickel CB position in the archtype. Add some variety hear to make building your team fun and challenging.

2. Archtypes: Why are players with tied overalls not all matches? It makes no sense for a player to be 84 overall at more than one archtype, but only get a match for 1 of them. Also it shouldn't reset to a new archtype if you change a player's position. Example - I just upgrade Cody Whitehair to finally have Agile archtype match - now tied with Power - both at 84. Later on I decide to move him to RG and it resets his match to Power so I lose the bonus. This is stupid. It also should be the same XP to upgrade a player regardless of what position he plays. Why do Centers require less than every other OL position (if you don't believe me move any OL to C and watch his XP for the next level go immediately down by a few thousand)? This makes no sense and leads to owners moving all of their best young OL to C just to make them upgrade faster. I could go on, but you get the idea.

3. Free Agency: this needs major fixing because right now its awful for anyone in an online CFM. Offers should not be live and available for everyone to see between advances. This is silly and completely unrealistic and ruins the entire system for multi-user leagues. Sure let us see what people have put in after each advance, that's totally legit. Once an offer has been submitted in real life other teams do know about it, but they shouldn't have up to the second information as a negotiation is going on. This leads to silly bidding wars that are completely unrealistic in the minutes leading up to an advance. You should have to put your best foot forward and then use the information given after each advance to adjust your offer, but I shouldn't know what other owners have adjusted their offers before the advance has occurred. Only they know what they are going to offer until the offer has been submitted.

4. Draft classes - some of the positions seem well tuned like safeties, OL, DL, with a good mix of physical and skill ratings, but other positions need a ton of work.
WR - major work needs to be done on physical traits. 99% of the WRs over 5'11 run awful 40s and have agility and acceleration in the 80s. Yet most of the class coming out last year this was not the case. I think the slowest WR drafted was Anthony Miller with 89 speed and he had good acceleration and agility to go with that. I do NOT want classes loaded with 99 speed guys that used to happen in years past, but I don't feel like these draft classes after having done a bunch of them this year are a good representation of actual talent coming out of the NCAA each year.
QBs - most of them have accuracy ratings that seem way too high. It's much too easy to draft a guy with accuracies in the high 80s/low 90s and this shouldn't happen.
CBs - too many of them have very poor jumping, acceleration and agility ratings for my liking. CBs are often some of the best "athletes" on the football field in those regards.
There are others, but I'll stop there. Also for please stop making all the best/top talents 24 years old. This does not happen in the NFL where most of the first round is comprised of guys who are 21-23 leaving early to join the pros.

5. Custom playbooks. For the love of god figure out how to take out all the glitches. It's 2019, this isn't rocket science, and it shouldn't be this hard to add and subtract plays and audibles from a custom book without stuff disappearing, ordering of plays and formations breaking and audibles flat out being broken half the time.

Bonus: Draft - bring back the side scroll bar of all the selections. Why in the world was this removed so that you only know the last player selected with the new presentation. This drives me bonkers in my 32 man CFM that I could be checking out my prospect list and have no idea who was just drafted in the last couple of picks.
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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

1) Coach Carousel- I enjoyed in NCAA 14 starting as a DC for a 1 star school and slowly grinding to get to a 3 star Power 5 HC. Then turning that team into a 5 star program. I would love to see Position Coaches. But I don't see them adding them. At the very least, I want to see Coordinators. But for me it doesn't end there. The coaches and Coordinators have to matter. They can have grades and schemes attached to them. Like you can have the HC be a Developer where you see incremental increases for all players. You can have Playcaller. Where they call the plays and coordinators are just responsible for development and provide boosts to certain positions. Each coach will have a preference for their coordinators. Coordinators could have assigned playbooks and schemes.

2) Expanding Trait System/Adding Tendency System - I initially felt the trait system was a good idea. Because you can't solely rely on ratings to differentiate players since alot of players are similarly rated. But after the second year of trait system, they haven't touched it at all. They need to either need to fully flesh it out for every position or go to a tendency system. I would prefer a tendency system. You need more than just "Never, Sometimes, and Always". Even Letter grades would suffice. Ratings should be for how well a player perform an action. Whereas a tendency system determines if he performs the action at all. That could end the 'Robo QB'. My main issue with CPU QBs is that they always make correct read. I never think "He missed a wide open WR." They could add something like "Stare down primary Target" or "Goes through all reads". For DBs, something like "Jump Route". They could attach the tendency to scouting. So you could unlock their tendencies after so many hours. I rather unlock tendencies and physical ratings during scouting.

3) Presentation- It's 5 years into current gen and Franchise games still feel like exhibition games. They have the espn license, use it. I would like to see multiple presentation broadcasts. Or at least multiple commentary teams. Thats one thing I like about 2k's presentation. Even if you hear the same lines with teams, at least you wouldn't have to hear those lines every game. Tie in what's happening around the league. Would love game breaks, as long as they don't get repetitive. If not that, at least have commentary mention scores and final scores. More presentation overlays. Commentators need to be more aware of game. I want them to mention if we came back from down 10 nothing. Post game needs to be more game awareness. I want them to mention "The score was more closer than the game showed. The [team] dominated throughout". The ultimate goal is for games to not feel alike.

4) Schemes- I want schemes to actually matter this year. They weren't any penalties for playing anyone out of scheme fit because they played the same way regardless. They need to find to penalize players out of scheme fit. I want CPU to be aware of their schemes and draft to it. Something I am interested in a "Create-a-Scheme". Especially if you use a custom playbook. You can set the preference of the players you want. You could tie that in the coaching Carousel. Where if you are using a custom scheme. You're Coordinators would have that scheme and playbook attached to them. So if they leave, the next team they are on or if they become a HC, your scheme will be on their new team. That would be nice to see you creating a coaching tree and your scheme ends up going with coaches.

5)CPU AI- Playing a solo CFM, there should be a challenge from other teams. I want it to feel like I have to be concerned about other teams. Something I want to see is a return of the detailed Scouting Report feature from PS2/Xbox days. Where it will tell users about team stat rankings, players to watch for, strengths and weaknesses for each team, and play calling tendencies. To go along with #1, coaches and GMs should have an effect in CFM. I want CPU to be aware of User Scouting Report and play calling tendencies. So if I'm facing a Belichick(Or Pats HC), I want them adjust their play calling and strategy to attack my weaknesses. I want CPU coaches/Playcalling to actually have strategy attached to it. Right now CPU play calling has no sophistication to it. It is like the when you select coaches suggestion or strategy, CPU playcalling is basically just plays that best fit the down and distance. I want to see the CPU actually implement a game plan and follow it. Are they going to stick to it if it isn't working, are they going to adjust to what you are showing or stay with their gameplan, are they aggressive or passive. Same thing with CPU team management. Along with scheme improvements, CPU team management needs work. CPU teams need to be aware of their team scheme and team needs. I want to see more trade offers from CPU teams in offseason. Especially for draft picks. Also to be aware of their starters age. If they have a QB over 35, then for them to look to draft a QB in the top 3 rounds.

Also would to see Mock draft and cleaner CFM menu
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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

I would like to see more locker room atmosphere for pre-game and half time game information and adjustments,

I would like to see an in-depth player make-or-bust system where a situation or series of situations in game determine a players ratings progress. Thus coaching decisions by the user could help make or break a player. Maybe a key catch in a big game improves a player to a star level, thinking of Terrell Owens playoff catch to win against the Packers when he played for San Fran...

More information during plays to identify to the user what they are seeing on the field, such as instant block sheds or missed blocks. The purpose of these key bits of information should be to assist in eliminating the "what just happened, I don't believe it, madden is terrible" moments.

and - Do not try to simulate no call situations by officials which lead to hamstringing a team from winning a game they should have won.

Player improvement should be influenced by the user and the situations the user puts the players into. Throwing a 100 high completion rate passes, like slants, should not improve a player's ratings compared to attempting and completing higher difficulty passes like out routes and fades.

Coaches should boost or decrease player ratings based on coaching styles, player strengths and opponent situations. Player strengths would include a 3-4 coach and a 3-4 player on the same team. A player weakness is a player being a M2M corner in a zone scheme. Opponent situation would include hiring a coach from a team and then playing the former team adds a boost to players directly under that coach.
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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

1. I think the ability to assign custom playbooks to CPU teams would be huge. Iím tired of seeing the same old CPU play calls especially Verts! This would be a game changer for me. Iím thinking that the only chance Iíve got of purchasing Madden 20 iOS if they add that feature.

2. Franchise mode overhaul. Iíd like to see Franchise given love and updated. I feel that over the last few years is franchise players have been forgotten about in favor of MUT players.

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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

They REALLY need to improve the CPU team logic in franchise mode. First the Rams always going after Le'veon Bell in year 1 if he hits free agency. Now a few years in to a franchise I just saw the Titans sign Christian McCafrey, Tarik Cohen, and Philip Lindsay ALL in the SAME offseason. I know this is just a video game and there will be times where goofy stuff happens. But how does stuff like this even in the programming of the game?
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