Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

Strictly for franchise mode and not on -field related :-

1: more comprehensive injury management system , with PUP and other designations , injury reports and off field injuries ,with everything user /commissioner editable from injury nature and length to status

2: full coaching staffs with each coach having associated playbook and benefits , progressable and editable

3: sliders to allow users to weight the importance of practice , training and in game stats within the progression system

4: full 90 man rosters in preseason

5: training camp and associated off season activities with xp benefits and injury risks

To summarise give me the correct league structure, mechanics and systems , allow me to edit anything at will and leave my imagination to write the storylines
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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

1. Coaching carousel: make the coaching staffs head coaches, coordinators, and position coaches' names and appearances all able to be edited. Also, make it where coaches and coordinators are hired, fired, and get their contracts extended. Make inter-league transactions available also where if say Buffalo fires their head coach and Kansas City's offensive coordinator is lighting up the scoreboard, Buffalo can hire him as their head coach. Kansas City can in turn promote their RB or WR coach to offensive coordinator or they can hire from another team. If the 49ers fire their head coach, Detroit can hire him as their defensive coordinator, etc, etc, etc.

2. Make it possible to download music, chants, cheers, and jeers from a computer onto a USB and upload it into the game similar to Sounds of the Show in MLB the Show. The ability to hear songs playing with an echo in the stadium would be pretty cool. Think of songs like "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N Roses or "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC.

3. Talk the NFL into allowing fan attendance to fluctuate during the season. If a team is 12-2 in week 15, their stadium should be full of loud fans. If a team is 2-12, it should have lots of empty seats with much less noise. If the home team is down 45-10 with 7 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, you should see fans filing out and hear much less noise from those who remain.
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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

Restricted free agents

Comp draft Picks

The ability to extend and reconstruct contracts a year of even two years before current contract ends.

fifth year option on a first round picks

A super bowl tax. Players that are headed for free agency on teams that have won the super bowl want inflated contracts because you won the super bowl with them.

A system that determines a players contract worth by combing overall rating, stats and the the most recent contract of of the top five players at their respected position

A free agent to be tracking system that stays up to date on potential free agents throughout the season, with some easy to find article on the superstars that have resigned or havenít or donít plan to resign.

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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

Better balanced progression. All archetypes should at least be useful.
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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

Something like the weekly updates in NFL 2k5 would be nice. It feels hard to be invested in the teams around the league other than your own because you hardly ever see them. Rumors, like the ones that happen in real life, would be nice too... why not start some stories like "X wants out of Seattle" or "Green Bay looking to trade star X"?
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Re: Top Five Franchise wants for M20?

1) Coaching Staffs/Retired players becoming coaches - Yes this could have been two things but I decided to make it one because it kind of ties together. Back in the day we used to be able to hire and develop OCs and DCs and ST coaches. If those coaches got good enough they would get hired for open coaching positions. Also when a player retired they sometimes became hirable as coaches. I had Rod Woodson as my DC in San Francisco one year. The coaches ratings would help in game and would help with player ratings progressions as well.

2) Better contract structuring - front loading, back loading, escalators, performance bonuses, etc. need these in.

3) Expansion/Relocation(more cities)/Rebranding - See NBA 2k

4) Uniform Editing/Redesign - I donít like the 49ers black unis. I would like to redesign them. Or for those players who play many, many seasons into the future they might want a redesign their uniforms like most teams do (see Jacksonville)

5) Editing Draft Classes outside of franchise - So I know this is not a change in Franchise but itís still a change. I donít want to have to start a franchise to edit a draft class. That seems unnecessary. Again see what NBA 2k does

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