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CPU drafting

Did a search and couldnít find an answer to this question anywhere so here go. We all know the CPU isnít the greatest at drafting so my question is, is it possible to take control of all 32 teams by creating a new coach with the R3 button and drafting for all teams? I really do not want to see the bears and the chiefs both taking qbís when I start up my real CFM.
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Re: CPU drafting

You can do it for sure if you're playing offline. One thing I've noticed is that if you create a save point at the beginning of the draft the cpu will draft the same players every time you play it. So what I like to do is let the cpu do its thing and if say the 5th pick is something that doesn't make sense (like a team taking a qb first two years in a row or 3-4 teams drafting speed rushers to play de or whatever) I'll reboot and then picks 1-4 will be the same and on the 5th pick I will take control of the team and make a better pick. Then I resave and rinse/repeat.
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Re: CPU drafting

If you create coaches, the cpu teams will fire their original coaches and they will repopulate on different teams. You should just take control of their original coach then retire him. They will still be there, not actually retired.
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