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Re: Greatest Defense In History

Originally Posted by AUTiger1
Have you guys ever had a game where it was like playing against one of the greatest defenses in NFL history? I'm talking like 85 Bears or 2000 Ravens or something.

I just did. In the 2nd year of my Lions franchise and I played the Redskins and I couldn't do anything!! It was amazing. There was absolutely nowhere to pass the ball for the entire game. Plays that have always worked for me never worked in this game. It didn't matter if I was running short, medium, or deep routes, I couldn't get anyone open. This was the very next game after I shredded the Chargers defense for 400 yards and 5 TD passes, so it has nothing to do with settings. I appreciate the challenge of each game being different and they said the Redskins had the #1 passing defense before the game started, but jeez!!

What irritated me the most though was that my WR with 95 speed and 94 acceleration was having a guy 91 speed and 95 acceleration run step-for-step with him on go routes. It was unlike previous games where after I set it up by running a lot to go deep it worked. Not this time. There was no chance of going deep and I lost count of how many times I got sacked.

Just insane because it was like I had gone in and put the game on All-Madden mode and I didn't. Never seen such. I don't mind a challenge and losing, just insane how it happened.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, the Redskins played tight bump and run coverage for the entire game on every play. That is something I've never seen before on Madden. They didn't play zone coverage at off. All man coverage and all tight up on the receivers and it made passing nearly impossible because I was forced to hang onto the ball looking for open receivers and I got sacked a ton because of it.
Just played two real nasty defensive struggles. No question, CPU man has been tightened up and zone defenders stay with their receivers for a second or two longer. I run a timing-based offense, whereas I throw the ball just as the receiver is breaking and sometimes a little bit before. I, like yourself, had to hold the ball a bit longer. I threw no picks thru the first 4 games this season and just threw 2 or 3 in my last game, until I adjusted. I'm loving the challenge, but no doubt it's tough just you've illustrated.
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Re: Greatest Defense In History

Originally Posted by stinkubus
Haven't played against the Bears yet, but they also have some very good players in their secondary, especially at S. Top flight safeties are such a huge help on D.

Texans are also pretty tough. Just wrapped up my AFCCG against them. They held me well below my scoring average for the year. If not for a couple of big plays on my part the game would've gone down to the wire. It's a shame the AI is helpless against ball carrier moves.

I don't think I've really played the Texans yet, but the Bears are especially tough because good luck even getting any time to throw against that front seven.
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