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Does anyone play this game as it was first released? It would obviously be only the disc version that you can do that. I know in past Maddens some of them played better without patches. Just curious as to how this plays out of the box.

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Re: M19 OOTB

Completely trash ootb compared to the patched version.

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Re: M19 OOTB

agree, launch version was awful. It's playing great for me now.
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Re: M19 OOTB

After the most recent patches I wouldn't want to go back to it out of the box. OOTB the new RPM mechanics were pretty clunky the way they played. While they still have a some way to go the RPM mechanics but in my opinion they are playing smoother since the last few patches. They also have improved the logic of the pass coverage, for me both man and zone coverages play better.

The Madden team still has a lot of work to do, but being the big football fan that I am I am just trying to enjoy the game for what it is. I would do anything to have the NCAA Football series back.
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Re: M19 OOTB

I believe '17 was the only version in at least the past 4 that can be argued for ootb.
'16,'18 and '19 are all definitely better fully patched.
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Re: M19 OOTB

madden is soooo good right now, you'd be foolish.
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Re: M19 OOTB

Patched version for sure, 100%.

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