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Madden NFL Community Survey

The Madden Community Team will be posting a survey each month for players to provide feedback...

Written By: Steve Noah

Click here to view the article.

Steve Noah
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Re: Madden NFL Community Survey


Provided feedback by letting them know OS doesn't see a Community Team here unless it's Kane providing feedback from rosters/ratings.

Plus, other assorted needs for game play.
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3. It was in before, can't call it new

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Wow!! People here have been giving feedback about Madden for over 14 years.* The community have spoken on what they want too see improved. How have that worked out. Its like beating a dead horse now...seriously!!!
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Re: Madden NFL Community Survey

I did the survey but if it isn't going to do any good, why ask us for our feedback? I remember a huge survey in 2016 and still don't see things that were overwhelmingly winning with multiple choices of 4 answers to choose from and you picked what you wanted.

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Re: Madden NFL Community Survey

Can we maybe not ruin this thread with the usual EA bashing and the ensuing back-and-forth? Since it's a front page article it can't be locked if things get really stupid.

Just do the survey (or don't if you feel like it won't accomplish anything) and move on.


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Originally Posted by GameplayDevUFC
...they really aren't doing themselves any favors by embellishing. They might think doing so draws more attention to the problem, but the opposite is true. It makes your complaints less likely to be taken seriously.

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Re: Madden NFL Community Survey

As the late great Curly Howard once said.... I seen my duty and I done it... Thanks Steve.

Would be good to see interactive posts/blogs with development team here, as they had done previously. As long as folks are respectful, it would be a good way to bounce suggestions off them as to how to improve the overall game.

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Re: Madden NFL Community Survey

My hope is that gameplay and Franchise have questions to answer every month and that MUT doesn't overwhelmingly dominate the discourse.
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Wasn't very detailed, but I did it.
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