Madden NFL 19 is a Dumpster Fire video

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Re: Madden NFL 19 is a Dumpster Fire video

Originally Posted by GoJags904
That's ridiculous. Hell i didnt even hear about it so no promo is why it failed. It is what it is

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I don't think that's why it failed lol, but it probably didn't help. Bottom line is, if the NFL is happy with EA it'll continue as a business partner. Madden makes money hand over fist every year. I mean if a few ppl on OS don't buy Madden outright and feel better about themselves thats great, but the Mut & competitive crowd still will. Don't forget about little Timmy down the street. So it's not going to do anything.
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Re: Madden NFL 19 is a Dumpster Fire video

Originally Posted by DaReal Milticket
A 2k petition was tried many years ago and failed miserably. Not a lot of football gamers signed it. 2K has to be even be interested even if the license was available. Like Rex said it would take a lot of cash to even get the ball even rolling. It sounds like 2K might not even have enough cash flow to pull it off. We probably wouldn't even see a halfway decent product for atleast 2-3 yes if not longer imo.

This petition had 9 supporters


46 supporters


Twitter group in 08

Point is nobody shows up for this. More people would rather complain about Madden than sign a petition.
What's funny is that this is nothing compared to the meltdown we saw when Sierra, not only recalled FBPro 99, but shut down their entire sports division, ending any chance of getting more action sim sports games like FBPro and BBPro. You had gamers trying to buy both the FBPro 99 and 98 code, so they could either fix 99 or release an updated 98 with support for 30 teams, since 98 was still just 28 teams. Gamers even tried to appeal to other developers. The crash of Sierra meant that even just sticking with FBPro 98, which we did for years, meant that we were locked into only 28 teams.

And on the FBPro and Usenet forums, sim gamers raged. It was utterly astounding that our options were either text sims, of which there were a few really good ones, and sucking it up and playing arcade football with the kids on the consoles. But make no mistake, as those that did move to the consoles did so, most understood we were just going to have to enjoy a different type of sports gaming. Some absolutely decided they would be the squeakiest wheels in encouraging the devs of Madden and 2K to become more sim.

What's weird is that anecdotally, most of us FBPro98 guys ended up with Dreamcasts and 2K football, which was nowhere near sim in gameplay, but it looked great and was fun. And it definitely played more realistic than Madden. But sports game publishers never actually embraced the influx of sim gamers. There were times devs used the right sim catchphrases, but all the elements that made FBPro98 so addictive and fun were really not there.

What became really, really clear was that I was part of a sports gaming culture that was really, really small. At the turn of the century, as video gaming was beginning to really soar, sports sim gaming was dying out. EA and 2K became what we settled for, or we moved on. EA threw us a bone in the two Head Coach games, and our paltry numbers showed. It didn't sell for crap, mostly because it wasn't as fun.

That was the moment action sim gaming died. That was the moment that publishers realized that our niche was too small and too picky to invest in. All of the dev interaction since that time has been in service of handling the sim community, not catering to us. Publishers can't make money catering to us, but we can, via social media, create an antagonistic atmosphere that does hurt sales. We can't do crap to generate sales, though. So we get handled.

What has our emphasis on sim really brought us? One game per sport. Competing games can't survive the fanboys and the sim community. EA may have bought the NFL exclusivity, but gamers chose The Show, NBA 2K, and EA's NHL and FIFA series. There is no real competition anymore. Live and PES really don't have a chance to overturn the market.

In many ways, 3D graphics is what killed sim sports. Creating a sim in a 3D environment became exponentially more difficult and expensive. And in sports gaming, with its tiny sales windows, it means you can't afford to just find a space. You will die with a 50% marketshare, and the cost of manipulating mindshare is too great.
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Re: Madden NFL 19 is a Dumpster Fire video

This video just made me sad.

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Re: Madden NFL 19 is a Dumpster Fire video

I would actually argue that it was the rise of internet and social gaming that killed sports genre. 3D models and all that have been around so in my opinion the development and price have nothing to do with development strategies and poor (in our eyes) leadership from the top down as far as EA is concerned. Internet, Egaming, and the ability to market micro transactions and build online communities with sports games is what ultimately killed Madden. Itís not going anywhere and will only grow my friends as there is so much money in competitive gaming who really cares about offline players anymore. Itís why I donít and probably wonít ever play sports games again. Is what it is and itís the evolution of the times we live in. Heck...there are even full blown college scholarships dedicated to competitive gamers.
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Re: Madden NFL 19 is a Dumpster Fire video

This video did an excellent job of literally taking us through a time machine of Madden football. It also further emphasized how most sim-style and franchise mode players were left in the dust. I posted a thread with my opinion on where I believed the Madden series was headed post Madden 12. I have included it here, but please don't respond to it as it is 6 years old and doesn't need rehashing.


EA, like any other company, is always going to be focused on it's bottom line. Online gaming, MUT and MUT squads bring them continued revenue throughout each release cycle, while sim-franchise-offline mode players simply do not. Therefore, they will continue to focus on that which brings in the most money and simultaneously costs them very little to do so. That is the cold hard fact and I've read nor seen nothing that leads me to believe that this way of doing business is going to change in the future. Folks like myself who love the game of football, enjoy a deep franchise mode and reasonably effective gameplay from the AI will remain low on the totem pole.

The only way I could ever see EA bring this mode of gaming back is to create a fully playable, stand alone version of what they tried to do with Head Coach. Initially, EA would have to sink some serious resources into this product. However, after that, they could release updated rosters and commentary every year, along with throwing in a few new bells and whistles via DLC, at a reasonable price. Once they reached this point of development, they wouldn't have to invest all that much more into it, while at the same time they would have created an additional revenue stream.

If they feel that return on investment is worth sinking their teeth into it, we may see it come to light. If not, we will continue to head in the direction many of us saw coming a long time ago. We are then left with simply the hope of improved gameplay and then finding some enjoyment in playing by accepting Madden for what it is, or moving on.

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Re: Madden NFL 19 is a Dumpster Fire video

This is actually my video, glad it's being shared. I thought making this video could maybe have some impact but realistically it won't. I really want a good football video game but I don't foresee that happening in the next decade.
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Re: Madden NFL 19 is a Dumpster Fire video

Originally Posted by busjibber
This is actually my video, glad it's being shared. I thought making this video could maybe have some impact but realistically it won't. I really want a good football video game but I don't foresee that happening in the next decade.
It was a great video because it brought back memories of what we once had.

A designer back in the Ian's day last year mentioned on OS that those older features were difficult to bring over onto new tech in part because if they tried to bring a feature over, it would break down another part of the game.

So, the programmers need to figure out how to implement some of the those older features into the new tech they are using along with the legacy coding.

We appreciate you making the video and hopefully, the big wigs take notice, but, I wouldn't bank on it, based on Rex's interview and what I discovered during the days of Ian being in charge. Very similar takes from both Creative Designers.
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Re: Madden NFL 19 is a Dumpster Fire video

Not sure where to put this at this point since the game has been out so long. I had a CFM game where my Texans came back from 13 down in the 4th to tie it up and force overtime with the Tennessee Titans. I went up 3 late in the overtime period after winning the toss and grinding it down the field. The Titans got the ball back with maybe a 1:44 left. They got down to the 45 with 40 seconds left and no timeouts. Then they almost let the clock run out without at least trying to throw a hail mary or something. I called a timeout with 18 seconds left when I realized they weren't gonna do anything. I stopped them 1 play later and won the game, but it ruined a 38 to 35 game. Is that something others have experienced?

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