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Re: Man Scheme

Originally Posted by stinkubus
Are you talking about games vs. AI? If so, six man, zero blitzes can absolutely overwhelm them. I would shade coverage outside and pay attention because the outside CBs won't always move. They frequently line up way too far inside and sometimes need to be moved manually.

You can use almost any of them in the game, user the defender assigned to the HB and absolutely box the AI with ease. If the TE starts killing you just cover him instead.

Iím currently destroying the AI in NCAA 14 with this scheme. I want to do it vs users

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Re: Man Scheme

Man coverage is simply not viable. It's not only easy to beat it's easy to beat quickly which means any play with deep help is probably not going to work because you can't get home consistently enough before the QB can get the ball out.

In addition to this the run fits for virtually every man coverage are awful. 2 Man Under is weak up the gut, C1 has weak outside containment, and the C0 plays have no containment at all. If you try to make up for this with aggressive user play you run the risk of getting one-cut to death.
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Re: Man Scheme

The only way to run a Man defense is to have 3 really good man press corners. im talking all 90+ man 80+ press. This is what I run in my franchise and I am very successful with it.



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Re: Man Scheme

Our league saw man coverage more this cycle than we have in years. But we run a custom slider set with defensive sliders & speed parity jacked way up for better realism than stock sliders can provide.

At the top end I think we had a couple guys who ran it ~40% which is in the ballpark of how often the top Man-heavy NFL teams run it (45-55% depending on the year). Most were probably in the 25-33% range if I had to take a stab at a guess. Saw a good mix of 2-man and C1 depending on personnel. If you know it's coming frequently, there are still routes unfortunately that beat it almost regardless of ratings, so skilled usering at LB or S is required to make it truly lethal. It's not a "pick and forget" coverage vs a skilled human opponent. Med-risk, med reward, and you have to get pressure for it to work. It's a bend-don't-break defense that can shut down route combos typically used to beat common zones. It's not something you can expect to pick as a >50% base and expect not to get hosed.
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