Scheme sliders ratings execution

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Scheme sliders ratings execution

So, when you are looking for realisitc results and simulation game play over the years, where and how do you draw the line between the varipus factors such as scheme, ratings, execution, and slider settings?

I will get to the example of zone running. This is far and away my favorite scheme in football as a coach and offensive lineman myself in our amateur league as well as in Madden. I still play 12 and 25 on the xbox 360, but my question/topic is just as valid in the current game.

In the zone run, you try to create double teams up front? Seal your man and peel to the LB. The runner reads the most outside lineman and works his reads back inside depending on leverage.

On defense, linemen are taugh a variety of techniques on how to combat double teams, which include anchoring them to prevent lateral movement, how to try and split them, or otherwise hold them and prevent an offensive lineman from getting to a backer.

I see all of this play out on the 360 versions of Maden I play, as well as the current genration versions on Youtube.

I play my franchise (CCM) on All-Madden and use imported custom sliders which set run blocking to zero and still am able to grind out the best rushing attack in the NFL. In some ways, that means that I am doing it right. Are these not the rewards of drafting players and signing free agents which fit my scheme, nd then sticking to the plan and properly executing the scheme? Is that not how the Broncos of the 90's got it done, and more recently the Cowboys and DeMarco Murray got it done, then have continued with Elliot?

I guess that one point I am getting at is, where do you draw the line between "this game is too easy" and "I am playing well and these are the results of playing well"?
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Re: Scheme sliders ratings execution

It's mostly just about feel for me, and the plausibility of individual plays contributes greatly to that.

I just finished a game in which I rushed for 249 yards. However, it was against the dolphins, I have a very good O Line and my average ypg rushing is much lower than that.

None of the individual plays felt cheesy or unrealistic, so it felt like a realistic outcome to me. Much stranger things happen from week to week.

If there are one or two implausible plays in a game then I often just let it ride too. Weird and wacky things happen every week in the NFL so that should be replicated in game.

When I look to tweak sliders is when implausible things keep happening over and over again - like 5 fumbles per game. That might happen once per season, not every week.

As long as you don't feel like you're cheating the CPU by setting the sliders in your favour, and you don't feel cheated by the CPU because of some nonsense, then the game should feel fun and realistic.
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