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Madden 21 early wishlist

As you know I'm doing this early wishlist for M21 ..We all now know what's in Madden and what's still not. This is of course a Thread only for that of real Football heads.. I like Madden it's just the little things that get over looked year after year and it's the small things that will bring Madden to a place we all can start Loving it..Well if anyone else has started a thread then by all means this is only adding to it. I would love to see what this Community has on a voice in next year's Madden..

Well as for me since I haven't played this year's game I've seen enough to know it's plays a good game and it looks good every year. But it is bare in Franchise Mode. My Top five things is a must in M21..

1(.Team History)Yeah this is a big one because it goes everything inside your CFM. I mean if your QB breaks all your team's records should be able to be seen over your 30 year franchise for all Teams..Past Champions going back to the very first one til now. Letting us see who was the Superbowl MVP from each year..Keeping track of every teams history in your CFM over your 30 year franchise. We should be able to keep track of every teams record from year to year to see how teams are growing. Coaching Carousel is a must and I'll leave that to them..

2(Injury System).We all knw this needs a major overhaul because this injury system is not realistic and is not football. So I would love to see a system put in that make injuries matter. Players are coming back from bad injuries and not suffering a hit in Ratings on the injuries. We need real time injuries and that will make us really feel like man my Star RB is out with a torn ACL/PCL and he is in his contract year and has been putting big numbers over the last three years. The owner really like this running back So it's these kinds of Decisions to keep your team together or make that hard choice is how the game should feel frm losing your players. As is now it's no lost in injuries..

3. (Player profiles) This goes into team history a little But it's needed as well.Team name inside the players cards letting us know what team a player has played or still playing for that team. It's hard to know what is what if we dnt do it ourselves and that is crazy when it Kan b done in no time. Probowls, Superbowls, and all award history should b keep in a realistic way so we Kan see everything right there. Put things in order so it goes together. Something like this. Superbowl Champion. (2020),2022 and so on.. same thing with all awards that matter. Player if the week shouldn't b in a players awards we see that already do away with that. Keep track like this on all awards in each players history..

4.Retiring numbers in your CFM..This is a real thing for me because at the end of a season it feels plain and same things every year. So why not have the game retire players numbers if the players has been something for that team and has played five or more years give us the option to retire a players number and that number Kan never b worn til you start your CFM over..As us if at the end of a season if a player retires we should b ask if it's any player we want to retire their number..

5.Free Agency)....This is a mess at best. We can't even see the players card to see what each player has done over his career so we can knw why he want this kind of money he asking for. Make it like real life as you Kan.Money isn't the only reason players sigh with a team. I mean yeah players do go for the money. But u have guys that want to win..I just one it's do much they Kan do here.

Well let me know what our Community thinks and weigh in on M21 Wishlist...
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Re: Madden 21 early wishlist

Love all of those. Injury system would be awesome.

My #1 thing is contract system overhaul. The game needs it. Each of the last 2 years there's been a post in the beta feedback in the top 10 voted that is about this. They need to make it accurate with real life with guaranteed/non-guaranteed money, option years that trigger on certain dates, 5th year options, frontloading/backloading, etc. etc. etc.
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Re: Madden 21 early wishlist

Mods will you Sticky this please...
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Re: Madden 21 early wishlist

More throwback jerseys added

The ability for my player in CFM to get injured
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Re: Madden 21 early wishlist

Add referees back!!

Clean up collision detection & physics. There's too much player clipping post play. Players are constantly stepping through other players bodies after tackles, limbs fuse through bodies, players roll right through the legs of lineman, etc.) All this kills immersion. Physics work well during a play, but post play it's inconsistent. Make physics & collision detection matter at all times, meaning before during & after the play is over. Madden 16 had this stuff cleaned up. It hasn't been the same since smh.

Keep working on player movement

Expand on signature ball carrying styles & running types

Trenches still need a lot of work. Too much warping & sliding into place especially on double team pass blocks.

QB drop backs need an overhaul. QB's drop back way too fast

Overhaul presentation! It's severely lacking (sidelines, living worlds, cheerleaders, mascots, in game highlights from other games around the league, weekly wrap up show, a real halftime show, etc.)

Add home field advantage ala NCAA football

Add the weather channel ala NCAA football so that we can play in cold weather games...

Add more gameplay sliders. Look at how many sliders & options that 2K basketball has...Even NHL which is an EA game...

Custom camera options

Kicking needs to go back to the analog stick

CFM. Need I say more? We all know what needs to be done here...

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Re: Madden 21 early wishlist

Franchise is still way too lifeless, we need a coaching carousel
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Re: Madden 21 early wishlist

-true analog passing.

-100% user control for manual catches both on defense and offense.

-incorporate the NCAA kick meter and make it a one analog stick function. one stick for aiming and power. Id even tie it to with which leg is used to kick. left stick for lefties, right stick for righties..

-the ability to set simulated minutes for cfm, and have the stats reflect this accurately.

-add the refs

-bring back that dynamic, living/breathing sidelines feature that was highly touted/advertised a few years ago

-cfm does need an overhaul

-new presentation package

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Re: Madden 21 early wishlist

add more RB syles and WR SYLES

rebuild cfm over 2 maddens

for Ps4 port madden 07 fran over to 21

and for ps5 give 2 choices at loading

a singe player head coach 09 type or a 2-32 team cfm with full fake coaching staff dyrimic ratings like larry fitz 81-84 K Murray 75-97 a 3 min wrap up show NFL Draft blowout where the top 15 guys are in the green room
more stat wipes when u break a big record the game stops updated super bowl throhy pres where we go in locker room

in a 32 team cfm if u turn commissioner mode on u can retire any player in game after the season instead of the 2'640 player limit when the season starts it holds as much as 3'135 no players get deted anymore unless u do it

have some players improve by 10-15 points in off season put in 7-7 drills during offseason also bring back training camp drills in cfm/preseason only
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