User control for all 32 teams house rules

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User control for all 32 teams house rules

Wondering if anyone who controls every team in their franchise has any house rules they go by when making roster moves, etc for teams. Right now I have them all set to auto for everything but I'm sure they're are dumb things the CPU does with signing free agents and drafting and what not. I was thinking of possibly making a guide to quickly make adjustments based on certain criteria, like making sure a team pursues a specific position in free agency if their starter is below X overall rating. Any suggestions are welcome!
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Re: User control for all 32 teams house rules

I have Auto Progress on, scouting, injury management, and preseason cut days in Auto. Offseason FA bidding in Manual is a must for me. I like to manually do free agency, just so all the players coming into their prime get to stay with there original teams.

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Re: User control for all 32 teams house rules

I run a 32 team CFM on the first year and try to keep it parallel (or a week behind at the most) to the current NFL season, meaning I play as many games as I can fit in that week. Afther the offseason I then switch to controlling only 1 team - the Buffalo Bills.

For example right now I'm playing the games for Week 6 and will conclude (will sim any outstanding games by saturday night).

I mentioned the above because that gives me the opportunity to make the trades and other relevant cuts happening in real life.

Before playing a game I will:

- Do the college scouting for each team (the one I will control and the CPU) based on the needs listed on the screen or known needs (e.g. given an impending FA who is unlikely to be resigned)

- Sim the training and allow the CPU to upgrade the players.

- If the team has an injury and the back-ups are very, very low rated I might look into signing a FA (always rated 20% or lower than the injured started).

- I usually renegotiate (based on the known workaround) any contracts on the roster to better distribute money through the life of the contract if current cap space allows for it.

- I will re-sign key players during the season for that team cap permitting.

FYI when deciding which team I play and which one the CPU plays I pick the team that won on the actual NFL game except when I really like the other team (Broncos, Vikings, 49ers and of course the Bills).

During the off-season I will control the FA and draft for all 32 teams trying to be fair to all and not doing any crazy movements.

I will avoid block buster trades or unrealistic FA moves (e.g. let Brees / Brady walk away and sign with another team).

Things that I might do is bench qbs for poor performance or if out of contention to give back-ups time to develop. In certain situations I will create some story lines to handle things I want to see...for example:

I wanted Minshew to start for the Jaguars but in my CFM Foles was not injured, though he had a poor start in the first 3 games so I benched him.

At the end of the season, depending on how Minshew develops and his end of year stats I might decide to trade Foles to say the Buccaneers (I have benched Winston for poor performance) or the Titans (Mariotta wants an elite QB contract which I don't think is realistic).

So all in all, why the team I will continue to play in future years are the Bills I do not make any roster movements on other teams too benefit the Bills in any way. Just try to keep it realistic and fair.

Once I switch to focusing only on the Bills from year 2 onwards I do keep control of the remaining 31 teams just to help keep rosters realistic or to go on certain franchise rebuilds, for example on year 2 I might do a re-build of the Broncos with Drew Lock as the building block.

That's kind of the things I like and it keeps the game fresh for me, I get to play with all teams and during the NFL season feel a bit more into my CFM. Once I tried just doing a Bills franchise but by year 3 or 4 the league was unrecognizable with all sorts of whack roster moves specially when it comes to key star positions and its difficult for me to buy in and feel it is realistic.

Hope this helps.
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