Worth Upgrading to M20 over M18?

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Worth Upgrading to M20 over M18?

Thinking of picking up M20. I'm currently still playing M18. There are a number of bugs though that bother me and I'm wondering if those exist in M20. And also what are the really bothersome bugs in M20?

M18 bugs that come to mind are:
- Fumbles and fumble recoveries not counting (kick/punt returns)
- Rushing yards after contact almost never counting
- simmed sack totals being incredibly low
- simmed #2 RB's gobbling up all the rush TD's, while averaging around 2 YPC
- kicker stats not counting in a game if they aren't also the kick-off specialist
- bunch of stats missing from years previous to M18 for a bunch of players, especially ones with Jr in their names
- several base coaches/playbooks bugged and not simming the correct defensive according to snaps played (like a 4-3 coach and playbook simulating snaps like a 3-4 defense)
- season goals not really aligning per your defensive scheme and unable to change
- some legacy stats missing from previous seasons for Seahawks players
- user coaching scheme broken (I made my custom HC a 3-4 on Eagles, but every time it shows the starting lineup it is a 4-3)
- CPU coaches being unable to change position schemes based on the M18 release coaching scheme for that team. So if a coach is fired/retires from that team and a CPU takes over the CPU coach is required to use that team's default coaching/position scheme.
- fatigue slider broken
- player subbing and backups getting playing time mostly broken
- custom playbooks are really broken
- seen players win DPOY/OPOY awards and not in the running for their position or also miss the pro bowl
- played supersim games can't end in a tie. I've seen tie games in OT go to a 2nd OT and a 3rd until a team wins. This wasn't the playoffs eithers.
- no way to look at all players in the league or at a position under rosters

There might be more that I can't remember at the moment. One thing that absolutely makes navigating all these M18 bugs easier is the ability to edit anything and everything. Does that still exist in M20?

Some of the stuff I've watched of M20 looks promising. Looks like there is more customization for rosters. Like assigning a slot WR, goalline RB, etc.

How is the new progression system compared to the old Goals/XP/Upgrade system?

Are many of those issues fixed in M20?
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