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More Gridiron Notes Lies

With this being the final patch, it's clear that this joke of a franchise team lied again in Gridiron Notes. They started in May lying about the new realistic contract system that never happened and in October they lied about releasing a series of updates to the news system in Franchise.

"This is the first portion of a complete revamp to the Franchise News system... more updates like this are coming in future title updates"

Well... there weren't. News is basically the same as it was at launch and didn't get touched after this update. It's still hidden away in the corner of the mode and you can't find it without a map and a flashlight.

Why do they keep lying in Gridiron Notes? We all know that the only thing they care about is MUT and SS KO, what do they think they're going to gain by continually lying to Franchise players? Saying nothing would be better than this trash.

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Re: More Gridiron Notes Lies

Originally Posted by PhillyPhanatic14
With this being the final patch,.

C'mon man, it's only Jan....we will probably get 4 or 5 more patches
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Re: More Gridiron Notes Lies

He's right though IF this is the final patch....
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Re: More Gridiron Notes Lies

This probably isn't the final patch but they definitely over promised and under delivered this madden. Heck they straight up lied to us when they sold us the scenario engine and what it would do. A feature that was supposed to bring life to leagues has become a repetitive combination of breakout scenarios and coach goals on how to deal with x factors. I will say though from a lot of the posts I've seen come across my feed even the MUT and comp community aren't all that happy with this madden. The main complaints I see in common between the franchise, comp, and MUT community are the horribly tuned abilities and way overpowered run game. I've also seen a lot of posts complaining about them way under delivering in MUT to, most recently how live playbooks still hadn't made there way to MUT even though they were promised.

As far as some newer features and abilities making it in to MUT first, I'd rather it be that way and let them pilot those there then bring them to franchise once they've worked on improving them.

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Re: More Gridiron Notes Lies

I'm in wait and see mode, earlier this month they mentioned something about more live end of the year play updates as well.

At some point, they will direct all focus to 21.

My timeline is a bit different because I have Moonlight Swami on mine and he explains most of the times of why they do this or that. Might not be to the customers satisfaction, but he will explain.

For me personally in a user vs cpu cfm, xfactors seem to be a tad overpowered, but for me, I love gameplanning against that and to me, that adds a extra layer of cfm or planning how I will counter a xfactor on the DL.
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3. It was in before, can't call it new

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Re: More Gridiron Notes Lies

Nah, were not doing this.
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