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Updated Play calling idea

Its time for Madden to update the way plays are called. Coaches in the NFL have plays for specific downs and distance

Make play calling more immersive

Give the user the sense of truly building a scheme

Cut down on time looking through formations for a specific play

If anyone has ever set up a custom playbook then you can manually add the plays you want on specific downs and distance which are then found in Coach Suggestions broken down by down and distance and run, pass, or all together. There are limitations as you can only add 30 plays per situation and you can't add or remove plays from certain situations such as 4 min offense. So I propose some tweaks to the system

1) Game Plan

A Game Plan tab added above Coach Suggestions in the play calling screen. The down and distance situation plays are now found here and Coach Suggestions only offers suggested plays. Game Plan would feature a more controlled environment for a user to setup there play calling like a NFL coach

2)Option to have playbook always open to Game Plan
-From start of game you are already in your game plan

-This can be an option that can be toggled on or off in settings

- Immediately after a play you are in your game plan for that specific down and distance

- If a user needs to open full play book they have the option of long pressing a designated button that immediately returns them to the front of the play calling sheet where they can pick other things such a a Coach Suggestions, Formations, Plays by personnel, etc. After the play you are back in your game plan for that down and distance

3) Increased amount of plays allowed and differentiate between Run and Pass Situations

- The current system only allows for 30 plays to be added to each situation. Each situation is counted as one.

For example:
When making a custom and adding plays to say 1st and short, run and pass plays are all added to this situation and count towards the 30 play limit. The solution to this and a cleaner and easier playbook management would be to have each situation separate so instead of just 1st and short you'd have
1st and short (Runs Plays)
1st and Short (Pass Plays)

4) Complete overhaul of how plays are added


The ability to add plays directly to situations when making a custom should stay but with the following:

1)The previously expanded situations showing run and pass plays separately

2) The star system that indicates how many times you want a play to appear should be done away with. Instead you add the plays you want diffectly from the situation and from there you can move the plays up and down to place them in any order that you want

B) Non Custom Playbooks

Due to how madden manages playbooks any change done to a playbook converts it into a custom. A workaround would be to have a playbook editor tab that shows:

Create a playbook
Setup or edit your Gameplan

Under the Setup or edit Game plan, a user will simply go here to setup their game plan the same exact way as in customs but no plays are added or removed from the playbook keeping it essentially the same

5) Favorites
- Allows user to add up to 15 plays
- Is visible during every down and distance situation
- Plays are added same way as plays are added to other down and distance situations in custom playbooks or Setup or edit your Gameplan

6) Full customization

- The ability to add plays to all situations including
goaline, 2 min offense, 4 min offense, Special Teams, etc

- Allow subs and personnel changes while in game and using Game Plan

- The ability to show if you want you Run or pass situations to show up first

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