Old Madden Franchise Features: Are They as Good as We Remember?

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Re: Old Madden Franchise Features: Are They as Good as We Remember?

I think that people's recollections and feelings on these things largely depend on where they were in life and how they played the game. If someone was a kid back then, they probably didn't use the features the same way as those of us who were older.

Personally, I was in my late 20s at the end of the PS2 era, when franchise mode peaked. I'd been playing Madden for about 15 years at that point, and video game football for about twenty years. For me, football games had gotten consistently better that entire time, and starting in the late 90s, franchise modes had become more and more robust every season as well. This was huge, because it was exactly what I wanted. Younger gamers might not have had the desire or patience, but I spent untold hours digging into the smallest details of the GM and owner aspects that were offered.

I remember being so giddy thinking about what was to come when the PS3 got released, and how much more awesome EA would be able to make all of this. Everything would be cleaner, better laid out, more organized, deeper......boy, was I in for a kick to the groin.

And then as far as gameplay, Vision Cone was an epic masterpiece. As someone who played and plays exclusively offline sim franchise mode with highly accurate QBs that don't run the ball, it was so wonderful. Finally, CPU QBs would be punished for playing recklessly, running one way and then throwing the ball across their body in the opposite direction. It worked perfectly on both sides of the ball. It did exactly what I always wanted. And then it was gone, never to return.
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Re: Old Madden Franchise Features: Are They as Good as We Remember?

Nostalgia is a powerful thing... especially when you get older and see everything around you changing. I look back at the older versions of Madden on PS2/XBOX with fondness now because of the things I wish were in current Madden. Also there is a part of me that desires to go back to that time period...period. So looking back on those times and those games is easy. But the problem with nostalgia is that it doesn't tell the whole story. Primary focus is on all that was good with no focus on the bad. Those older games hold a special place in my heart; but they were far from perfect.
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Re: Old Madden Franchise Features: Are They as Good as We Remember?

Yeah I remember putting a ton of time into Madden 05-08's franchise modes with the one in 07 being my favorite if memory serves because I used the Titans in Franchise mode. I know Kyle Fuller and his brothers so I knew Vincent was on the Titans and wanted to play with him and Vince Young I believe that was Young's rookie year.

I was 15 when 07 came out and in high school so I had a lot more free time then than now at 28. Going deep into Franchise mode and reading all the news paper articles while listening to Tony Bruno in the background was a weekly ritual for me. The glory days if you will.

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