How do you guys run your team

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Re: How do you guys run your team

I mix it up a little with schemes. If Iím playing as a real life coach, Iíll use their books. I donít like using another teams book for my team. If Iím creating a coach, I will make a playbook or download one so it feels unique to that coach.

Once I start up, Iíll google my teams practice squad and sign any of them who are free agents so I have enough for my squad, practice squad, and a few to cut. I sim the preseason games, and start playing from week 1.

One Iím 5-6 games in Iíll make a decision on whether we are any good, and I might trade some guys for draft picks if weíre not doing well. Iíll call up practice squad guys to replace them, and thatís it for moves. If I have younger guys who are 2-3 overall less than older guys, Iíll focus on getting them game time.

Iíll move guys Positions from time to time. Mostly Linemen. Happens all the time in real life so donít see any problem.
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How do you guys run your team

I run a custom playbook and play the game my way. Iím the coach. Idc about sim or any of that stuff. If the move makes sense to me, itís what I do. I run a spread option 4 and 5 wide offense. To get that true 4 and 5 WR set I convert oversized WRs to TE so Iím not at the mercy of having to have a TRUE TE unless heís a special one. On defense I run a base 4-3 Press Quarters Wide 9. I covert oversized Safeties to OLB and look for speedy DEs no matter if they are tweener OLB. So within my 4-3... I literally can morph into a nickle or dime depending on what the offense comes out on because I already built this versatility within my base package. I scout my players the same way. Honestly the only think you MUST be able to do on any side of the ball with of my team is RUN..if you canít run.. you wonít play for me lol

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Re: How do you guys run your team

These days, I play a lot more H2H (I am also eagerly awaiting the new console updates before starting my big franchise in 21) and I always take one of the worst teams in the league and try to create mental story lines for certain players. I also use fully customized playbooks on O and D, usually mimicking real life historical offenses or defenses.

If you would like to see the Wing T in action, you can check out my twitch channel. I stream there..badly. I post highlights on my youtube channel as well!
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