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Thank you to EA Sports

for the job they've done with the last two years' Maddens and for the continuous support they offer and coming out with solid next gen offerings when let's be honest - they already had our money.

Been playing Madden off and on since '92 on the Sega Genesis. I've skipped a couple of years because of loss of interest in the NFL (college football fan here) but the last two Maddens offered the best gameplay I've ever experienced and I've played the crap out of both of them as deep as into the following springs. That's the best indicator of how much I've enjoyed these titles.

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Re: Thank you to EA Sports

Trying to get on the Nice list?

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Re: Thank you to EA Sports

Dang...is it April 1st already?

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Re: Thank you to EA Sports

Couldnít make it one post. SMFH

Instead of bypassing the thread people gotta get their licks in.

Such a shame that people canít post their positive feedback without people feeling the need to **** on it.

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Re: Thank you to EA Sports

I've also really enjoyed the last two Maddens, IMO the best playing football games I've played (and I spent countless hours on NFL 2K5)

Franchise might not be up to snuff, but in terms of pure gameplay I've had an insane amount of fun with 20 and 21
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Re: Thank you to EA Sports

Glad to hear that you're enjoying the game! I played a lot Madden 20; most I've played Madden in a long time (maybe ever). Not enjoying Madden 21 as much, but there are some small additions that I like. Madden 21 and NFL 2k5 are a little bit closer IMO than others, but I always thought 2K5 was a bit overrated. All in all, we do expect more from Madden that what we've gotten.
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Re: Thank you to EA Sports

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Re: Thank you to EA Sports

This type of thread, while having good intentions, won't end well.

So before we continue to go off track, I am gonna close it.

OP, please post this in the general impressions thread if you are so inclined.
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