Madden NFL 22 Dynamic Gameday and Core Gameplay Gridiron Notes

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Madden NFL 22 Dynamic Gameday and Core Gameplay Gridiron Notes

Plenty of additional Madden NFL 22 Dynamic Gameday and core gameplay details have been revealed today...

Written By: Steve Noah

Click here to view the article.
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Re: Madden 22 Gridiron Notes: Dynamic Gameday

A lot of great stuff, some highlights for me:

The final piece of Dynamic Gameday is Next Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI. Over the last two years, the vast majority of all games played in Madden NFL have been against AI opponents. But frankly, we had not been investing in those experiences as much as head-to-head games.
Everyone here knew this but them admitting this in an official blog is a pleasant surprise.

we’ve added new blocking content for blocks moving more laterally and backwards, and are now able to start blocking interactions from a wider variety of angles, which reduces the number of ‘head-up’ interactions on each play.
Less head up interactions will do a lot for trench play.

Lastly, AI-controlled pass rushers will now have access to ‘non-engaged’ speed rush moves on the edge to bring them to parity with user-controlled rushers from Madden NFL 21. These moves definitely bring more pressure to the pocket, and they use a match-up formula of Pass Block Finesse (PBF) vs. Finesse Move (FMV) to both determine the defender’s likelihood of attempting a speed rush as well as his chance to be successful.
Another big boon for making trench play more dynamic.

Increased ranges for Pass Lead and Pass Trajectory
I think that the range for Pass leading needs to be increased even more. Let me throw the ball 10 yards away from every player if I want to.

Redzone Awareness: We’ve improved the logic for defenders inside the Red Zone and End Zone, especially the deeper coverage players defending routes in the back of the end zone. Previously, defenders were stopping about five yards short in the end zone, trying to rally deep, but now you’ll see them leverage the back boundary earlier in the play.
This has been one of my big pet peeves, if this is much better then that is huge.
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Re: Madden 22 Gridiron Notes: Dynamic Gameday

That’s not all. We’re also introducing a modernized blast from EA’s football past known as Home Field Advantage.
Would you imagine that? EA acknowledged it was bringing a feature back, not touting it as new. Some of you can calm down now with the "this was in x, y, and z before and they just tout it as new" stuff.


In all seriousness, just finished the article and I encourage anyone to read all of it. Very well written and I feel like EA is truly trying to gain our trust back (not earned yet!), just the way it reads and the way they acknowledge negative things.
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Re: Madden 22 Gridiron Notes: Dynamic Gameday

If the blocking tunings and new animations and momentum system result in a significantly decrease in Boom or Bust play at the line then that may be the biggest change in the game to me.

My top 3 issues with the gameplay on the field are AI, the Boom or Bust system for the trenches, and the reliance on 2-man animations between WRs and DBs. They've worked on all 3.

But back to the OL. The main reason that I've always felt the running game has been too strong even since the NCAA days is because the DL never could steer blocks much even when the mechanic was added, the OL always got way too much push at the start of each play, and the DL never got penetration via engagement. The DL only got penetration if they went unblocked or got an instant shed animation.

The run game has desperately needed a system that results in a significant increase in the number of stale mates or slight wins that occur. The average win for a OL on a run play should not be 3 yards of push, it should be them not getting shoved back and holding the block long enough for a small hole to open.

Too often the run game in Madden and NCAA was always something like this:

5 yard gain
7 yard gain
3 yard loss
8 yard gain
6 yard gain
2 yard loss

That's not how football is in real life, especially the NFL. It is too Boom or Bust. It needs to be more like this:

2 yard gain
3 yard gain
No gain
1 yard loss
2 yard gain
5 yard gain
1 yard gain
1 yard loss

The system we've been stuck with has made it so you never have had to pass because you can practically always get 3 yards untouched as long as there is no insta shed. That's not how it is in the NFL. In the NFL you see backs typically get up to 2-3 yards before contact and not 3-5 like in Madden. That's why runs in real life tend to stay in the 1-3 yard gain area, not the 5-7.

I've written about this too many times over the years, so I hope the additions they talked about that seem to address this actually do the job. I've been clamoring for a system with more "stalemates" and more horizontal interactions and lwas vertical ones. Maybe it's coincidence, maybe a dev or two saw my posts and it influenced some changes. I don't care as long as they finally fixed it.

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Re: Madden 22 Gridiron Notes: Dynamic Gameday

Hopefully last gen receives the gameplay improvements not listed under the dynamic gameplay section.

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Re: Madden 22 Gridiron Notes: Dynamic Gameday

Looks like in the bears pic that stripe socks are now editable.
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Re: Madden 22 Gridiron Notes: Dynamic Gameday

Was a pretty good read and I like the additions they have made. One big thing for me is the game day conditions. Weather can finally be a factor (if they do it right). They can make it so when it’s raining both teams have a higher fumble chance and run slower routes.
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I would have thought PC would have feature parity with next gen versions. Glad I got a ps5 I guess. Modding will have to wait again.

Everything sure sounds good though. I'm feeling a lot less skeptical than years past.
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