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Madden 11 PS3 1986 roster with draft classes


This is my NFL 86 project for Madden 11 on the playstation 3.

Each team is packed with 55 real players, eligible to play in the 1986 season, and are ready for action. They have correct height, weight, age, pro experience, and skin tone. The player's hometown reflects what High School he attended. Also included is four draft classes from NCAA 11 on the playstation 3 representing the 1987, 1988, 1989, and 1990 drafts.

In 1997 the Tennessee Oilers made my eye twitch, and the very thought of carrying that tradition forward makes me feel uneasy in many ways. Even though I am aware of the Oilers uniforms being in the game with the Titans, I still could not make the Oilers into the Tennessee Titans. I apologize if this is a deal breaker for you, but I just cannot have the Oilers in Tennessee. I just cannot do it. So, the Oilers are represented as the Houston Texans. If it is a deal breaker, than you can always trade the players between the 2 teams, which is what I always do with other's historic rosters.

The expansion Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens, and Carolina Panthers are stocked with real players who were eligible in 1986. The free agent list is small, but it contains players who will be used in future years in a franchise. I did not edit the coaches at all, and everyone has a generic contract.



The easiest thing was using MRE12 and deleting every player on the default roster. I then used the create a player option in the game to create every player from scratch. EA's PS3 keyboard doesn't have a period or an apostrophe and this is something that plagued me during the creation of the draft classes. I used MRE12 to add the . and the ' to player's names in the 86 roster. The hardest thing to swallow, I later found out, is that the game populated a selection of my created players with real player's career statistics. I recreated the players with the funky stats and deleted the offenders out of my roster. The challenge continued because then I discovered that the first draft class in a franchise filled the spots that would attach stupid random career stats to the players. This kind of made me want to quit the project and walk away. By this time I had already invested a lot of time into this nonsense and I was excited to see it finished. So I soldiered on, and began creating filler Free Agents to consume those spots.

In the download there is 2 roster files. NFL86 is the one I am focusing on and contains the filler Free Agents. The roster titled NOFA1986 is exactly the same, but does not contain the filler free agents. However, after I did a lot of simming to be sure everything came out okay I still found that drafted players coming into the franchise was getting attached these stupid random career stats. THIS! reason, and the way the ball looks when it comes out of the quarterback's hand has lead me to feel Madden 11 is absolute junk. But I digress. I am hoping to open a franchise file with the DB editor and correct the source of the random career stats, but I haven't got that far yet.

But the most challenging part of this project was making the draft classes. It was difficult to push all the players that I wanted through. It took a number of tries and a lot of simming to get (almost) everyone I needed on the bus. For whatever reason, Scott Schwedes refused to get on the bus There were a lot of generic players that made it through that I didn't want, that actually might come in handy in the future during franchises if I need to fill a position somewhere. The other very challenging part of making these draft classes was that I did not have control on the player's ratings once they made it into Madden. And of course, NCAA 11 only features Division I Football Bowl Subdivision teams, so you will have to edit the colleges in the game after the draft for complete accuracy. Dee Jay Dozier shows up because I can't use a period and DJ just won't cut it

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Re: Madden 11 PS3 1986 roster with draft classes



QB Jim McMahon
QB Mike Tomczak
QB Steve Fuller
QB Doug Flutie
HB walter Payton
HB Neal Anderson
HB Thomas Sanders
FB Matt Suhey
FB Calvin Thomas
WR Willie Gault
WR Dennis McKinnon
WR Dennis Gentry
WR Keith Oretgo
WR Glen Kozlowski
WR Lew Barnes
TE Emery Moorehead
TE Pat Dunsmore
TE Tim Wrightman
LT Jim Covert
LT Andy Frederick
LG Mark Bortz
LG Stefan Humphries
C Jay Hilgenberg
C Larry Rubens
RG Tom Thayer
RG Kurt Becker
RT Keith Van Horne
RT Paul Blair
LE Dan Hampton
LE Mike Hartenstine
RE Richard Dent
RE Henry Waechter
DT Steve McMichael
DT William Perry
DT Mike Dwyer
LOLB Otis Wilson
LOLB Al Harris
LOLB Brian Cabral
MLB Mike Singletary
MLB Danny Rains
ROLB Wilber Marshall
ROLB Jim Morrissey
ROLB Ron Rivera
CB Mike Richardson
CB Shaun Gayle
CB Mike Richardson
CB Vestee Jackson
CB Leslie Frazier
CB Reggie Phillips
FS Gary Fencik
FS Maurice Douglass
FS Barton Hundley
SS Dave Duerson
SS Todd Bell
K Kevin Butler
P Maury Buford



QB Boomer Esiason
QB Ken Anderson
QB Doug Gaynor
HB James Brooks
HB Charles Alexander
HB Stanley wilson
HB Stanford Jennings
FB Larry Kinnebrew
FB Bill Johnson
WR Eddie Brown
WR Cris Collinsworth
WR Mike Martin
WR Steve Kreider
WR Tim McGee
TE Rodney Holman
TE M.L. Harris
TE Eric Kattus
LT Anthony Munoz
LT Tim Stone
LG Bruce Kozerski
LG Bruce Reimers
C Dave Rimington
C Mark Johnson
RG Max Montoya
RG David Douglas
RT Brian Blados
RT Joe Walter
LE Eddie Edwards
LE Mike Hammerstein
RE Ross Browner
RE Jim Skow
DT Tim Krumrie
DT Jeff Shaw
DT Wayne Grant
LOLB Emanuel King
LOLB Kiki DeAyala
MLB Ron Simpkins
MLB Carl Zander
MLB Leon White
MLB Leo Barker
MLB Ed Brady
ROLB Reggie Williams
ROLB Joe Kelly
CB Lewis Billups
CB Louis Breeden
CB Ray Horton
CB John Simmons
CB Sam Washington
FS Bobby Kemp
FS Robert Jackson
SS Barney Bussey
SS David Fulcher
SS Jimmy Turner
K Jim Breech
P Jeff Hayes



QB Jim Kelly
QB Frank Reich
QB Stan Gelbaugh
HB Ronnie Harmon
HB Greg Bell
HB Robb Riddick
FB Carl Byrum
FB Ricky Moore
WR Andre Reed
WR Jerry Butler
WR Chris Burkett
WR Walter Broughton
WR Jimmy Teal
WR Eric Richardson
TE Pete Metzelaars
TE Butch Rolle
TE Gary Wilkins
LT Ken Jones
LT Dale Hellestrae
LG Jim Ritcher
LG Mark Traynowicz
C Kent Hull
C Leonard Burton
RG Will Wolford
RG Tim Vogler
RT Joe Devlin
RT Justin Cross
LE Sean McNanie
LE Mark Pike
LE Dean Prater
RE Bruce Smith
RE Mike Hamby
DT Fred Smerlas
DT Jerry Boyarsky
DT Don Smith
LOLB Darryl Talley
LOLB Guy Frazier
LOLB Tony Furjanic
MLB Ray Bentley
MLB Eugene Marve
MLB George Crumby
ROLB Lucius Sanford
ROLB Hal Garner
CB Charles Romes
CB Derrick Burroughs
CB Rodney Bellinger
CB Rod Hill
CB Ron Pitts
CB Kevin Williams
FS Mark Kelso
FS Steve Freeman
SS Martin Bayless
SS Dwight Drane
K Scott Norwood
P John Kidd



QB John Elway
QB Gary Kubiak
QB Scott Stankavage
HB Sammy Winder
HB Steve Sewell
HB Kenny Bell
FB Gene Lang
FB Gerald Willhite
WR Vance Johnson
WR Mark Jackson
WR Steve Watson
WR Clint Sampson
WR Joe Thomas
TE Clarence Kay
TE Orson Mobley
TE Joey Hackett
TE Bobby Micho
LT Dave Studdard
LT Dan Remsberg
LG Keith Bishop
LG Mike Freeman
C Billy Bryan
C Mitch Geier
RG Paul Howard
RG Mark Cooper
LT Ken Lanier
LT Winford Hood
LE Barney Chavous
LE Andre Townsend
LE Freddie Gilbert
RE Simon Fletcher
RE Rulon Jones
DT Greg Kragen
DT Rubin Carter
DT Tony Colorito
LOLB Jim Ryan
LOLB Darren Comeaux
MLB Karl Mecklenburg
MLB Ricky Hunley
MLB Bruce Klosterman
MLB Rick Dennison
MLB Jay Norvell
ROLB Tom Jackson
ROLB Ken Woodard
CB Louis Wright
CB Mark Haynes
CB Mike Harden
CB Steve Wilson
CB Daniel Hunter
FS Steve Foley
FS Tony Lilly
SS Dennis Smith
SS Randy Robbins
K Rich Karlis
P Mike Horan



QB Bernie Kosar
QB Mike Pagel
QB Gary Danielson
HB Earnest Byner
HB Curtis Dickey
HB Major Everett
HB Herman Fontenot
FB Kevin Mack
FB Johnny Davis
WR Webster Slaughter
WR Reggie Langhorne
WR Clarence Weathers
WR Brian Brennan
WR Gerald McNeil
WR Terry Greer
TE Ozzie Newsome
TE Travis Tucker
TE Harry Holt
LT Paul Farren
LT Bill Contz
LG Larry Willams
LG Jeff Wiska
C Mike Baab
C George Lilja
RG Dan Fike
RG Robert Jackson
RT Cody Risien
RT Rickey Bolden
LE Regge Camp
LE Sam Clancy
RE Carl Hairston
RE Ralph Malone
DT Bob Golic
DT Dave Puzzuoli
DT Paul Hanna
LOLB Chip Banks
LOLB Brad Van Pelt
MLB Mike Johnson
MLB Anthony Griggs
MLB Curtis Weathers
ROLB Clay Matthews
ROLB Scott Nicolas
CB Frank Minnifield
CB Hanford Dixon
CB Mark Harper
CB Larry Braziel
CB D.D. Hoggard
FS Felix Wright
FS Chris Rockins
SS Ray Ellis
SS Al Gross
SS Clinton Burrell
K Matt Bahr
P Jeff Gossett



QB Steve Young
QB Steve DeBerg
QB Alan Risher
HB James Wilder
HB Greg Allen
HB Nate Wonsley
HB Bobby Howard
FB Ron Springs
FB Pat Franklin
WR Kevin House
WR Leonard Harris
WR Gerald Carter
WR Willie Gillespie
WR Phil Freeman
WR David Williams
TE Jimmie Giles
TE Calvin Magee
TE K.D. Dunn
TE Jerry Bell
LT Rob Taylor
LT J.D. Maarleveld
LG George Yarno
LG Greg Robinson
C Randy Grimes
C Steve Courson
RG Sean Farrell
RG Rick Mallory
RT Ron Heller
RT Marvin Powell
LE Bob Nelson
LE John Cannon
RE Ron Holmes
RE Tyrone Keys
DT David Logan
DT Karl Morgan
DT Kevin Kellin
LOLB Keith Browner
LOLB Kevin Murphy
MLB Jeff Davis
MLB Scot Brandley
MLB Jackie Walker
ROLB Ervin Randle
ROLB Chris Washington
CB Rod Jones
CB Jeremiah Castille
CB Kevin Walker
CB Ricky Easmon
CB Bobby Futrell
CB Vito McKeever
FS Ivory Sully
FS Craig Curry
SS Mike Prior
SS Craig Swoope
K Donald Igwebuike
P Frank Garcia



QB Neil Lomax
QB Cliff Stoudt
QB Kent Austin
HB O.J. Anderson
HB Stump Mitchell
HB Vai Sikahema
HB Broderick Sargent
FB Ron Wolfley
FB Earl Ferrell
WR Roy Green
WR J.T. Smith
WR Pat Tilley
WR Scott Holman
WR Chas Fox
WR Troy Johnnson
TE Jay Novacek
TE Greg LaFleur
TE Doug Marsh
LT Luis Sharpe
LT Mike Ruether
LG Derek Kennard
LG Ray Brown
C Gene Chilton
C Randy Clark
RG Joe Bostic
RG Doug Dawson
RT Lance Smith
RT Tootie Robbins
LE Bob Clasby
LE Gary Dulin
LE Van Hughes
RE Bubba Baker
RE Stafford Mays
DT David Galloway
DT Elois Grooms
DT Mike Duda
LOLB Freddie Joe Nunn
LOLB Rick DiBernardo
MLB Anthony Bell
MLB Niko Noga
MLB E.J. Junior
MLB Thomas Howard
ROLB Charles Baker
ROLB Victor Burnett
CB Cedric Mack
CB Lionel Washington
CB Bobby Jackson
CB Bobby Johnson
CB Carl Carter
FS Lonnie Young
FS Wayne Smith
SS Leonard Bell
SS Dennis Thurman
K John Lee
P Greg Cater



QB Dan Fouts
QB Mark Hermann
QB Bruce Mathison
HB Gary Anderson
HB Lionel James
HB Buford McGee
HB Curtis Adams
FB Tim Spencer
WR Charlie Joiner
WR Wes Chandler
WR Trumaine Johnson
WR Timmie Ware
WR Curt Pardridge
TE Kellen Winslow
TE Eric Sievers
TE Pete Holohan
LT Jim Lachey
LT Ken Dallafior
LG Sam Claphan
LG Jim Leonard
C Don Macek
C Curt DiGiacomo
RG Dennis McKnight
RG James FitzPatrick
RT Jeff Walker
RT Gary Kowalski
LE Lee Williams
LE Fred Robinson
RE Leslie O'Neal
RE Dee Hardison
RE Earl Wilson
DT Blaise Winter
DT Chuck Ehin
DT Terry Unrein
LOLB Billy Ray Smith
LOLB Ty Allert
LOLB Fred Smalls
LOLB Andy Hawkins
MLB Gary Plummer
MLB Thomas Benson
MLB Mark Fellows
ROLB Mike Douglass
ROLB Woodrow Lowe
ROLB Derrie Nelson
CB Ken Taylor
CB David Martin
CB John Hendy
CB Wayne Davis
CB Danny Walters
FS Gill Byrd
FS Kevin Wyatt
SS Jeffery Dale
SS Miles McPherson
K Rolf Benirschke
P Ralf Mojsienjenko



QB Bill Kenney
QB Todd Blackledge
QB Frank Seurer
HB Boyce Green
HB Herman Heard
HB Jeff Smith
FB Mike Pruitt
FB Bruce King
FB Chris Smith
WR Stephone Paige
WR Carlos Carson
WR Henry Marshall
WR Emile Harry
WR Anthony Hancock
TE Jonathan Hayes
TE Paul Coffman
TE Walt Arnold
LT John Alt
LT Irv Eatman
LG Brad Budde
LG Brian Jozwiak
C Rick Donnalley
C Tom Baugh
C Adam Ligner
RG Mark Adickes
RG Jim Rourke
LT David Lutz
LT Rich Baldinger
LE Art Still
LE Leonard Griffin
RE Kit Lathrop
RE Pete Koch
DT Bill Maas
DT Gary Baldinger
DT Eric Holle
LOLB Louis Cooper
LOLB Aaron Pearson
LOLB Ken McAlister
MLB Dino Hackett
MLB Gary Spani
MLB Scott Radecic
RoLB Tim Cofield
ROLB Whitney Paul
CB Albert Lewis
CB Kevin Ross
CB Sherman Cocroft
CB Garcia Lane
CB Jayice Pearson
FS Deron Cherry
FS Greg Hill
FS Angelo James
SS Lloyd Burruss
SS Mark Robinson
K Nick Lowery
P Lewis Colbert



QB Jack Trudeau
QB Gary Hogeboom
QB Blair Kiel
HB Albert Bentley
HB George Wonsley
HB Owen Gill
FB Randy McMillan
FB Hubert Oliver
WR Bill Brooks
WR Matt Bouza
WR Robbie Martin
WR Oliver Williams
WR Wayne Capers
wR Walter Murray
TE Pat Beach
TE Mark Boyer
TE Tim Sherwin
LT Chris Hinton
LT Bob Brotzki
LG Ben Utt
LG Mark Kirchner
C Ray Donaldson
C Don Bailey
RG Ron Solt
RG Roger Caron
RT Kevin Call
RT Karl Baldischwiler
LE Donnell Thompson
LE Harvey Armstrong
RE Jon Hand
RE Scott Virkus
DT Willie Broughton
DT John Haines
DT Scott Kellar
LOLB Johnie Cooks
LOLB Lamonte Hunley
MLB Cliff Odom
MLB Dave Ahrens
MLB Orlando Lowry
MLB Jeff Leiding
ROLB Duane Bickett
ROLB Barry Krauss
CB Eugene Daniel
CB Kenny Daniel
CB John Holt
CB Leonard Coleman
CB Preston Davis
CB Pat Ballage
FS Dwight Hicks
FS Tate Randle
SS Nesby Glasgow
SS Dextor Clinkscale
SS Victor Jackson
K Dean Biasucci
P Rohn Stark



QB Danny White
QB Steve Pelluer
QB Reggie Collier
HB Tony Dorsett
HB Herschel Walker
HB Robert Lavette
HB Darryl Clack
FB Timmy Newsome
FB Todd Fowler
WR Tony Hill
WR Mike Renfro
WR Gordon Banks
WR Karl Powe
WR Mike Sherrard
TE Doug Cosbie
TE Thornton Chandler
TE Fred Cornwell
LT Mark Tuinei
LT Howard Richards
LG Nate Newton
LG Glen Titensor
C Tom Rafferty
C Broderick Thompson
RG Crawford Ker
RG Brian Baldinger
RT Jim Cooper
RT Phil Pozderac
LE Ed Too Tall Jones
LE Kurt Ploeger
RE Jim Jeffcoat
RE Bob Otto
RE Kevin Brooks
DT Randy White
DT John Dutton
DT Don Smerek
DT Mark Walen
LOLB Mike Hegman
LOLB Jesse Penn
MLB Eugene Lockhart
MLB Steve DeOssie
MLB Brian Salonen
ROLB Garth Jax
ROLB Jeff Rohrer
ROLB Brad Saar
CB Everson Walls
CB Ron Fellows
CB Manny Hendrix
CB Cornell Gowdy
CB Johnny Holloway
FS Michael Downs
FS Tommy Haynes
SS Bill Bates
SS Vince Albritton
K Rafael Septien
P Mike Saxon



QB Dan Marino
QB Don Strock
HB Tony Nathan
HB Lorenzo Hampton
HB Joe Carter
HB Craig Ellis
FB Woody Bennett
FB Ron Davenport
WR Mark Clayton
WR Mark Duper
WR Nat Moore
WR Jim Jensen
WR James Pruitt
TE Bruce Hardy
TE Dan Johnson
LT Jon Giesler
LT Jeff Dellenbach
LG Roy Foster
LG Jeff Toews
C Dwight Stephenson
C Larry Lee
RG Ronnie Lee
RG Tom Toth
RT Greg Koch
RT Cleveland Green
LE Doug Betters
LE T.J. Turner
RE George Little
RE Mack Moore
DT Bob Baumhower
DT Brian Sochia
DT Mike Charles
LOLB Bob Brudzinski
LOLB David Frye
LOLB Alex Moyer
MLB John Offerdahl
MLB Mark Brown
MLB Jackie Shipp
ROLB Hugh Green
ROLB Larry Kolic
ROLB Andy Hendel
ROLB Jay Brophy
CB William Judson
CB Paul Lankford
CB Don McNeal
CB Donovan Rose
CB Mike Smith
FS Lyle Blackwood
FS Bud Brown
FS Reyna Thompson
SS Glenn Blackwood
SS Mike Kozlowski
SS Liffort Hobley
K Fuad Reveiz
P Reggie Roby



QB Randall Cunningham
QB Ron Jaworski
QB Matt Cavanaugh
HB Keith Byars
HB Anthony Toney
HB Junior Tautalatasi
FB Michael Haddix
FB Mike Waters
FB Charles Crawford
WR Mike Quick
WR Gregg Garrity
WR Kenny Jackson
WR Ron Johnson
WR Keith Baker
WR Phil Smith
TE John Spagnola
TE David Little
TE John Goode
LT Tom Jelesky
LT Jim Gilmore
LG Ken Reeves
LG Nick Haden
C Matt Darwin
C Adam Schreiber
C Gerry Feehery
RG Reggie Singletary
RG Ron Baker
RT Leonard Mitchell
RT Mike Black
LE Reggie White
LE Tom Strauthers
RE Clyde Simmons
RE Greg Brown
DT Ken Clarke
DT Byron Darby
DT Jeff Tupper
LOLB Seth Joyner
LOLB Garry Cobb
MLB Mike Reichenbach
MLB Dwayne Jiles
MLB Jody Schultz
MLB Byron Lee
ROLB Alonzo Johnson
ROLB Rich Kraynak
CB Roynell Young
CB Elbert Foules
CB Brenard Wilson
CB Evan Cooper
CB Doran Major
FS Wes Hopkins
FS Terry Hoage
SS Andre Waters
SS William Frizzell
K Paul McFadden
P John Teltschik



QB David Archer
QB Turk Schonert
QB Mike Busch
HB William Andrews
HB Gerald Riggs
HB Tony Baker
HB Cliff Austin
FB Tim Tyrrell
WR Sylvester Stamps
WR Charlie Brown
WR Billy Johnson
WR Aubrey Matthews
WR Floyd Dixon
WR Keith Williams
WR Stacey Bailey
TE Arthur Cox
TE Ken Whisenhunt
TE Ron Middleton
LT Mike Kenn
LT Glen Howe
LG Joseph Pellegrini
LG John Scully
C Jeff Van Note
C Wayne Radloff
RG Bill Fralic
RG Jamie Dukes
RT Brett Miller
RT Eric Sanders
LE Mike Gann
LE Mike McInnis
RE Rick Bryan
RE Joe Costello
DT Tony Casillas
DT Mike Pitts
DT Dan Benish
DT Andrew Provence
LOLB Reggie Wilkes
LOLB Tim Green
MLB John Rade
MLB Buddy Curry
MLB Johnny Taylor
MLB Ray Phillips
ROLB Joel Williams
ROLB Aaron Brown
CB Scott Case
CB Bobby Butler
CB Kenny Johnson
CB Dennis Woodberry
CB David Croudip
FS Bret Clark
FS James Britt
SS Robert Moore
SS Wendell Cason
K Mick Luckhurst
P Rick Donnelly



QB Joe Montana
QB Jeff Kemp
QB Mike Moroski
HB Roger Craig
HB Joe Cribbs
HB Wendell Tyler
HB Derrick Harmon
FB Tom Rathman
FB Bill Ring
WR Jerry Rice
WR Dwight Clark
WR John Taylor
WR Mike Wilson
WR Derrick Crawford
TE Russ Francis
TE John Frank
LT Bubba Paris
LT Bruce Collie
LG Guy McIntyre
LG John Ayers
C Fred Quillan
C Jim Gabrish
RG Randy Cross
RG Mike Durrette
RT Steve Wallace
RT Keith Fahnhorst
LE Jeff Stover
LE Larry Roberts
LE Jim Stuckey
RE Dwaine Board
RE Doug Rogers
DT Pete Kugler
DT Manu Tuiasosopo
DT Michael Carter
LOLB Milt McColl
LOLB Charles Haley
MLB Michael Walter
MLB Riki Ellison
MLB Jim Fahnhorst
ROLB Keena Turner
ROLB Ron Ferrari
CB Eric Wright
CB Tim McKyer
CB Don Griffin
CB Derrick Martin
CB Dana McLemore
FS Ronnie Lott
FS Tom Holmoe
FS Tory Nixon
SS Jeff Fuller
SS Carlton Williamson
K Ray Wersching
P Max Runager



QB Phil Simms
QB Jeff Hostetler
QB Jeff Rutledge
HB Joe Morris
HB Lee Rouson
HB George Adams
FB Maurice Carthon
FB Tony Galbreath
WR Phil McConkey
WR Lionel Manuel
WR Bobby Johnson
WR Stacy Robinson
WR Solomon Miller
WR Vince Warren
TE Mark Bavaro
TE Zeke Mowatt
TE Vyto Kab
LT Brad Benson
LT Conrad Goode
LG Billy Ard
LG David Jordan
C Bart Oates
C Brian Johnston
RG William Roberts
RG Chris Godfrey
RT Damian Johnson
RT Karl Nelson
LE George Martin
LE Eric Dorsey
RE Leonard Marshall
RE John Washington
DT Jim Burt
DT Erik Howard
DT Jerome Sally
LOLB Carl Banks
LOLB Byron Hunt
MLB Harry Carson
MLB Gary Reasons
MLB Pepper Johnson
MLB Robbie Jones
ROLB Lawrence Taylor
ROLB Andy Headen
CB Perry Williams
CB Elvis Patterson
CB Mark Collins
CB Herb Welch
CB Tyrone Davis
FS Terry Kinard
FS Bill Currier
FS Lance Hamilton
SS Kenny Hill
SS Gene Lasker
K Raul Allergre
P Sean Landeta
P Bryan Wagner


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Re: Madden 11 PS3 1986 roster with draft classes


QB Richard Todd
QB Robbie Bosco
QB Ben Bennett
HB James Jones
HB Tommy Vigorito
HB Cedric Minter
FB E.J. Jones
FB Perry Harrington
WR Cliff Branch
WR Perry Kemp
WR Fred Banks
WR Clay Pickering
WR Willis Adams
WR Glen Young
WR Ricky Nichols
TE Ron Heller
TE Bo Robinson
TE Jeff Spek
TE Glenn Dennison
LT Ron Essink
LT Chris Schultz
LG Petey Perot
LG John Schuhmacher
C Bob Rush
C Rich Umphrey
RG Kurt Peterson
RG Scott Auer
RT Herb Scott
RT Billy Hinson
LE Chris Lindstrom
LE Charles Benson
RE Chris Scott
RE Hal Stephens
DT Gary Johnson
DT Dan Ralph
DT Guy Teafatiller
LOLB Tom Briehl
LOLB Jerry Blanton
LOLB Mike Guendling
MLB Ronnie Washington
MLB Craig Bingham
MLB Carlos Bradley
ROLB Ken Jolly
ROLB Cary Whittingham
CB Ronnie O'Bard
CB Eric Harris
CB Lee Davis
CB Holbert Johnson
CB Jim Rockford
FS Benny Perrin
FS Lucious Smith
SS Tom Pridemore
SS Raphel Cherry
K Max Zendejas
P Bill Renner



QB Ken O'Brien
QB Pat Ryan
QB David Norrie
HB Freeman McNeil
HB Johnny Hector
HB Dennis Bligen
HB Marion Barber
FB Tony Paige
FB Nuu Faaola
WR Wesley Walker
WR Al Toon
WR JoJo Townsell
WR Kurt Sohn
WR Michael Harper
TE Mickey Shuler
TE Rocky Klever
TE Billy Griggs
LT Jim Sweeney
LT Bob White
LG Mike Haight
LG Ted Banker
C Joe Fields
C Guy Bingham
RG Dan Alexander
RG Bill Bain
RT Reggie McElroy
RT Gordon King
LE Mark Gastineau
LE Ben Rudolph
RE Marty Lyons
RE Barry Bennett
DT Joe Klecko
DT Derwin Moore
DT Tom Baldwin
LOLB Charles Jackson
LOLB Rogers Alexander
MLB Kyle Clifton
MLB Troy Benson
MLB Matt Monger
MLB Lance Mehl
ROLB Bob Crable
ROLB Rusty Guilbeau
ROLB Kevin McArthur
CB Jerry Holmes
CB Kerry Glenn
CB Russell Carter
CB Bobby Humphery
CB Carl Howard
CB Davlin Mullen
FS Harry Hamilton
FS Johnny Lynn
SS Rich Miano
SS Lester Lyles
K Pat Leahy
P Dave Jennings



QB Chuck Long
QB Eric Hipple
QB John Witkowski
HB Garry James
HB Herman Hunter
HB Alvin Moore
HB Oscar Smith
FB James Jones
FB Scott Williams
WR Jeff Chadwick
WR Leonard Thompson
WR Carl Bland
WR Pete Mandley
WR Mark Nichols
TE David Lewis
TE Reese McCall
TE Rob Rubick
LT Lomas Brown
LT Chris Dietrich
LG Steve Kenney
LG Scott Barrows
C Steve Mott
C Tom Turnure
RG Kevin Glover
RG Keith Dorney
RT Rich Strenger
RT Keith Bosley
LE Keith Ferguson
LE Curtis Green
RE William Gay
RE Leon Evans
DT Eric Williams
DT Mike Weaver
DT Steve Baack
LOLB Jimmy Williams
LOLB Paul Butcher
MLB Vernon Maxwell
MLB James Harrell
MLB Shelton Robinson
MLB Angelo King
ROLB Michael Cofer
ROLB August Curley
ROLB James Johnson
CB Bruce McNorton
CB Duane Galloway
CB Bobby Watkins
CB Jonathan Bostic
CB Arnold Brown
FS Devon Mitchell
FS William Graham
SS James Griffin
SS Alvin Hall
SS Demetrious Johnson
K Eddie Murray
P Jim Arnold



QB Randy Wright
QB Vince Ferragamo
QB Chuck Fusina
HB Kenneth Davis
HB Eddie Lee Ivery
HB Gary Ellerson
FB Jessie Clark
FB Paul Ott Carruth
FB Gerry Ellis
WR James Lofton
WR Phil Epps
WR Preston Dennard
WR Walter Stanley
WR Nolan Franz
TE Ed West
TE Dan Ross
TE Mike Moffitt
TE Mark Lewis
LT Ken Ruettgers
LT Greg Feasel
LG Rich Moran
LG Tom Neville
C Mark Cannon
C Karl Swanke
RG Ron Hallstrom
RG Ruben Mendoza
RT Alan Veingrad
RT Bill Cherry
LE Ezra Johnson
LE Alphonso Carreker
RE Robert Brown
RE Mike Butler
DT Charles Martin
DT Donnie Humphrey
DT Matt Koart
LOLB John Anderson
LOLB Tim Harris
MLB Jeff Schuh
MLB John Dorsey
MLB Randy Scott
MLB Mike Weddington
ROLB Brian Noble
ROLB Burnell Dent
ROLB Bobby Leopold
CB Mark Lee
CB Tim Lewis
CB Mossy Cade
CB Gary Hayes
CB Ed Berry
FS Kenny Stills
FS Tom Flynn
SS Tiger Greene
SS David Greenwood
K Al Del Greco
P Don Bracken



QB Joe Ferguson
QB Scott Brunner
QB Mike Hold
HB Anthony Steels
HB Anthony Hutchison
HB Mack Boatner
FB Booker Moore
FB Chuck Banks
WR Derek Holloway
WR Eric Swanson
WR James Harbour
WR Ken Margerum
WR Don Holmes
TE Eason Ramson
TE Anthony Jones
TE Harper Le Bel
LT John Wojciechowski
LT Gary Smith
LG Willard Goff
LG Darryl Caldwell
LG Greg Christy
C Will Grant
C Bob Landsee
RG Steve Clark
RG Almon Young
RG Tom Cox
LT Stan Waldemore
LT Joe Conwell
LE Ben Williams
LE Jerome Foster
RE Markus Koch
RE Bill Barnett
DT Derek Wimberly
DT Brad White
DT Lester Wiliams
DT Mark Catano
LOLB Jack Squirek
LOLB Stan David
MLB Jim Haslett
MLB Eric Wilson
MLB Anthony Copeland
ROLB Anthony Dickerson
ROLB Steve Maidlow
ROLB Clayton Weishuhn
CB Lawrence Johnson
CB Wymon Henderson
CB Larry Flowers
CB Tommy Sims
CB Elbert Watts
FS Don Wilson
FS Jim Perryman
SS Kirk Springs
SS Larry Robinson
K Ali Haji-Sheikh
P Tommy Barnhardt



QB Tony Eason
QB Steve Grogan
QB Tom Ramsey
HB Craig James
HB Tony Collins
HB Reggie Dupard
FB Mosi Tatupu
FB Robert Weathers
WR Stanley Morgan
WR Irving Fryar
WR Cedric Jones
WR Stephen Starring
WR Gerard Phelan
WR Derwin Williams
WR Wayne Coffey
TE Greg Hawthorne
TE Greg Baty
TE Willie Scott
LT Brian Holloway
LT Art Plunkett
LG Paul Fairchild
LG Tony Brown
C Peter Brock
C Guy Morriss
RG Ron Wooten
RG Trevor Matich
RT Steve Moore
RT Darryl Haley
LE Brent Williams
LE Kenneth Sims
RE Garin Veris
RE Ben Thomas
DT Toby Williams
DT Mike Ruth
DT Dennis Owens
LOLB Andre Tippett
LOLB Steve Doig
MLB Steve Nelson
MLB Johnny Rembert
MLB Lawrence McGrew
MLB Ed Reynolds
ROLB Don Blackmon
ROLB Ed Williams
ROLB Mel Black
CB Raymond Clayborn
CB Ronnie Lippett
CB Ernest Gibson
CB Rod McSwain
CB Eugene Profit
FS Fred Marion
FS Vencie Glenn
SS Roland James
SS Jim Bowman
K Tony Franklin
P Rich Camarillo



QB Jim Plunkett
QB Marc Wilson
QB Rusty Hilger
HB Marcus Allen
HB Napoleon McCallum
HB Vance Mueller
FB Derrick Jensen
FB Frank Hawkins
WR Jessie Hester
WR Dokie Williams
WR Jim Smith
WR Rod Barksdale
WR Tim Moffett
WR Cleo Montgomery
TE Todd Christensen
TE Earl Cooper
TE Trey Junkin
TE Andy Parker
LT Bruce Davis
LT Shelby Jordan
LG Charley Hannah
LG Bill Lewis
C Don Mosebar
C Dwight Wheeler
RG Mickey Marvin
RG Curtis Marsh
RT Henry Lawrence
RT Chris Riehm
LE Howie Long
LE Elvis Franks
RE Sean Jones
RE Greg Townsend
DT Bill Pickel
DT Mike Wise
DT Mitch Willis
LOLB Jerry Robinson
LOLB Linden King
MLB Matt Millen
MLB Jeff Barnes
MLB Bob Nelson
MLB Reggie McKenzie
ROLB Rod Martin
ROLB Jamie Kimmel
CB Mike Haynes
CB Lester Hayes
CB Sam Seale
CB Fulton Walker
FS Vann McElroy
FS James Davis
FS Stefon Adams
SS Stacey Toran
SS Odis McKinney
SS Mike Davis
K Chris Bahr
P Ray Guy



QB Dieter Brock
QB Steve Dils
QB Steve Bartkowski
HB Eric Dickerson
HB Charles White
HB Rob Carpenter
FB Barry Redden
FB Mike Guman
WR Henry Ellard
WR Michael Young
WR Ron Brown
WR Bobby Duckworth
WR Mark Pattison
TE Damone Johnson
TE David Hill
TE Tony Hunter
TE James McDonald
LT Irv Pankey
LT Russ Bolinger
LG Kent Hill
LG Tom Newberry
C Doug Smith
C Tony Slaton
RG Dennis Harrah
RG Duval Love
RT Jackie Slater
RT Robert Cox
LE Doug Reed
LE Gary Jeter
RE Charles DeJurnett
RE Reggie Doss
DT Alvin Wright
DT Shawn Miller
DT Greg Meisner
LOLB Kevin Greene
LOLB Mel Owens
LOLB Mike McDonald
MLB Carl Ekern
MLB Mark Jerue
MLB Steve Busick
MLB Jim Laughlin
MLB Norwood Vann
ROLB Mike Wilcher
ROLB George Andrews
CB Jerry Gray
CB LeRoy Irvin
CB Mickey Sutton
CB Herm Edwards
FS Vince Newsome
FS Johnnie Johnson
FS Tim Cox
SS Nolan Cromwell
SS Mark McNeil
K Mike Lansford
P Dale Hatcher



QB Jim Zorn
QB Paul McDonald
QB Tom Flick
QB Mike Kerrigan
HB Joe Washington
HB Dwight Garner
HB Stan Edwards
FB Kenny King
FB Otis Wonsley
WR Chuck Scott
WR Joey Jones
WR Anthony Allen
WR Vince Heflin
WR Nick Bruckner
TE Cap Boso
TE Darren Long
TE Robert Stallings
LT Marsharne Graves
LT Kevin Belcher
LG Pat Howell
LG Emil Boures
C Dave Dalby
C Peter Anderson
RG Jim Juriga
RG Bob Olderman
RG Mike Kelley
RT Kelvin Clark
RT Dean Miraldi
LE Keith Baldwin
LE Walter Bowyer
RE Kim Bokamper
RE Byron Smith
DT Curtis Greer
DT Leonard Wingate
DT Scott Garnett
LOLB Robin Sendlein
LOLB Angelo Snipes
MLB Roosevelt Barnes
MLB Al Smith
MLB John Woodring
MLB Miles Turpin
ROLB Charles Bowser
ROLB Scott Pelluer
ROLB Bobby Bell
CB Gary Green
CB Keith Simpson
CB Terry Lewis
CB Don Anderson
CB Mike Pleasant
FS Anthony Young
FS Steve Fitzhugh
SS Rod Kush
SS Keith Lee
K Joe Cooper
P Mike Black



QB Doug Williams
QB Jay Schroeder
QB Mark Rypien
HB George Rogers
HB Kelvin Bryant
HB Rick Badanjek
HB Keith Griffin
HB Ken Jenkins
FB Reggie Branch
WR Art Monk
WR Gary Clark
WR Ricky Sanders
WR Richard Johnson
WR Clarence Verdin
WR Eric Yarber
TE Don Warren
TE Clint Didier
TE Terry Orr
TE Todd Frain
LT Joe Jacoby
LT Dan McQuaid
LG Russ Grimm
LG Ron Tilton
C Jeff Bostic
C Ken Huff
RG R.C. Thielemann
RT Mark May
RT Jim Huddleston
LE Charles Mann
LE Steve Hamilton
RE Dexter Manley
RE Tom Beasley
DT Dave Butz
DT Darryl Grant
DT Dean Hamel
LOLB Mel Kaufman
LOLB Calvin Daniels
MLB Neal Olkewicz
MLB Shawn Burks
MLB Jeff Paine
MLB Joe Krakoski
ROLB Rich Milot
ROLB Monte Coleman
CB Darrell Green
CB Vernon Dean
CB Barry Wilburn
CB Tim Morrison
CB Wayne Asberry
FS Curtis Jordan
FS Todd Bowles
SS Ken Coffey
SS Alvin Walton
K Mark Moseley
P Steve Cox



QB Bobby Hebert
QB John Fourcade
QB Dave Wilson
HB Rueben Mayes
HB Dalton Hilliard
HB John Williams
HB Barry Word
HB Mel Gray
FB Buford Jordan
WR Eric Martin
WR Mike Jones
WR Eugene Goodlow
WR Kelvin Edwards
WR Herbert Harris
TE Hoby Brenner
TE John Tice
LT Jim Dombrowski
LT Dave Lafary
LG Brad Edelman
LG Pat Saindon
C Joel Hilgenberg
C Steve Korte
RG Ralph Williams
RG Chuck Commiskey
RT Stan Brock
RT Daren Gilbert
LE Bruce Clark
LE Frank Warren
LE Jumpy Geathers
RE Casey Merrill
RE Jon Dumbauld
RE Jim Wilks
DT Tony Elliott
DT Sheldon Andrus
DT Milford Hodge
LOLB Rickey Jackson
LOLB Joe Kohlbrand
LOLB Alvin Toles
MLB Sam Mills
MLB Jack Del Rio
MLB Vaughan Johnson
MLB Glen Redd
ROLB Pat Swilling
ROLB James Haynes
CB Dave Waymer
CB Willis Tullis
CB Johnnie Poe
CB Van Jakes
CB Reggie Sutton
FS Brett Maxie
FS Frank Wattelet
SS Antonio Gibson
SS Russell Gary
K Morten Anderson
P Brian Hansen



QB Dave Kreig
QB Gale Gilbert
QB Sean Salisbury
HB Curt Warner
HB Bobby Joe Edmonds
HB Randall Morris
HB Eric Lane
FB John L. Williams
FB Rick Parros
WR Steve Largent
WR Paul Skansi
WR Raymond Butler
WR Byron Walker
WR Byron Franklin
WR Daryl Turner
TE Mike Tice
TE Gordon Hudson
TE Jim Laughton
LT Ron Mattes
LT Curt Singer
LG Edwin Bailey
LG Glenn Hyde
C Blair Bush
C Kani Kauahi
RG Bryan Millard
RG Jon Borchardt
RT Mike Wilson
RT Bob Cryder
LE Jacob Green
LE Alonzo Mitz
RE Jeff Bryant
RE Randy Edwards
DT Reggie Kinlaw
DT Joe Nash
DT Don Fairbanks
LOLB Bruce Scholtz
LOLB Sam Merriman
MLB Fredd Young
MLB Keith Butler
MLB Pete Najarian
MLB John Kaiser
ROLB Michael Jackson
ROLB Greg Gaines
CB Dave Brown
CB Terry Taylor
CB Patrick Hunter
CB Kerry Justin
CB Gregg Johnson
FS Eugene Robinson
FS Eddie Anderson
SS Kenny Easley
SS Paul Moyer
SS Charles Jackson
K Norm Johnson
P Vince Gamache



QB Mark Malone
QB Bubby Brister
QB Scott Campbell
HB Walter Abercrombie
HB Rich Erenberg
HB Steve Morse
FB Earnest Jackson
FB Frank Pollard
WR John Stallworth
WR Louis Lipps
WR Calvin Sweeney
WR Jessie Britt
WR Weegie Thompson
TE Bennie Cunningham
TE Preston Gothard
TE Warren Seitz
LT Ray Pinney
LT Mark Behning
LG Craig Wolfley
LG Randy Rasmussen
C Mike Webster
C Dan Turk
RG Terry Long
RG John Rienstra
RT Tunch Ilkin
RT Pete Rostosky
LE Keith Willis
LE Darryl Sims
RE Edmund Nelson
RE Keith Gary
DT Gerald Williams
DT Gary Dunn
DT John Goodman
LOLB Mike Merriweather
LOLB Anthony Henton
MLB David Little
MLB Robin Cole
MLB Dennis Wilson
MLB Fred Small
ROLB Bryan Hinkle
ROLB Gregg Carr
CB Dwayne Woodruff
CB John Swain
CB Erroll Tucker
CB Chris Sheffield
CB Harvey Clayton
CB Donnie Elder
FS Rick Woods
FS Lupe Sanchez
FS Eric Williams
SS Donnie Shell
SS Dave Edwards
SS Bill Callahan
K Gary Anderson
P Harry Newsome



QB Warren Moon
QB Oliver Luck
QB Jim Everett
HB Mike Rozier
HB Allen Pinkett
HB Butch Woolfolk
FB Larry Moriarty
FB Ray Wallace
FB Mark Schellen
WR Drew Hill
WR Ernest Givins
WR Willie Drewery
WR Tim Smith
WR Steve Tasker
WR Mike Akiu
TE Jamie Williams
TE Chris Dressel
TE Jeff Parks
LT Bruce Matthews
LT Harvey Salem
LG Mike Munchak
LG Eric Moran
C Jay Pennison
C Jim Romano
RG Don Maggs
RG Don Sommer
LT Dean Steinkuhler
LT Doug Williams
LE Ray Childress
LE Malcolm Taylor
RE William Fuller
RE Richard Byrd
RE Jesse Baker
DT Doug Smith
DT Mike Golic
DT Lynn Madsen
LOLB Robert Lyles
LOLB Avon Riley
MLB John Grimsley
MLB Robert Abraham
MLB Eric Fairs
MLB Kirk Dodge
ROLB Johnny Meads
ROLB Frank Bush
CB Steve Brown
CB Richard Johnson
CB Patrick Allen
CB Audray McMillian
CB Allen Lyday
FS Jeff Donaldson
FS Bo Eason
SS Keith Bostic
SS Larry Griffin
K Tony Zendejas
P Lee Johnson



QB Hugh Millen
QB Joe Dufek
HB Earl Campbell
HB Paul Miles
HB Quentin Walker
HB Tony Mumford
FB Randy Love
FB Steve Strachan
WR John Jefferson
WR Butch Johnson
WR B.K. Williams
WR Herkie Walls
WR George Shorthose
TE Mike Barber
TE John Sawyer
TE James Wright
LT Matt Herkenhoff
LT John Thomas
LG Mike Schad
LG Rob Fada
LG Jeff Kiewel
C Dan Rosado
C Jerry Doerger
RG Ed White
RG Chuck Thomas
RT Sal Cesario
RT Scott Bergold
LE Bob Hamm
LE Mike Cline
RE Mike Bell
RE Curtis McGriff
RE Eric Larkin
DT Ben Reed
DT Gary Palumbis
DT Carter Crawford
LOLB Jeff Jackson
LOLB Vince Osby
LOLB John Windham
MLB Jim Collins
MLB Ed Grimsley
MLB Jim Kovach
MLB Stuart Anderson
ROLB Al Richardson
ROLB Bob Harris
CB Sean Thomas
CB Darryl Pollard
CB Ted Watts
CB Don King
CB Dan Wagoner
FS Greg Williamson
FS Mike Slaton
SS Lee Nelson
SS Gary Hunt
K Jason Staurovsky
P Joe Prokop



QB Tommy Kramer
QB Wade Wilson
QB Steve Bono
HB Darrin Nelson
HB Allen Rice
HB Ted Brown
FB Alfred Anderson
FB Wayne Wilson
WR Anthony Carter
WR Hassan Jones
WR Leo Lewis
WR Jim Gustafson
WR Buster Rhymes
TE Steve Jordan
TE Mike Mularkey
TE Jay Carroll
LT Gary Zimmerman
LT Curtis Rouse
LG Jim Hough
LG Brent Boyd
C Kirk Lowdermilk
C Dennis Swilley
RG Ted Tausch
RG Dave Huffman
RT Tim Irwin
RT Mark MacDonald
LE Doug Martin
LE Neil Elshire
RE Chris Doleman
RE Gerald Robinson
RE Joe Phillips
RE Mark Mullaney
DT Keith Millard
DT Mike Stensrud
DT Tim Newton
LOLB Jesse Solomon
LOLB Chris Martin
MLB Scott Studwell
MLB Walker Lee Ashley
MLB Dennis Fowlkes
ROLB Matt Blair
ROLB David Howard
CB Carl Lee
CB Issiac Holt
CB Rufus Bess
CB David Evans
CB Willie Teal
FS John Harris
FS Neal Guggemos
FS Kyle Morrell
SS Joey Browner
SS Mike Lush
SS Ted Rosnagle
K Chuck Nelson
P Greg Coleman


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QB Mike Norseth
QB Babe Laufenberg
QB Steve Bradley
HB Marcus Dupree
HB Gill Fenerty
HB Tony Boddie
FB Harry Sydney
FB Lee Weigel
WR Mervyn Fernandez
WR Ray Alexander
WR Joe Howard [Johnson]
TE Brent Jones
TE Ethan Horton
TE Joe Caravello
TE Lin Dawson
LG Jesse Sapolu
LG Brian Blankenship
C Grant Feasel
C Doug Marrone
C James Campen
C Stan Eisenhooth
RG Keith Kartz
RE Kevin Fagan
CB Michael McGruder
CB Robert Williams
FS Gary Mullen
FS John Sullivan
SS Mark Murphy
K Roger Ruzek
K Jess Atkinson
K Vince Abbott
K Jim Gallery
K Luis Zendejas
P Jack Weil
P Chris Norman
P Stan Talley
P Evan Arapostathis
P Mark Royals

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Re: Madden 11 PS3 1986 roster with draft classes


Vinny Testaverde - Miami
Jim Harbaugh - Michigan
Cody Carlson - Baylor
Erik Kramer - North Carolina State
Steve Beurelein - Notre Dame
Chris Miller - Oregon
Rich Gannon - Duke (it's really Delaware)
Don Majkowski - Virginia
Mark Vlasic - Iowa
Kelly Stouffer - Colorado State
Brent Pease - Missouri (it's really Montana)
Sammy Garza - UTEP
Alex Espinoza - Iowa State
Kevin Sweeney - Fresno State
*Doug Hurd - Northern Illinois (it's really Nicholls State) has made an appearance during simming, but is not a regular

Bo Jackson - Auburn
Robert Perryman - Michigan
Brent Fullwood - Auburn
Dee Jay [D.J.] Dozier - Penn State
Christian Okoye - Arizona State (it's really Azusa Pacific)
Timmy Smith - Texas Tech
Craig McEwen - Utah
Alonzo Highsmith - Miami
Spencer Tillman - Oklahoma
Paul Palmer - Temple
Marc Logan - Kentucky
Steve Bartalo - Colorado State
Eddie Hunter - Virginia Tech
Troy Stradford - Boston College
John Settle - Arkansas (it's really Appalachian State)
John Holifield - West Virginia

Steve Smith - Penn State
Tim Manoa - Penn state
Rick Fenney - Washington
Merril Hoge - Illinois (it's really Idaho State)
Jamie Mueller - Boise State (it's really Benedictine)
Roger Vick - Texas A&M
Tim Jessie - Auburn
Don Smith - Mississippi State
David McCluskey - Georgia
Chris McLemore - Arizona
*Chad Stark - North Texas (it's really North Dakota State) has made an appearance during simming, but is not a regular

Cris Carter - Ohio State
Haywood Jeffires - North Carolina State
Mark Ingram - Michigan State
Stephen Baker The Touchdown Maker - Fresno State
Curtis Duncan - Northwestern
Kelvin Martin - Boston College
Ron Morris - SMU
Mark Carrier - New Mexico (it's really Nicholls State)
Jamie Holland - Ohio State
Sam Graddy - Tennessee
Bruce Hill - Arizona State
Ricky Nattiel - Florida
Robert Clark - North Carolina (it's really N.C. Central)
Odessa Turner - Northern Illinos (it's really Northwestern State)
Derrick Shepard - Oklahoma
Darrell Colbert - Texas Tech
Lonzell Hill - Washington
Cornell Burbage - Kentucky
Dwight Stone - Middle Tennessee State
Everett Gay - Texas
Gene Taylor - Fresno State
*Stacey Mobley - Indiana (it's really Jackson State) has made an appearance during simming, but is not a regular

Joel Williams - Notre Dame
Rod Bernstine - Texas A&M
Jim Riggs - Clemson
Theo Young - Arkansas
Robert Awalt - San Diego State
Keith McKeller - Lousiana Tech (it's really Jacksonville State)
Ron Hall - Hawaii
Wilbur Strozier - Georgia
Arthur Wells - Georgia Tech (it's really Grambling State)
[FB] Tommie Agee - Auburn

David Alexander - Tulsa
Gregg Rakoczy - Miami
Keith Radecic - Penn State
Jim Hendley - Florida State
Ben Tamburello - Auburn
Frank Winters - Western Michigan (it's really Western Illinois)
John Adickes - Baylor
Paul Oswald - Kansas
Joe Goebel - UCLA
[MLB] Dennis Gibson - Iowa State

Randy Dixon - Miami
Ron Pasquale - Akron
John Gesek - San Jose State (it's really Sacramento State)
Garth Thomas - Washington
Mitch Frerotte - Penn State
Vernice Smith - n/a *it was FAU (it's really Florida A&M)
Darrick Brilz - Oregon State
Jeff Zimmerman - Florida
Chris Gambol - Iowa
Tom McHale - Maryland (it's really Cornell)
Todd Peat - Northern Illinois
Doug Aronson - San Diego State
Mike Simmonds - Indiana (it's really Indiana State)

John Davis - Georgia Tech
Steve Trapilo - Boston College
Dan Morgan - Penn State
Jeff Bregel - USC
Paul Kiser - Wake Forest
David Diaz Infante - San Jose State
[was actually in the 1986 draft] Joe Milinichik - North Carolina State
RG #65 Oklahoma State
RG #63 Georgia

Mark Dennis - Illinois
Danny Villa - Arizona State
Daryle Smith - Tennessee
Harry Swayne - Rutgers
Bob Riley - Indiana (it's really Indiana State)
Dave Croston - Iowa
Jeff Criswell - Iowa State (it's really Graceland University)

Harris Barton - North Carolina
Kevin Gogan - Washingto
Bruce Armstrong - Louisville
Howard Ballard - Alabama (it's really Alabama A&M)
Doug Riesenberg - California
Bruce Wilkerson - Tennessee
Jim Warne - Arizona State
Ed Simmons - Washington State (it's really Eastern Washington)
Chris Conlin - Penn State
Ralph Van **** - San Jose State (it's really Southern Illinois)
John Clay - Missouri
Archie Harris - n/a *it was WKU (it's really William & Mary)
[MLB] Danny Lockett - Arizona

Karl Wilson - LSU
Skip McClendon - Arizona State
Steve Bryan - Oklahoma
Reggie Rogers - Washington
Rod Saddler - Texas A&M
Tim Johnson - Penn State
Randy Watts - East Carolina (it's really Catawba College)
Mark Garalczyk - Western Michigan
Tom Gibson - Arizona (it's really Northern Arizona)
Jeff Faulkner - Southern Miss (it's really Southern University)

Robert Banks - Notre Dame
Fred Stokes - Georgia (it's really Georgia Southern)
Leon Seals - LSU (it's really Jackson State)
Donald Evans - Wake Forest (it's really Winston-Salem State)
John Bosa - Boston College
Jason Buck - BYU
Charles Buchanan - Tennessee (it's really Tennessee State)
Mark Mraz - Utah State
Marion "Suge" Knight - UNLV
[ROLB] Greg Lloyd - North Carolina (it's really Fort Valley State)

Jerry Ball - SMU
Les Miller - Kansas State (it's really Fort Hays State)
Jerome Brown - Miami
Henry Thomas - LSU
Dan Saleamua - Arizona State
Danny Noonan - Nebraska
Scott Mersereau - Connecticut (it's really Southern Connecticut)
Dick Chapura - Missouri
Steve Alvord - Washington
Shawn Knight - BYU
Bruce Mesner - Maryland
Stanley Mataele - Arizona
Jeff Drost - Iowa
Chris Pike - Tulsa
Curtis Jarvis - Alabama

Cornelius Bennett - Alabama
David Grayson - Fresno State
Henry Rolling - Nevada
Sam Anno - USC
Marc Munford - Nebraska
Don Graham - Penn State
Tyronne Stowe - Rutgers
Michael [M.L.] Johnson - Hawaii
Mike Junkin - Duke
Rick Graf - Wisconsin
Alex Gordon - Cincinnati

Chuck Faucette - Maryland
Hardy Nickerson - California
Michael Brooks - LSU
Brian Bosworth - Oklahoma
Byron Evans - Arizona
Scott Stephen - Arizona State
Johnny Holland - Texas A&M
David Brandon - Memphis
Shane Conlan - Penn State
Al Smith - Utah State
Jessie Tuggle - Virginia (it's really Valdosta State)
David Wyman - Stanford

Winston Moss - Miami
Tony Woods - Pittsburgh
Bruce Holmes - Minnesota
Wayne Davis - Alabama
Jeff Hurd - Kansas State
Ray Berry- Baylor
Larry Kelm - Texas A&M
Michael Reid - Wisconsin
Pete Noga - Hawaii

Rod Woodson - Purdue
Reggie Rutland - Georgia Tech
Delton Hall - Clemson
Toi Cook - Stanford
Wayne Haddix - Kentucky (it's really Liberty)
Eric Jeffries - Texas
Milton Mack - Auburn (it's really Alcorn State)
Lorenzo Lynch - San Jose State (it's really Sacramento State)
Elbert Shelley - Arkansas State
Mike Adams - Arkansas State
Tyrone Braxton - North Texas (it's really North Dakota State)
Brian Davis - Nebraska
Roland Mitchell - Texas Tech
Chuckie Miller - UCLA
Sidney Lewis - Penn State
Cliff Hicks - Oregon
Kirby Jackson - Mississippi State
Terrence Anthony - Iowa State
Norman Jefferson - LSU
Ricky Reynolds - Washington State
CB #1 Florida

Adrian White - Florida
Freddie Robinson - Alabama
Sonny Gordon - Ohio State
Stephen Braggs - Texas
Darryl Holmes - n/a *FAU (it's really Fort Valley State)
Thomas Everett - Baylor
Tim Gordon - Tulsa
Chris Barber - North Carolina (it's really N.C. A&T)
Mike Kullman - Kent State (it's really Kutztown)
Solomon Wilcots - Colorado
Jonathan Shelley - Ole Miss
[CB] Nate Odomes - Wisconsin

Anthony Anderson - Georgia (it's really Grambling State)
Mark Moore - Oklahoma State
Steve Gage - Tulsa
Tim McDonald - USC
Garland Rivers - Michigan
Gene Atkins -n/a *FAU (it's really Florida A&M)
Clarence Vaughn - Northern Illinois
Leonard Bell - Indiana
Michael Stewart - Fresno State
[CB] Eric Thomas - Tulane
SS #28 Penn State

John Carney - Notre Dame
Steve DeLine - Colorado State
Massimo Manca - Penn State
Greg Davis - Clemson (it's really The Citadel)
Mike Cofer - North Carolina State
Jeff Jaeger - Washington
[P] Scott Fulhage - Kansas State
[WR] Tony Martin - North Texas (it's really North Dakota)
K #57 Georgia

Ruben Rodriguez - Arizona
Greg Horne - Arkansas
Kelly Goodburn - Iowa State
[CB] Kerry Porter - Washington State
[HB] Terrence Flagler - Clemson
P #39 North Carolina
P #36 West Virginia
P #93 Rutgers
P #38 LSU
P #1 Northwestern
P #41 UCF

NOTABLE OMISSIONS: Randy Kirk, Dan Land, Chris Goode, and Scott Schwedes



Kerwin Bell - Florida
Tom Tupa - Ohio State
Don McPherson - Syracuse
John Paye - Stanford
Danny McManus - Florida State
Scott Secules - Virginia
Chris Chandler - Washington
Stan Humphries - ULM
Mike Perez - San Jose State
Rick Strom - Georgia Tech
Mark Maye - North Carolina
[TE] John Talley - West Virginia
[was actually an undrafted Free Agent in 1987] Lee Saltz - Temple
[was actually an undradted Free Agent in 1987] Joe Pizzo - UNLV (who really graduated from Mars Hill following attending UNLV)

Thurman Thomas - Oklahoma State
Gaston Green - UCLA
Warren Williams - Miami
Mark Higgs - Kentucky
Carl Painter - Houston (it's really Howard)
Keith Jones - Nebraska
Robert Delpino - Missouri
John Stephens - Northwestern (it's really Northwestern State)
Lars Tate - Georgia
Kevin Harmon - Iowa
Jamie Morris - Michigan
Keith Woodside - Texas A&M
Mike Oliphant - Purdue (it's really Pugent Sound University)
Kenny Gamble - Clemson
Lorenzo White - Michigan State
Marvin Allen - Tulane

Brad Muster - Stanford
Iron Head Craig Heyward - Pittsburgh
Lydell Carr - Oklahoma
Kerry Goode - Alabama
Mel Farr - UCLA
James Saxon - San Jose State
Ickey Woods - UNLV
William Howard - Tennessee
Tony Jordan - Kansas State
Melvin Bratton - Miami

Tim Brown - Notre Dame
Michael Irvin - Miami
Sterling Sharpe - South Carolina
Flipper Anderson - UCLA
Anthony Miller - Tennessee
Quinn Early - Iowa
Michael Haynes - Arizona
Brian Blades - Miami
Brett Perriman - Miami Ohio (it's really Miami Florida)
Wendell Davis - LSU
Sammy Martin - LSU
Carl Parker - Vanderbilt
Jay Jay [J.J.] Birden - Oregon
Frank Pillow - Texas (it's really Tennessee State)
Bernard Ford - UCF
Tommy Kane - Syracuse
Jason Johnson - Illinois (it's really Illinois State)
Ernie Jones - Indiana
George Thomas - UNLV
Aaron Cox - Arizona State
Darren Flutie - Boston College

Ronnie Williams - Oklahoma State
Keith Jackson - Oklahoma
Pat Carter - Florida State
Mike Dyal - Texas A&M
Ferrell Edmunds - Maryland
Greg Scales - Wake Forest
Alfredo Roberts - Miami
Brian Kinchen - LSU
Brent Novoselsky - Penn State
James Thornton - Central Michigan (it's really Cal State-Fullerton)
Donnie Dee - Tulsa
TE #17 North Carolina

Dermontti Dawson - Kentucky
David Viaene - Minnesota
Rodney Lossow - Wisconsin
John Bruhn - Tennessee
Chuck Lanza - Notre Dame
[TE] Mike Hinnant - Temple
[TE] Chris Verlhurst - California
[TE] Steve Johnson - Virginia Tech
C #66 Michigan State
C #70 Mississippi State

Randall McDaniel - Arizona State
Harry Galbreath - Tennessee
Ralph Tamm - West Virginia (it's really West Chester)
Erik Andolsek - LSU
[TE] Danta Whitaker - Mississippi State (it's really Mississippi Valley State)
LG #68 Nebraska

Todd Kalis - Arizona State
Eric Moore - Indiana
Brian Habib - Washington
Caesar Rentie - Oklahoma
Dave Cadigan - USC
Paul Jetton - Texas
David Richards - UCLA
RG #63 Iowa
RG #61 Miami
RG #65 Oklahoma State (his second time)
RG #78 TCU
RG #77 Penn State
RG #63 Georgia (his second time)
RG #77 Utah

John Elliott - Michigan
Zefross Moss - Alabama (it's really Alabama A&M)
Tom Rehder - Notre Dame
Dave Widell - Boston College
Paul Gruber - Wisconsin
Gerald Perry - South Carolina
John Jackson - Eastern Michigan (it's really Eastern Kentucky)
LT #60 Georgia
LT #70 Texas Tech

Houston Hoover - Iowa State (it's really Jackson State)
Owen Hooven - Oregen State
Scott Dill - Memphis
Mike Withycombe - Fresno State
Joey Howard - Tennessee
Glenn Derby - Wisconsin
Greg Johnson - Oklahoma
Louis Cheek - Texas A&M
Garry Frank - Mississippi State
Stan Clayton - Penn state
David Des Rochers - San Diego State
RT #78 Georgia

Al Noga - Hawaii
George Hinkle - Arizona
Aaron Jones - Eastern Michigan (it's really Eastern Kentucky)
Neil Smith - Nebraska
Daniel Stubbs - Miami
Pierce Holt - Arkansas State (it's really Angelo State)
Jerry Reese - Kentucky
Mike Piel - Illinois
Rueben Davis - North Carolina
Curtis Maxey - Georgia

Jeff Cross - Missouri
Robb White - South Carolina (it's really South Dakota)
Scott Davis - Illinois
David Grant - West Virginia
Shawn Patterson - Arizona State
Ralph Jarvis - Temple
Steve Kaufusi - BYU
Eric Kumerow - Ohio State
Paul Frase - Syracuse
Big Nate Hill - Auburn
Jethro Franklin - Fresno State

Jeff Wright - Tulsa (it's really Central Missouri)
Michael Dean Perry - Clemson
Tim Goad - North Carolina
Roy Hart - South Carolina
Ted Gregory - Syracuse
Chad Hennings - Air Force
Robert Goff - Auburn
Shawn Lee - Alabama (it's really North Alabama)
Jon Carter - Pittsburgh
Rollin Putzier - Oregon
Tim Rother - Nebraska
DT #95 LSU
DT #44 USC
DT #46 Iowa
DT #85 Penn State

Bill Romanowski - Boston College
Van Waiters - Indiana
Clifford Charlton - Florida
Aundray Bruce - Auburn
Brett Faryniarz - San Diego State
Troy Johnson - Oklahoma
Joe Campbell - New Mexico State
Ricky Shaw - Oklahoma State
Darin Jordan - Northwestern (it's really Northeastern)
Brian Forde - Washington State
Ezekial Gadson - Pittsburgh
LOLB #13 Florida State

Ken Norton - UCLA
Chris Spielman - Ohio State
John Brantley - Georgia
Dante Jones - Oklahoma
Joe Cain - Oregon State (it's really Oregon Tech)
Jeff Herrod - Ole Miss
Victor Jones - Virginia Tech
Vincent Brown - Michigan State
Vinson Smith - East Carolina
Fred Strickland - Purdue
Carlton Bailey - North Carolina
MLB #33 Maryland

Greg Clark - Arizona State
Erwin Grabisna - Connecticut (it's really Case Western Reserve University)
Rufus Porter - Southern Miss (it's really Southern University)
Ken Harvey - California
Marcus Cotton - USC
John Galvin - Boston College
Kevin walker - Maryland
Mickey Pruitt - Colorado
Cedric Figaro - Notre Dame

Cris Dishman - Purdue
Eric Allen - Arizona State
James Hasty - Washington State
John Booty - TCU
Lemuel Stinson - Texas Tech
Eric Everett - Texas Tech
Terry Williams - Boise State (it's really Bethune-Cookman)
Mike Brim - Virginia (it's really Virgina Union)
Terry McDaniel - Tennessee
Dwayne Harper - South Carolina (it's really South Carolina State)
Anthony Blaylock - West Virgina (it's really Winston-Salem State)
John Baylor - Southern Miss
Izel Jenkins - North Carolina State
Sammy Lilly - Georgia Tech
Martin Mayhew - Florida State
[was actually an undrafted Free Agent in 1987] Sidney Johnson - California
Rodney Thomas - BYU
Charles Dimry - UNLV
Sheldon White - Miami Ohio
Kevin Guidry - LSU
Odie Harris - Houston (it's really Sam Houston State)

Darrell Fullington - Miami
Rickey Dixon - Oklahoma
Erik McMillan - Missouri
Dennis Price - UCLA
John Hagy - Texas
Todd Krumm - Michigan State
Tracey Eaton - Oregon State (it's really Portland State)
Anthony Newman - Oregon
Brad Edwards - South Carolina
Chuck Cecil - Arizona
Thane Gash - East Carolina (it's really East Tennessee State)

William White - Ohio state
Bennie Blades - Miami
Jarvin Williams - Florida
Keith Taylor - Illinois
James Washington - UCLA
Brian Washington - Nebraska
Michael Ball - Southern Miss (it's really Southern University)
Derrick Crudup - Oklahoma State
Kevin Porter - Auburn
Chet Brooks - Texas A&M
Quintin Jones - Pittsburgh

Chip Lohmiller - Minnesota
Teddy Garcia - ULM
David Treadwell - Clemson
Tom Whelihan - Missouri
K #36 Penn State
K #37 Mississippi State
K #93 Tennessee
K #14 Georgia Tech
K #95 Oklahoma state
K #34 South Carolina

Bryan Barker - Stanford (it's really Santa Clara University)
Monte Robbins - Michigan
Barry Helton - Colorado
Jeff Feagles - Miami
Dan Stryzinski - Indiana
Greg Montgomery - Michigan State
Rick Tuten - Florida State
Paul McJulien - Kentucky (it's really Jackson State)
P #39 North Carolina (his second time)

NOTABLE OMISSIONS: Danny Copeland, David Tate, Greg Manusky, and Tony Jones



Rodney Peete - USC
Troy Aikman - UCLA
Billy Joe Tolliver - Texas Tech
Timm Rosenbach - Washington State
Jeff Carlson - Utah State (it's really Weber State)
Erik "Paperboy" Wilhelm - Oregon State
Jason Garrett - Colorado (it's really Princeton)
Mike Elkins - Wake Forest
Steve Walsh - Miami
Jeff Francis - Tennessee
Jeff Graham - Louisiana Tech (it's really Long Beach State)
Todd Philcox - Syracuse
Anthony Dilweg - Duke
Terrence Jones - Tulane
*QB #9 Middle Tennessee State has made an appearance during simming, also showed up once in the 1988 draft, but is not a regular

Eric Metcalf - Texas
Barry Sanders - Oklahoma State
Mark Green - Notre Dame
Dave Meggett - Toledo (it's really Towson University)
Vince Workman - Ohio State
Sammie Smith - Florida State
Marion Butts - Florida State
Bobby Humphrey - Alabama
Lewis Tillman - Iowa State (it's really Jackson State)
Tim Worley - Georgia
Robert Drummond - Syracuse
Cleveland Gary - Miami
Heath Sherman - Texas A&M (it's really Texas A&M-Kingsville)
Todd McNair - Temple
Derrick Fenner - North Carolina
Tracy Johnson - Clemson

Daryl "Moose" Johnston - Syracuse
Keith Henderson - Georgia
Keith Jones - Illinois
Steve Avery - Central Michigan (it's really Northern Michigan)
Eric Ball - UCLA
Bill Jones - Texas (it's really Southwest Texas State)
Brad Baxter - Alabama (it's really Alabama State)
Craig Taylor - West Virgiia
Derrick Gainer - Florida (it's really Florida A&M)
Ivy Joe Hunter - Kentucky

Andre Rison - Michigan State
Wayne Walker - Texas Tech
Don Beebe - Colorado State (it's really Chadron State)
Jeff Query - Michigan (it's really Millikin University)
John Garrett - Colorado (it's really Princeton)
Erik Affholter - USC
Robb Thomas - Oregon State
Tony Martin - Memphis (it's really Mesa State)
Hart Lee ****s - Oklahoma State
Tom Waddle - Boston College
Shawn Collins - Arizona (it's really Northern Arizona)
Derek Hill - Arizona
Danny Peebles - North Carolina State
Rod Harris - Texas A&M
James Dixon - Houston
Mark Stock - Virgina Tech (it's really Virginia Military Institute)
Vernon Joines - Maryland
Mike Barber - Marshall
Lawyer Tillman - Auburn
Floyd Turner - Northwestern (it's really Northwestern State)

Wesley Walls - Ole Miss
Marv Cook - Iowa
Darryl Ingram - Califoria
Walter Reeves - Auburn
Keith Jennings - Clemson
Travis McNeal - Middle Tennessee State (it's really Tennessee-Chattanooga)
Troy Sadowski - Georgia
Jimmie Johnson - Houston (it's really Howard)
Howard Cross - Alabama
Paul Green - USC

Courtney Hall - Rice
Mark Stepnoski - Pittsburgh
Brian Williams - Minnesota
Jeff Uhlenhake - Ohio State
Jerry Fontenot - Texas A&M
Erik Nogard - Colorado
Joe Tofflemire - Arizona
C #67 Iowa
C #73 Texas Tech

Mike Zandofsky - Washington
Tom Ricketts - Pittsburgh
Joe Wolf - Boston College
Carl Bax - Missouri
LG #68 Nebraska (his second time)

Steve Wisniewski - Penn State
Mike Utley - Washington State
Dave Zawatson - California
Freddie Childress - Arkansas
Ken Moyer - Toledo
Pat Tomberlin - Florida State
Bob Kratch - Iowa
Paul Berardelli - Virginia
Carlton Haselrig - Pittsburgh (it's really Pittsburgh-Johnstown)
Bert Weidner - Kent State
Warren Wheat - BYU
Mark Schlereth - Idaho
Mike Husar - Michigan
Monte Smith - North Texas (it's really North Dakota State)
RG #61 Miami (his second time)

Doug Widell - Boston College
Andy Heck - Notre Dame
Kevin Haverdink - Western Michigan
John Hunter - BYU
Kevin Robbins - Michigan State
Darrell Hamilton - North Carolina
Jeff Mickel - Washington (it's really Eastern Washington)
LT #75 Georgia
LT #70 Texas Tech (his second time)

Tony Mandarich - Michigan State
David Williams - Florida
Steve Gabbard - Florida State
Richard Stephens - Tulsa
Scott Adams - Georgia
Mike Graybill - Boston College (it's really Boston University)
John Buddenberg - Akron
Creighton Incorminias (the Third) - North Carolina
Scott Jones - Washington
Chris Dyko - Washington State
Ralph Norwood - LsU
Rob Woods - Arizona

Burt Grossman - Pittsburgh
Trace Armstrong - Florida
Wayne Martin - Arkansas
Tony Tolbert - UTEP
Matt Brock - Oregon
Ron Stallworth - Auburn
Warren Powers - Maryland
Mark Hall - ULL
Jeff Hunter - UAB (it's really Albany State)

Jake McCullough - Clemson
Natu Tuatagaloa - Cincinnati
Bill Hawkins - Miami
Chris Gannon - ULL
Marvin Washington - Idaho
Jeff Stephenson - Stanford (it's really Saint Cloud State)
Saute Sapolu - Arizona State
James Cribbs - Memphis
RE #83 South Carolina
RE #41 Georgia Tech
RE #45 Rutgers
RE #84 Oklahoma
RE #74 Oregon State

Dennis Byrd - Tulsa
Jim Wahler - UCLA
Tracy Rocker - Auburn
Mitchell Benson - TCU
Lawrence Pete - Nebraska
Glenn Montgomery - Houston
Emanuel McNeil - Tennessee (it's really Tennessee-Martin)
Tony Woods - Oklahoma
Pat Marlatt - West Virginia
Tony Bowick - Middle Tennessee State (it's really Tennessee-Chattanooga)
Dana Wells - Arizona
DT #90 Florida
DT #91 Virginia Tech
DT #96 Ole Miss
DT #46 Oklahoma State

Broderick Thomas - Nebraska
Jerrol Williams - Purdue
Joe Mott - Iowa
Antonio Goss - North Carolina
David Griggs - Virginia
George Bethune - Alabama
Tracy Rogers - Fresno State
Rob McGovern - Notre Dame (it's really Holy Cross)
Jerry Olsavsky - Pittsburgh

Derrick Thomas - Alabama
Jeff Lageman - Virginia
Jessie Small - Eastern Michigan (it's really Eastern Kentucky)
John Roper - Texas A&M
Scott Kozak - Oregon
Richard Tardits - Georgia
Randy Shannon - Miami
Wes Pritchett - Notre Dame
Kurt Larson - Michigan State
Keith Karpinski - Penn State
Marlon Brown - Memphis
ROLB #52 Virginia Tech

Adam Bob - Texas A&M
Frank Stams - Notre Dame
Tracy Simien - TCU
Britt Hager - Texas
Keith DeLong - Tennessee
Ken Tippins - Middle Tennessee State
David Braxton - Wake Forest
Eric Hill - LSU
Steve Hendrickson - California
Quintus McDonald - Washington
MLB #43 Stanford
MLB #42 Oklahoma State

Deion Sanders - Florida State
Donnell Woolford - Clemson
Maurice Hurst - Syracuse (it's really Southern University)
Michael Mayes - LSU
Robert Massey - North Carolina State (it's really North Carolina Central)
Ray Crockett - Baylor
Anthony Parker - Arizona State
Darryl Henley - UCLA
Marcus Turner - UCLA
Alvoid Mays - West Virginia
Chris Hale - USC
Jay Taylor - San Jose State
Stan Petry - TCU
James Henry - Southern Miss
James [J.B.] Brown - Maryland
Anthony [A.J.] Johnson - Texas (it's really Southwest Texas State)
David [D.J.] Johnson - Kentucky
Anthony [A.J.] Greene - Wake Forest
Ricky Royal - SMU (it's really Sam Houston State)
Charles Fryar - Nebraska
Lonnie Finch - Oklahoma

Steve Atwater - Arkansas
Louis Oliver - Florida
Alfred Jackson - San Diego State
Anthony Florence - Boise State (it's really Bethune-Cookman)
Eric Coleman - Wyoming
Bo Orlando - West Virginia
Cornell Holloway - Pittsburgh
John Miller - Michigan State
Richard Shelton - Clemson (it's really Liberty)
George Streeter - Notre Dame
[WR] Kendal Smith - Utah State
[WR] Anthony Edwards - New Mexico (it's really New Mexico Highlands)

Carnell Lake - UCLA
Greg Jackson - LSU
Myron Guyton - Eastern Michigan (it's really Eastern Kentucky)
Bubba McDowell - Miami
Markus Paul - Syracuse
Johnnie Jackson - Houston
Darren Carrington - Pittsburgh (it's really Northern Arizona)
Brian Jordan - Rice (it's really Richmond)
Stevon Moore - Ole Miss
Charles Washington - Texas (it's really Cameronn University)
Michael Brooks - North Carolina State
Tony Zackery - Washington

Chris Jacke - UTEP
Charlie Baumann - West Virginia
Pete Stoyanovich - Indiana
Bjorn Nittmo - Akron (it's really Appalachian State)
Kendall Trainor - Arkansas
K #19 Clemson
K #19 Florida
K #27 Oregon State
K #30 LSU

Chris Mohr - Alabama
Louie Aguiar - Utah State
Kent Sullivan - California (it's really Califorinia-Lutheran)
[CB] Calvin Nicholson - Oregon State
P #96 Tennessee
P #1 Northwestern
P #30 Virginia Tech
P #38 LSU
P #20 Nebraska

NOTABLE OMISSIONS: LaSalle Harper and Greg Paterra


1990 NCAA 11 Draft Class

Jeff George - Illinois
Andre Ware - Houston
Scott Mitchell - Utah
Tommy Hodson - LSU
Peter Tom Willis - Florida State
Troy Taylor - California
Mike Buck - Michigan (it's really Maine)
John Friesz - Idaho
Craig Kupp - Penn State (it's really Pacific Lutheran)
Tony Rice - Notre Dame
Scott Erney - Rutgers
Todd Hammel - San Diego State (it's really Stephen F. Austin)
Reggie Slack - Auburn
Michael Proctor - Michigan State (it's really Murray State)

Emmitt Smith - Florida
Blair Thomas - Penn State
Steve Broussard - Washington State
Rodney Hampton - Georgia
Dexter Carter - Florida State
Reggie Cobb - Tennessee
Anthony Thompson - Indiana
Harold Green - South Carolina
Leroy Hoard - Michigan
Chris Warren - Virginia (it's really Ferrum)
Brian Mitchell - ULL
Barry Foster - Arkansas
Richard Bell - Nebraska
Terry Allen - Clemson
Johnny Bailey - Texas A&M (it's really Texas A&M Kingsville)

Ken Clark - Nebraska
Anthony Johnson - Notre Dame
Kimble Anders - Houston
Carwell Gardner - Louisville
Cedric Smith - Florida State
Pat Chaffey - Oregon State
Larry Centers - San Diego State (it's really Stephen F. Austin)
David Lang - Arizona (it's really Northern Arizona)
Johnny Johnson - San Jose State
FB #29 Texas A&M

Rob Moore - Syracuse
Alexander Wright - Auburn
Reggie Rembert - West virginia
Mike Bellamy - Illinois
Ricky Proehl - Wake Forest
Ron Lewis - Florida State (it's really Jackson State)
Fred Barnett - Arkansas State
Calvin Williams - Purdue
Greg McMurtry - Michigan
Fred Jones - Georgia Tech (it's really Grambling State)
Chris Calloway - Michigan
Terance Mathis - New Mexico
Charles Wilson - Memphis
Lynn James - Arizona State
Jeff Campbell - Colorado
Al Edwards - Northwestern (it's really Northwestern State)
Pat Newman - Utah State
Pat Coleman - Ole Miss
Dale Dawkins - Miami
Willie Green - Ole Miss
Nate Lewis - Oregon (it's really Oregon Tech)
WR #8 Texas A&M

Shannon Sharpe - South Carolina (it's really Savannah State)
Eric Green - Kentucky (it's really Liberty)
Mike Jones - Texas A&M
Jackie Harris - ULM
Jesse Anderson - Mississippi State
Charles Arbuckle - UCLA
Tommie Stowers - Missouri
Doug Wellsandt - Washington State
Scott Galbraith - USC
Derrick Walker - Michigan
Rich Bartlewski - Fresno State
Jim Price - Stanford
TE #17 North Carolina (his second time)

Bern Brostek - Washington
Tim Grunhard - Notre Dame
Tony Mayberry - Wake Forest
Frank Cornish - UCLA
Jon Melander - Minnesota
John Hudson - Auburn
Roman Fortin - San Diego State
Bill Anderson - Iowa
Brad Leggett - USC

Elbert Crawford - Arkansas
Keith Sims - Iowa State
Reggie Redding - California (it's really Cal State-Fullerton)
Shawn Bouwens - Nevada (it's really Nebraska Weslyan)
Dave Szott - Penn State
Jeff Novak - Texas (it's really Southwest Texas State)
Chris Port - Duke
Thomas Rayam - Alabama
Jeff Davidson - Ohio State
Dean Caliguire - Pitt
LG #69 Iowa

Glenn Parker - Arizona
Bill Schultz - USC
Ian Beckles - Indiana
Joe Staysniak - Ohio State
Roger Duffy - Penn State
Dwayne White - Akron (it's really Alcorn State)
Barry Voorhees - California (it's really Cal State-Northridge)
RG #72 Oklahoma
RG #68 Oregon State
RG #63 Vanderbilt

Richmond Webb - Texas A&M
Leo Goeas - Hawaii
Mohammed Elewonibi - BYU
Kirk Scrafford - Michigan (it's really Montana)
Richard Cooper - Tennessee
Roman Matusz - Pitt
Mike Brennan - Notre Dame

Willie Williams - LsU
Rick Cunningham - Texas A&M
Derrick Graham - Arkansas State (it's really Appalachian State)
Joey Banes - Houston
Justin Strzelczyk - Michigan (it's really Maine)
Jack Linn - West Virginia
Bill Hitchcock - Purdue
Frank Pollack - Arizona (it's really Northern Arizona)
Ricky Siglar - San Jose State
Paul Yniguez - Kansas State
Ken Hackemack - Texas
Theo Adams - Hawaii
John Layfield - TCU (it's really Abilene Christian)

Dan Owens - USC
Kenny Davidson - LSU
Dennis Brown - Washington
Mike Fox - West Virginia
Marc Spindler - Pitt
Joel Smeenge - Western Michigan
Craig Veasey - Houston
Rob Burnett - Syracuse
Sean Smith - Georgia Tech
Cecil Gray - North Carolina

Keith McCants - Alabama
Ray Agnew - North Carolina State
Anthony Smith - Arizona
Renaldo Turnbull - West Virginia
Oliver Barnett - Kentucky
Tim Ryan - USC
Willis Peguese - Miami
Anthony Pleasant - Tennessee (it's really Tennesse State)
Marion Hobby -oops, Middle Tennesse State (it's really Tennessee)
Darrell Davis - TCU

Tony Siragusa - Pitt
Tom Sims - Pitt
John Jurkovic - Northern Illinois (it's really Eastern Illinois)
John Randle - Texas A&M (it's really Texas A&M Kingsville)
Cortez Kennedy - Miami
Jeff Alm - Notre Dame
Alfred Oglesby - Houston
Jimmie Jones - Miami
Eric Hayes - Florida State
Tony Savage - Washington State
Bill Goldberg - Georgia
Mike Lodish - UCLA
Jim Szymanski - Michigan State
Karl Dunbar - LSU
Les Archambeau - Stanford

James Francis - Baylor
Lamar Lathon - Houston
Terry Wooden - Syracuse
Aaron Wallace - Texas A&M
Andre Collins- Penn State
Bobby Houston - North Carolina State
Bobby Abrams - Michigan
Arthur [A.J.] Jimerson - Nevada (it's really Norfolk State)
Mark Ledbetter - Washington State
Craig Ogletree - Auburn
Richard Newbill - Miami
Maurice Henry - Kansas State

Junior Seau - USC
Tony Bennett - Ole Miss
Darion Conner - Toledo (it's really Jackson State)
Jock Jones - Virginia Tech
Tracy Hayworth - Tennessee
Bryce Paup - Iowa (it's really Northern Iowa)
Matt Vanderbeek - Michigan State
Ron Goetz - Minnesota
Chris Singleton - Arizona

Percy Snow - Michigan State
Ron Cox - Fresno State
Jeff Mills - Nebraska
Bernard Clark - Miami
DeMond Winston - Vanderbilt
David Bavaro - Syracuse
Marvcus Patton - UCLA
James Williams - Mississippi State
Ned Bolcar - Notre Dame
Tony Walker - Missouri (it's really Southeast Missouri State)
Glenell Sanders - Lousiana Tech
Wayne Dickson - Oklahoma

Ben Smith - Georgia
Otis Smith - Missouri
James Williams - Fresno State
Vince Buck - Ohio State (it's really Central State)
Eric Davis - Illinois (it's really Jacksonville State)
Tony Stargell - Tennessee (it's really Tennessee State)
Latin Berry - Oregon
Alan Grant - Stanford
Alonzo Hampton - Pitt
David Pool - Connecticut (it's really Carson-Newman)
LeLo Lang - Washington
Mitchell Price - Tulane
Mickey Washington - Texas A&M
Randy Hilliard - Northwestern (it's really Northwestern State)
Sean Vanhorse - Houston (it's really Howard)
Adrian Jones - Missouri
Arthur Hunter - Ohio (it's really Central State)
Mike Wallace - Indiana (it's really Jackson State)
Robert McWright - TCU
Roger Brown - Virginia Tech
Junior Robinson - ECU

Dedrick Dodge - Florida State
Mark Carrier - USC
Pat Terrell - Notre Dame
John Mangum - Alabama
Anthony Shelton - Tennessee
Gary Jones - Texas A&M
Tim Hauck - Michigan (it's really Montana)
[RB] Derek Loville - Oregon
[WR] Mike Farr - UCLA
[WR] Tony Jones - Texas

LeRoy Butler - Florida State
Robert Blackmon - Baylor
Alton Montgomery - Houston
Torin Dorn - North Carolina
Harlon Barnett - Michigan State
Chris Oldham - Oregon
David Whitmore - San Diego State (it's really Stephen F. Austin)
Bobby Harden - Miami
Kenny Gant - Alabama (it's really Albany State)
Pat Eilers - Notre Dame
[FB] Marcus Wilson - Virginia
SS #32 UAB U of Alabama-Birmingham didn't field a team until 1991

Steve Christie - Wake Forest (it's really William & Mary)
Ken Willis - Kentucky
Matt Stover - Louisiana Tech
MARYLAND QB #10 (secretly this is Neil O'Donnell, but the keyboard doesn't give me an apostrophe)
*plus a few generic kickers we have already seen

Kirk Maggio - UCLA
John Nies - Arizona
*plus a few generic punters we have already seen

NOTABLE OMISSIONS: Shawn McCarthy, Garry Lewis, Jeroy Robinson, Ray Savage, and Vernon Turner

1991, 1992, and 1993 draft classes are still to come.
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Re: Madden 11 PS3 1986 roster with draft classes


Might have to take a break from MLBtS..
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Re: Madden 11 PS3 1986 roster with draft classes

Originally Posted by Madden08PCgmr

Might have to take a break from MLBtS..
thank you very much. i appreciate you answering questions early on with how you did your 94 roster
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Re: Madden 11 PS3 1986 roster with draft classes

does this work with rpcs3? everytime i apply the roster the file is blank, says error
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Re: Madden 11 PS3 1986 roster with draft classes

Originally Posted by D3CKERx
does this work with rpcs3? everytime i apply the roster the file is blank, says error
i made this with a console. I've never used rpcs3 before. but this is from their FAQs...

Can I import my save data from my real PlayStation 3?
Yes, saves can be imported from a real PlayStation 3 system using the standard USB flash drive transfer method. Due to how the user account system works on a real PlayStation 3 system, in some cases, you may need to re-sign your save. For more information on how to manage your save data within RPCS3, please refer to the Quickstart Guide.
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