"After the Mitchell Report" NCAA Imported Draft Class PS3

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"After the Mitchell Report" NCAA Imported Draft Class PS3

******Check my latest post on page 3 of this thread for the latest update**** (8/29/08)

I posted this draft class in response to someone that requested I do so. Basically, I believe that because the players in NCAA are rated so highly in categories that don't directly affect their ability to play the position...they come in with outrageous overalls in Madden. So I "dumbed down" a few ratings in NCAA and started a dynasty with that roster file. I warn that a few top names decided to stay in school (C. Well, T. Mays, D. Heyward-Bey, Stafford, etc...), and I probably won't be finished with the second year of my dynasty until this weekend for anyone that wishes to use the classes. I wrote a more detailed explanation of my thinking behind the "Balco Imports" in one of the threads in the Madden section.

The ratings seem to vary each time the same draft class is loaded, but I haven't seen anything above a "89" Ovr for an imported rookie. The "neutered classes" are nowhere near what I wish they could be, but it's a better alternative than having rookies come in as elite players in the NFL.


Oklahoma had a top 3 finish, which helps explain why Bradford is so high. I edited Pat White so he has a decent catch/Kick Return rating for those that want to edit him into a WR.


RB's came in with high ratings, but life isn't perfect. Of course, Speed was an issue for some.


WRs enjoyed a great transition into the NFL (Percy Harvin was an 85 with 93 spd)...Dilliard suffered because he didn't attend a powerhouse college (81 spd)...Robiske (not pictured had an 89 ovr with 90 spd)


Malcolm Jenkins comes in with a great rookie rating for a corner. Victor Harris was an 76 Ovr with 89 spd in this version.

Other notes...the highest rated in other categories...TE was Brandon Pettigrew with an 85 (67 spd, and tremendous blocking ratings)...OT were Michael Oher and Aaron Boone with 82 and 84 Ovr...LE was Tyson Jackson with an 89 OVR and 62 spd...DT's tied between F. Moala and Sen'Derrick Marks with 84 Ovrs...RE was Brian Orakpo (workout warrior) 85 OVR (During one test, Michael Johnson was a 83 Ovr, in this simulation, he was a 75)...LOLB B. Cushing 78 and Aaron Curry (went to my HS, shameless plug) 79 Ovr...MLBs Darry Beckwith 81 Ovr, Rey Maualuga 80 (I know, I know...), and "Baby Animal" was an 78 Ovr...Kam Chancellor was the top rated FS with an 83 and Oklahoma did it once again with Nic Harris topping out the SS position with an 88...William Moore was an 87 Ovr...
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Re: "After the Mitchell Report" NCAA Imported Draft Class PS3

Awesome job. Can't wait to try this out so that I can finally start my franchise! Thanks
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Re: "After the Mitchell Report" NCAA Imported Draft Class PS3

I there would be any way to create toned-down classes up to 2012 that would be the greatest. Problem is, i don't know if you could edit down all of those players in ncaa and come out with realistic classes?
I wish EA could improve this problem in a patch (probably the most redundant sentence on this board). Great work nonetheless
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Re: "After the Mitchell Report" NCAA Imported Draft Class PS3

This is probably the best draft class set I have seen on PS3. The rating is not omg high (only one player being at 90 and he is a center) and most of the top picks are in the mid 80s which is where they are supposed to. One thing that might be a problem is the kickers and the punters. They are so low that they aren't even drafted in the league (most being in the 30s!!). They range from about 22-60. So I was wondering if it is possible to up some of the kickers and punters rating higher?
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Re: "After the Mitchell Report" NCAA Imported Draft Class PS3

your the man!!i posted this earlier... you are right on track with making the draft a 100 times better!!!! if you can edit guy's numbers at the end of the season that would be even better.. but your work is much appreciated. i hope you do 4 years of draft classes this way...... thanks again

i don't have ncaa football 09 anymore and i'm try'n to avoid having to rent it, just to do this..

after getting dummy slider's to work ... madden 09 would be legendary if someone could post 4 or 5 draft class's that would translate to be somewhat realistic as far as rating's and proper number's at each posistion.

guy's like wookie or razr could do this quickly and i'm sure there judgement with editing ratings and numbers would be great!!

we all know there is a glitch in madden 09 were you can't edit the jersey #'s or they won't progress ever!! so if some one could edit the wr's, lb, safety's etc... numbers on ncaa football 09 prior to starting the franchise that would solve that.

then just edit the top players not all (we all know once you do a draft in madden each year you can tell) espically te's and qb's and defensive end's.
adjust there ratings a little that way they come in at 80's to maybe a 90 if there a unreal talent i think madden could be the best video game ever.

i need someone that still has ncaa football 09 to go in and edit rating's for each year of the draft class's.

example tim tebow should not be a 94 as a rookie, te's coming in as 95 to 99's mostly in 2nd year draft class's.

i mean just use common sense on it a little editing to throw power, pass accuraccy, and awarness should do the trick.

a little bit of testing and we should be able to get some good results .

some guys in 2nd year's draft come in as 99's... it makes the draft so stupid.
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Re: "After the Mitchell Report" NCAA Imported Draft Class PS3

Quick question Rebirth about your draft class- how are the contracts looking?

From your screenshots, I'm liking the overall ratings you have. Has the variance from different drafts been around +/- 3 points?
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Re: "After the Mitchell Report" NCAA Imported Draft Class PS3

First of all, gotta give a shout out to Lanterix, if it wasn't for him naming the NCAA players, this would be a totally moot point.

Appreciate the feedback on the draft class. I started messing around with the NCAA roster because I was annoyed beyond belief with the thought of rookies being imported with Elite NFL player status. Didn't figure too many other people cared as long as other things were edited. Not to knock their preferences at all, it's just that I was more concerned about trying to dumb down the ratings.

I haven't looked at the contracts to be honest with you. I always assumed, probably incorrectly considering how things of that nature go with Franchise, that is was slotted according to draft position.

I can't edit any ratings of the Dynasty file I'm currently using. The most I can edit is names, equipment, and numbers. I tried to target all of the players that had high miscellaneous ratings (such as strength for a QB) in areas that appeared to make their import rating high, but there are no guarantees. Zero false hope being sold this way. LoL

Kickers and Punters...didn't give a damn about them to be honest. Since I can't edit them, I will make a conscious decision to "Create Prospects" that have tremendous attributes and make their classification as junior (maybe senior) so they should import rather quickly. I'll place their hometowns near powerhouse programs so the quality of their team will be good and they'll have a high chance of being drafted highly. Since they are rarely drafted (at least punters), I'll probably create 2, and maybe 3 kickers so that some elite level youth will be in the game. May even create an Adam Podlesh type that has crazy athleticism, or a decent arm for trick plays. (rambling, thinking to myself now)

As far as other players in my current dynasty go, I've tried to match up and edit most of the 2009 Commits using rivals and espn's 150 HS prospects. Most of the "elite" HS prospects have their current height (weight is gained during Dynasty mode), so players like Matt Barkley, Aaron Murray, Russell Shepard, etc...are on the schools they have committed to. Elite prospects that haven't committed, I created before the season started and they signed with whomever the cpu recruited successfully. As far as the CPU generated recruits go, I did my best to match up accurate name/size/position with the players that have already committed. Once again, far from an exact science, but just an attempt at projecting realism.

I plan on doing this for the next 3 years in my dynasty...probably adding an inch or two of height, 5-20 lbs according to position and HS classification...Eventually, I should have about 8 or so draft classes to import.

Doing this primarily for my own use, but I'll update them in this thread as I finish my seasons for anyone that may want to download them. Peace
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Re: "After the Mitchell Report" NCAA Imported Draft Class PS3

Thank you....your efforts are very much appreciated.
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