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Mason Crosby

This kicker for the Green Bay Packers, Mason Crosby is very underrated in this years installment of Madden 10 at a 72 Overall. He deserves a lot better.

What should his new overall be and which attributes should be boosted to get him there ?


Thank you
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Re: Mason Crosby

Pssh. You must have been living under a rock last season.

How many big kicks did he miss last season? His FG percentage has been average at best his first few years in the league and has had an inconsistent training camp this year. Sure he has a strong leg but that's about it at this point. Madden rated him properly.

You need to stop posting on here with all your Packer player additions/edits. They're pointless and unfounded.
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Re: Mason Crosby

The homerism is ridiculous in these roster threads.
Please take note that most of what I say and post is made in satire.

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Re: Mason Crosby

You can't base these underrated claims on overall. Lawrence Tynes, the kicker for my G-Men, is like a 68 overall but I can still make kicks with him. Can I hit a 49 yarder? Yes. Can I make a 55 yarder? Hell no, but when your kicker can't do it in real life, you can't expect him to do it in the game. So what you need to do, is figure out what you think needs to be upgraded. Either power or accuracy, and then upgrade him.
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Re: Mason Crosby

He is a 79 on Wii but ratings are different and higher on Wii. I agree with an above posts. He missed alot of big kicks last year. I had him on my fantasy team and at times wanted to go to Green Bay and club him with a bat.
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Re: Mason Crosby

after playing him twice with the bears, and watching my roommate play them twice with the lions, his biggest weakness ingame was his accuracy... his power is a freakin 99..which he used when he nailed a 59 yarder in lambeau with about 10-15 yards more to spare... after looking back at the 4 games, he was 6-9...two misses were 50+ and one was from 42 yards, but had a 18mph crosswind at soldier field that pushed it left...
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