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Re: How to fix the game.......

Originally Posted by BAS
No offense to the guys who put endless time into that "fix", but it all sounds like a huge waste of time, to me. There's a certain point where getting realistic gameplay requires so much work, that the idea of "playing" the game is lost, and I think you guys passed that point a WHILE ago.

Now, If you had only a set of sliders, that would be great, but if you have to control every team in the league, change their "philosophy" every week according to what team you're playing, do a little dance in front of your TV, stand on you head, do three backflips while drinking a glass of battery acid, and then bench 500lbs. with one hand, just for some realistic stats, what's the point? The game just became one giant chore, and no longer has and fun or enjoyment involved.

No offense taken here bro and I understand your point,it took me awhile to read and comprehend the text downloads but it was well worth the effort because in a word the game was missing some vital steps left out in the final stages of completion and has been proven by them in testings research and have posted these findings and its available for all to view and now they are a known and documented fact backed up by real data and test done by these guys at their site and it all works with positive proof and statistics like I said to back their work up and well documented.

Just take a few minutes to visit their site and see what its all about I'm sure you'll find the discussions and post over there of great significance especialy for sim and players seeking that realistic feel to their games.

I to was a bit skeptic upon reading of this but remebered sm27 when he posted here for awhile and he pretty much stayed the course in his pursuit to get the most realisim out of the game and up to this point has acheived or has at the least closed that gap...the game plays like a dream now and the implimentations he and his fellow members have enlightened us to has opened the game up to its true and real potential in my opinion.

Holla Bck ya'll
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Re: How to fix the game.......

Come on if you have enough time to read all these posts and especially the one on MM you can change the coach settings, it takes 1 minute before each game and about 20 to start the season.

It is well worth it, Ive played about 30 games with them and they completely changed the game experience for me. The cpu will run it until you stop them, and then they PA it and burn you, its great! I won the super bowl with the steelers on the hadest set of sliders after 2OT playoff games and aI won the super bowl on the last play of the game.

Just my 2 cents, give these a shot
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Re: How to fix the game.......

Originally Posted by Vyce3
Yeah I use these sliders but I will never in no way do those coaching A.I. modification for every team every week

Did you actually understand what you had read?

I'm pretty sure you don't have to "do those coaching AI modification for every team every week".

What happens is that you make all the modifications for every team when you start your franchise. From then on, only modify the team you're really *playing* (not simming) against for any given week. So that's one single modificatation every week, and NOT one modification for every team every week.
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Re: How to fix the game.......

Commenting for availability in 2021
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