How about just All Pro default?

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Re: How about just All Pro default?

Its too easy for me but a week ago I switched pretty much everything back to default. I was just sick of tweaking every little slider after every game.

I did have a really good, competitive game a couple nights ago after using Hardcore play calling though so I'm gonna play a few more games with that and All Pro default and hopefully I'll get more of a challenge. If not I'll either try All Madden or just go with My Skill.
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Re: How about just All Pro default?

I get too many INTs but also too high Completion %.

Lines like 20-25 with 3 INTs (meaning just 2 "plain" incompletions)

Hate the way tackling interacts - too much being pulled into a tackle from longer than arms length.

Lots of dropped INTs suck, but I'd rather that and have INTs at realistic levels than 3-6 per game.
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Re: How about just All Pro default?

I set player skill to All-pro to test the fact theory that 50 is the default (actuall ALL-Pro because I beleve there is a deference between default all-pro and custom all 50's) and all CPU sliders back to 50 and played the playoffs in my second year of my franchise. I do not controll all the teams but I am controlling the Jets and the Vikings. I like to pick a team from each confrence so I can mix it up a bit in my franchise but I do sim about half of the games each year as well. So both of my teams made the playoffs.

First game was Vikings vs Saints. For this game I had default All-pro for me and CPU at all 50's. . While the game played out well and I won 24-21 with a late field goal this was a flawed concept. Brees (cpu) went 23 of 26 with 2 ints and one WR drop. Thus he had no off target passes. My passing was more realistic (I have rookie Dane Morrow 77 overall) as I only completed right around 60% of my passes with 2 ints. Also both running games were dismal with under 3 yard per carry average and I have AP!

So based on my experiment for the I left user set to ALL-pro (in fact I left it there for the entire playoffs) But I adjusted the CPU. First I lowered QBA to 35 and WRC to 40. Then trying to help the run game for mydlef and CPU I upped CPu BRT to 60 and RBK to 70, and reduced Cpu run RT and BLK Shed to 40. I also lowered cpu int to 35 ( i would have liked to lower user int but again the plan was to leave it on All-pro) then I played Jets (me) vs Titans. Collins wnt like 11 of 24 with no ints. They had White in the whole game so maybe Johnson was hurt. White finished just under 4 yards per carry but had ripped me for a 20 yard TD run earlier despite being wrapped up by two of my LBs in the backfield but he decided to spin out of pro tak and took it to the house. My running was better than the first game with rookie Leron James but still a bit suspect which I credit to the cpu RT and BLK shed. Anotehr good game overall I was down 14-21 in the fourth and scored to tie it up 21-21. Then I stipped the Titans on the kickoff and took it in to go up 28-21. That strip for TS was the game breaker as the Titans did not score again and the game finished at 35-21.

I played the remainder of the play-offs and continued to adjust the CPU rush-O up to try to get them better while also taking the CPU rush-D down to try to help my own run game. while I was able to get my running going a bit better I could not help the CPU's despiet getting its BRT and RBK up to 75 each and I attribute that to the fact that I could not lower the USER run-d RT and block shedding. I did enjoy the passing game alot more as I was actually able to hit some deep balls and even tossed a fade in the endzone to Sidney Rice. Also after the adjustment to the CPU QBA I did not see RObo-QB again. All of the games were competitive but I won all of them however, whcih was not my intention. As such I simmed the Super Bowl because it was my Jets vs my Vikings and both teams had played won every round of including the Wild Card round. In fact the my Jets were a wild card team. Viking won the sim.

So in the end my hopes of being able to simply play on default all-pro and slightly adjust the CPU sliders were crushed. So back to the drawing board.
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Re: How about just All Pro default?

I used MySkill only for the first 2 months I had this game. Initially, I really enjoyed MySkill, but eventually it drove me nuts as once your IQ reached a certain level, it was turnover city for you and the CPU would play perfect football.

Changed to All-Pro default and am enjoying the game again.
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