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Re: Madden 11 Custom Sliders by NYGiants4Natic

how do you change the play recognition
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Re: Madden 11 Custom Sliders by NYGiants4Natic

Wow, these Sliders are pretty good. I like what i saw in the first game i played:
Saints (Me) vs. Bengals (CPU)
I played on Very Slow, Threshold was at 50 first, but i changed it to 60 during the third quarter because i was seeing too many big plays.
I played on 7min a quarter, 20sec runoff.
Heres what i got:

I won the toss, received and got a bad return to the 18yard line. Then the first play of the game, i broke off a 40 yard rush with Pierre Thomas. I first thought: Oh my god, the run game is far too easy but i was proved wrong because the 40yarder was the only run over 20 yrds in that game. I finished the drive with a 1 yard td by Reggie Bush. Then the Bengals got the ball and in one of their first plays Cedric Benson broke off a 43 yard TD.

The second quarter was all mine, i outscored them with 21 to nothing.
First a 12 Yard TD Pass to Marques Colston and after i was able to stop the bengals on 3rd down i broke off 2 back to back Punt Return Touchdowns with Reggie Bush. The first was a 89yd return, and after i was stopped on 3rd down i got a very very lucky bounce on the punt, with the ball bouncing out of bounds at the 1 yard line. I was able to stop them in their own territory on that drive, returning the following punt for 52 yards into the endzone.

In the third quarter, the only score was a td pass to R. Kelly for the bengals.

Then in the 4th quarter, i really got the feeling that the CPU cheated on my.
I was up 28 to 14 at the begin of the 4th quarter and the bengals threw a 14 yard TD, where my Safety was basicly standing 5 yards away from the WR and was doing nothing.
The following Kickoff Return, Reggie Bush fumbled the ball and the Bengals returned that fumble for a TD.
So after 1 minute in the 4th quarter, the Bengals tied the game after being behind by 14 only 1 minute ago.
I wasnt able to score on the next drive and the Bengals scored on their following drive with a 2yd run T by B.Scott. But the Bengals iker Rayner showed bad nerves and after converting the previous XP luckily by bouncing it off the bar, he missed the XP.
So i had about 4 minutes left on the clock to score a touchdown. And i did so with a Pass to Colston with 1:17 min left. I nailed the extra point so i was up by 1 and the Bengals would get the ball.
After i got a Sack on the first play, the Bengals went No Huddle and caught me on a terrible Mismatch. I dont know why but my Nr. 1 Cornerback Greer ran toward the middle of the field after Ochocinco beat him after the snap. So Chad was wide open, Carson fired a rocket, Chad caught the pass, broke the next tackle but luckily he would step out of bounds during that move. So the Bengals had a new set of down at my 49 yard line. The first play, i was able to force Palmer to throw it away. Then he completed a pass to Ochocinco for 2 yards. With 3rd and 8, Palmer completed a 4yard pass and they faced 4th and 4. I was able to get to Palmer but he was able to release the ball but luckily it was inaccurate, fell to the ground and i got a turnover on downs with 35sec left. I took some knee because they had 2 time outs left and ended up winning 35 to 34.
Definitly one of the best matches ive had in Madden history.
The stats are not bad, the numbers, especially on my team are a lil bit off, because i returned 2 punt returns, so i was in the defense most of the time.
Here are some numbers:
Brees: 85,7, 14 out of 26, 182yds, 2TD, 1 Int
Palmer: 109,4, 15 out of 26, 210yds, 2 TD

I like those sliders, but they need a few tweaks. I increased the sliders the same way "DallasRocks" did, but i still get too many long runs.
Benson ended up with 129 yards on 15 attempts, that an avg of 8,5 and Thomas ended with 71 yards on 11 attempts, thats 6,4 avg.
I like the passing, even though i think passes to the RB or FB are a lil bit overpowered.
Also Robert Meachem was targeted 7 times, four times he dropped the ball, twice without a single Defender within 5 yards. I have two play some other games to be able to tell if its because of the sliders or because of the player, but Meachem has a solid 83 catch rating.

Nonetheless a good slider base.

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Re: Madden 11 Custom Sliders by NYGiants4Natic

Love these sliders!

Played about 3 games, one with the Redskins (me) and the Cowboys (cpu). And of course, the cowboys defense was dominating me. I couldn't get anything going which was about right.

The second game was Chargers and Steelers, two evenly matched teams. At halftime, the score was 21-14 Steelers. The only reason they had the lead was because they returned a fumble for a TD late in the 2nd Q. Decided to quit and play a 3rd game.

The third game I played was with me being a decent team with an alright RB in CJ2k (Titans) vs an awful team, (no offense) the Chiefs. The running game felt great. CJ was able to make great cuts and he was averaging about 6 ypc through the 3rd Q when I quit.

I enjoyed these very much and because of that, they will now be my base slider set. I also googled his name and with luck found his NCAA 11 sliders! I will try those later. I recommend these to anyone struggling to find a slider set that works for them.
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Re: Madden 11 Custom Sliders by NYGiants4Natic

Played a few more games and these are by far the best sliders I've used. I was Sea against the Saints and I got destroyed 34-7. I couldn't do much on offense and threw 3 picks all my fault.

I then played as the Colts against the Chiefs to see if I could actually win a game and I snuck it out 24-17. Dallas Clark is a beast (157 yds 2 TDs) I should of scored more but I threw two picks in the red zone. It's nice to lose to a better team and beat a bad team.

I couldn't get any pressure at all in the Saints game and was worried but then when I was the Colts, Freeney was having his way. It was good to see
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Re: Madden 11 Custom Sliders by NYGiants4Natic

These sliders are pretty good, but they still arent quite right. The passing game seems pretty solid, there are not enough INT's thrown by the CPU, safeties play stupid and allow big plays, user QB can be wildly inaccurate for stretches. Run game is too easy for both sides, 4-8 yards are a given on almost every run. WR's drop too many passes. DL dont get enough pressure or sacks. LB's very slow to react to plays. CB's are good, safeties play stupid. Here are my results, I'm the Panthers.

Game 1
Giants 27
Panthers 13

E.Manning 16/34, 224yds, 1td, 1int
M. Moore 9/28, 146yds, 0td, 2int

B.Jacobs 20/108, 1td
D.Williams 15/78, 1td
J.Stewart 10/63

Total OFF

Giants 329
Panthers 351

1st Downs
Giants 16
Panthers 15

Total Plays Over 40yds

Game 2
Panthers 41
Bucs 13

M.Moore 17/27, 210yds, 1td
J.Freeman 20/35, 199yds, 1td

D.Williams 20/167, 4td
J.Stewart 19/151
C.Williams 15/49

Total OFF
Panthers 519
Bucs 293

1st Downs
Panthers 26
Bucs 13

Total Plays Over 40yds

Game 3
Panthers 45
Bengals 13

M.Moore 16/25, 258yds, 1td, 1int
JT.O'Sullivan 19/40, 218yds, 1td (Palmer hurt)

D.Williams 17/118, 2td
J.Stewart 15/187, 2td
C.Benson 20/112

Total OFF
Panthers 565
Bengals 318

1st Downs
Panthers 14
Bengals 15

Total Plays Over 40yds

Game 4
Saints 48
Panthers 34

D.Brees 23/43, 410yds, 4td
M.Moore 10/29, 181yds, 1td, 1int

P.Thomas 26/158, 1td
D.Williams 11/50
J.Stewart 8/28, 1td

Total OFF
Saints 609
Panthers 253

1st Downs
Saints 22
Panthers 11

Total Plays Over 40yds
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Re: Madden 11 Custom Sliders by NYGiants4Natic

Checking these out tonight. They look promising.
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Re: Madden 11 Custom Sliders by NYGiants4Natic

If your scoring to easy try putting threshold above 70.
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Re: Madden 11 Custom Sliders by NYGiants4Natic

I played another 2 games, first one was Saints(me) against the Patriots(CPU).
This time i tried it with 6 minute Quarters and it turned out that 6 minutes are not that good, i really destroyed the Patriots, Tom Brady went 8 for 23 with 107 yards, two picks and was sacked 4 times.
He tended to make extremely stupid decisions, ignored some wide open receivers just to throw it in traffic and getting picked. Then he tried to scramble 3 times without any reason. There were Receivers open and he ran right into my defenders.
Awful Game.

Then i battled the Colts.
It was a great game and i ended up losing in overtime by a field goal, after i won the coin toss but fumbled the ball.
Manning threw for 299 yards, 1td, Brees for 356, 2td.
Meachem had 142yards 1td, Wayne 106 yards, 1td.
Joseph Addai ran wild on me and ended up with 216 yards and 3 TDs.

Based on those games i had to tweak the run game a lil bit. Im not finished yet, but it looks better than before, where the cpu consistently ran for about 7-10 yards every time he got the ball and i was stuffed for a loss nearly everytime but eventually break a big one.

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