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Madden 11 Custom Sliders by NYGiants4Natic

What's up gamers:

I just wanted to provide you guys here at OS with my V 1.0 set which I have been working on since I got the game about 8 days ago. I have read and heard the issues with the game being to offensive oriented and the defense being obsolete. I agree to a certain extent because in my many years of sports gaming, ever since they invented sliders I have felt it is needed to achieve the best possible game play experience (For You!!!) not for everybody. I see people say that the game should play realistic out of the box but what they do not realize is that we all do not have the same skill set and most importantly if a game had no sliders or was one difficulty level, most will bag the game within a month because as the more we play the better we get at the game and the CPU does not get better since it is a CPU which is programmed to be a certain way to simulate NFL football at it's core.

I may find All Pro to be easy on default and somebody else may think is hard therefore to them is realistic out of the box but to me I need to change some game play sliders to make the game play the way it fits my skill set and the better I get the slight changes I can make as the months go by till the next release day.

With that said. I have created a set which after tons of games and countless nights of tweaking and writing down game results and data. I have come to a set that has improved the high amount of big plays and made the cpu and human offensive drives last about 10-15 plays.

I must say that I only play with Game Flow and with game speed setting at Very Slow.(Here is why)

Game Flow to me is a big new positive method, the reason being that I am allowed to set up my game plan and my audible from the start. I hear people say that teams have tons of plays which is true, but if you guys ask for sim then that is not sim. Teams go into a game with a certain amount of plays that they want to run and most teams script their first 10 plays.

Also Game Flow allow the user to use plays that they would not in most cases because they become comfortable with about 10-15 plays and if you find a high % of success with a few plays you tend to go back to them and this is where the term (Money Plays) comes into play. We all have our money play which we know would most likely get us the yards needed and this leads to hair pulling and slider changing to counter that. With Game Flow you are the player and the coach sends the play in and is your job to make that play work. The audible are set up before you game in order to change a defensive formation that you do not like or an offensive play that you want to use when the CPU picked a play you know will fail. I use my audible perhaps 5% of the time only because I want to execute what the coach called for me to do. Try it and you will see your game skill rise up the charts.

I spent about 1 hour or so doing my NYG Game Flow set and it runs like a champ right now. But I also set up my audible to counter any serious CPU brain freeze when choosing a play for me but most times I run the play.

In terms of game speed: I feel that the animation system works much better with very slow or even slow for that matter. Anything higher is not realistic because you might say "Well the NFL is high speed" and it is but that is when you are on the actual field of play and not sitting on the couch controlling players with a controller. I know you guys hear of players saying that years into their careers the game slows down for them and they become better players. The speed of a receiver is not going to be altered vs the speed of corner if game speed is changed. That has nothing to do with game speed, the speed of the game is for the way the 22 players on the field move and not their speed. Also the animations are cleaner and more defined with slow game speed as oppose to fast twitches with fast game speed.

Key notes:

Raising the Human Pass Recognition to high will lead to many picks and unrealistic defensive play

Raising the CPU Pass Recognition to higher then I set it will result in only certain (Money Plays) to work. Curls and Outs are done before the WR does them by Corners or Safeties and is not realistic. All Plays must work for the game to be a true sim.

***Remember that this is a base set for those that want to work on their own skill set and they can use this as a starting point and tweak from there depending on what you see is to easy and to hard. I will continue to work on them and see if anything needs changing but I am one to believe that you cannot make constant changes since that defeats the purpose. I might release another version in a couple of weeks if need be***

I want to Thank Steve Noah for allowing my sliders to be posted to his forum here at OS


Ok I have gone on to low and now I will post the set and explain what I see when changing the sliders

All options are up to you but what I use is below

Game Flow (On)

Game Speed (Very Slow) ****You can choose your liking****

Game Clock (15 min)

Accelerated Clock (25 seconds run off)

Max penalties for False Start, Offside, DPI, OPI (The rest are all default)

Human Sliders (Custom)

QB Accuracy (24) This was done with the intent of more errand passes by the user
Pass Blocking (21) This will not hamper your PA plays but will lessen the time to throw which is key

WR Catching (32) This was done to help lessen the drops that happen on easy catches with no defender hitting you

RB Break Tackles (12) This works well and you can still break tackles with big backs and avoid hits with quick backs.

RB Run Blocking (38) This will allow for you to get holes but not gaping holes and improves on tackles for loss

RB Fumbles (27) I saw to many fumbles with this lower therefore it was raised a bit.

Pass Recognition (44) If you want to see the defense play smarter but not shut down cpu with ease then this works very well

Interceptions (0) I still get picks but now it is not every time I go for one

Pass Rush (33) This will provide a solid but not great pass rush depending on the teams d-line or opponents o-line.

Run Recognition (7) The CPU run game is much better this year but lowering this does not allow you to just jump all over the back
Break Blocks (31) This is very key, if you lower it then your d-line will be knocked down 8-10 times. Now is just tougher man wins
Tackling (39) This will help with the break tackles from the CPU which we lowered for their offensive sliders

CPU Sliders (Custom)

QB Accuracy (47) This will help reduce the CPU from completing 8-10 in a row with weaker qb's
Pass Blocking (11) This will help generate a pass rush from your CPU controlled d-line but not perfect
WR Catching (47) This will allow for certain drops to happen to keep things honest

Break Tackles (7) This will lower the amount of times J Addai stiff arms Kris Jenkins (LOL) Works well now and CPU can still truck
Run Blocking (69) This will allow for good CPU run game but not the ability to knock down your lineman on every down (Crucial Slider)
Fumbles (51) Saw a bit to many fumbles at default so raised it a bit to lower it a tad

Pass Recognition (49) Cannot be raised higher because curl routes and out routes will lead to CPU breaking before WR all the time
Interceptions (7) This will make you pay for your mistakes and lowers the amount of d-lineman picks
Pass Rush (33) This will get pressure on your after about 2-3 seconds but will help d-tackles just swimming around lineman

Run Recognition (43) This will help the CPU be alert to your tosses and counters but not to a level of knowing your plays
Break Blocks (55) Works very well in not allowing easy gaping holes but holes close faster so read well (On Slow Speed) Wink
Tackling (45) This will help the user break tackles after lowering the human break tackle slider

Special Teams (Custom)

FG Length (47) This will lower the amount of 58 yarders but keep it real with 45-50 yarders depending on kicker
FG Accuracy (53) This will help improve the CPU from missing FG in bad weather and at easy spots
Punt Length (47) This will help lower the return game a bit
Punt Accuracy (53) Allows for better placement down the lines
Kickoffs (47) Still see back of end zone kickoffs and now is more varied

Auto Subs (Custom) I only change RB and D-lineman

76 Out
84 In
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Icon7 Re: Madden 11 Custom Sliders by NYGiants4Natic

Was trolling around tonight looking for some sliders to test and these look interesting...consider me trying them.
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Re: Madden 11 Custom Sliders by NYGiants4Natic

Been going through my annual frustration of finding good sliders....these look pretty good and I like fact you've been working on them for a week, however, what are your settings for:

Injuries, Fatigue and Threshold? I'm assuming these are left at default
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Re: Madden 11 Custom Sliders by NYGiants4Natic

I already get over 120 plays with 12 min and 25 secs. no way I'm going to 15 mins lol.

what's the threshold?

Other than that, I think I'm going to give these a try.

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Re: Madden 11 Custom Sliders by NYGiants4Natic

First off I didn't use gameflow because it sucks but I just didn't make that many hot routes as I usually do. I set the threshold at 70 and played on very slow for the first time and it felt good, I felt like I had more control of what was going on.

Wow, I just played 2 games. Det (me) vs GB and I lost 30-27 (12 min. 25 sec run off). I was lucky with getting 2 big TD passes and a fumble recovery to set up an easy rushing TD. Ryan Grant was a beast getting over 150 yds but he broke a 58 yarder to inflate it a little. Rodgers had 270 passing yards but it felt legit.

Next game, I turned up the HUM tackling to 43 because Grant was breaking too many tackles and HUM INT to 35 because 0 you will never see picks.

Oak (me) vs ATL I lost 16-9(11 min 25 sec run off). Yeah I didn't score a TD, first so far this year. Turner got 15 carries for 55 yds and I only saw a few broken tackles which were fine.

-CPU is stout on D
-CPU can actually move the ball(instead of me shutting every team down)
-Passing is hard(although I ended with 300 yds with Stafford but went 13/28 with 3 TDs and 1 INT)
-Rushing is hard(not impossible, I broke off a few long runs)
-I actually lost...twice granted I purposely used bad teams against good teams.
-It doesn't seem like you get pressure but with Seymour I constantly got pressure and ended the game with 2 sacks.

-CPU breaks a little too much tackles
-Hard to pass
-Difficult to run

I'm gonna play a few more games tomorrow and see if I get the same results, then I may use these in my franchise and hopefully I will lose a few games lol
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Re: Madden 11 Custom Sliders by NYGiants4Natic

wow, I'm using these right now and there actually pretty good, I like the feel of it. I'll post stats in a few.
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Re: Madden 11 Custom Sliders by NYGiants4Natic


So just got done with my first game

I like these sliders, they were better than all the other ones I tried here on these forums.

The USER run game was pretty solid, not to hard, and not to overpowered IMO

I used threshold settings at 70 with very slow game play

12 mins with 25 secs

one thing i noticed was that the USER break tackling was way to easy, I would be doing that to often.


BRADY 90.0 28/42 266 Yards
T.EDWARDS 67.9 13/25 135 Yards

MARONEY 17-63 3.7 AVG (Very Accurate)
JACKSON 16-58 3.6 AVG
SPILLER 6-23 3.8 AVG

Overall, these were pretty realistic, I like the very slow game speed with 70 threshold. I like the running game, It is much better than the rest of the sliders that I tried where as I would always get tackled before crossing the line of scrimmage. I am going to try facing a much harder team and see if I get my *** kicked. Thanks for the sliders, peace out.

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Re: Madden 11 Custom Sliders by NYGiants4Natic


Just got done with game 2, used 70 threshold 12 min 25 secs

I gotta say, It wasn't that much of a challenge, I was the Seahawks and played against the 49er's.

It was a pretty easy passing game, a little bit to easy I'd say.

Kick returns and punt returns were to easy, I would avg 20-30 yard returns, I could of probably circle around them and gain 20 yards. And being able to break threw tackles a lot also gave me several more yards on average on top of that.

The USER running game was solid IMO, Sometimes I would only get 1 yard, and some times I would run full 10+ yards. I also got a 55 yard touchdown with Julius Jones. So it's good to see that big run plays can happen with these sliders.

The CPU was a little weak IMO, I have no idea how they even got two field goals, they barley got any first downs.

49er's (CPU) 6

HASSELBECK 19-30 204 Yards 94.3 Rating

JONES 14-95 6.7 AVG (55 long touch down)

ALEX SMITH 20-34 191 Yards, 74.5 Rating.

GORE 18-92 5.1 AVG
COFFEE 5-19 3.8 AVG

OVERALL: stats wise, it was pretty realistic if the Sea hawks had a good day. The CPU seemed a little weak even though they were the better team (Rating wise) USER passing game was cake, but realistic, USER Rushing game was spot on (2 games in a row) really liking the rushing.
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