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Re: Playmakers Madden 11 Custom Sliders

Originally Posted by cincy sean
This is a great set Playmakers!!!!! Very good feel on both sides of the ball

Bengals (user) vs. Indy (cpu) Final score: 24-17

This game was a blow out through 3 qtrs. But in a VERY realistic way. Cincy came back to make it close in the 4th and I think I will be rocking these for a while (more testing....but WOW these are good!!!


Palmer 19/36 for 346 yds 2 TD
Manning15/30 for 227 yds 2 TD

Im not going to type out all the stats due to my hunger at the moment for dinner and reds baseball, but All stats were VERY realistic. Indy got 2-3 sacks
and Cincy got 2 sacks. 1 total INT thrown by Manning 0 from Cincy
Running game was a lil slow for cincy, but I admit I really came into the game with alot of passing plays. I feel against a weaker D I could definatly get the yards I need to make it realistic. Good playcalling by CPU!!! FB run on 3rd and 4th INCHES and good varitey of plays by CPU (not just streak after streak. Playmakers, thanks man. Great Job, I will post more feedback after a few more games.

BTW it seemed that Indy was gameplanning to run alot, I really only gave up 2 big runs (my bad playcalling) I like it!!!
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Re: Playmakers Madden 11 Custom Sliders

About to give these a go...they look promising. Thanks PM
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Re: Playmakers Madden 11 Custom Sliders

I only played 2 quarters before the game froze but so far I love the early base! Really liked the rushing game. There was a good balance of stuffs, 2-3 yd gains and 6+ yarders.
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Re: Playmakers Madden 11 Custom Sliders

So I've been noticing that it is easy to beat hard teams when using a lower rated team, My first game I got 75 run touchdown with jackson (RAMS) vs Jets D-Line.

Im going to bump up the threshold way higher and see if it gets any harder.
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Re: Playmakers Madden 11 Custom Sliders

Just finished my 2nd game with thesee sliders. And i must say MUCH better outcome...although i lost it was a fun game! As i sit here writing this post i'm staring at the Team game stats and i'm Dumbfounded!!! I lost the game 27-33. I was the Panthers vs Greenbay Superbowl settings or whatever there called where is has the logos of the teams and the scores for each Quarter. now the panthers are on the bottom and it reads like this First quarter 3. Second quarter 16. 3rd quarter 7. 4th quarter 7. which equals 33!!!! FOR THE PANTHERS! Now for the Packers.
1st quarter 7. 2nd quarter 7. 3rd quarter 6. 4th quarter 7. for a total of 27 FOR THE PACKERS!!!! But i lost the game!!! Then down below it it has the summary.

Away-35 Home-27

295 Total off 363
143 Rushing Yards 31
152 Passing Yards 332
12 First Downs 10
441 Total Yards 454
3 Turnovers 3
21:42 Possession Time 18:18
Now How in The world did i win LOL!!!!!.....But Yet it showed the Packers recieving thr Superbowl trophy!!!!!!!
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Re: Playmakers Madden 11 Custom Sliders


Just played a game Mia(user) vs Pitt

I won 20-17.

Mia 234 yds passing 55% comp
Pitt 245 yds passing 61% comp

Mia 33 yds rushing on 33 carries
Pitt 101 yds rushing on 26 carries

Overall great game, but could not run at all. I had one run for 17 yds up the gut and the rest were horrendous. I could not get past Hampton and I was caught by the OLBs on every pitch i tried.

What could I adjust without throwing everything else out of whack.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Playmakers Madden 11 Custom Sliders

just finished first gme with these sliders i was houston playing the colts in my franchise

they beat me 17-14....

i played 7 min quarters with 15 sec run off ajd gameflow

the passing stata were accurate for both
manning was 21-32 for 271 yards

tebow was 14-22 for 267 yards ( had a long screen play for a touchdown

everything with these sliders felt right cept 1 thing...the running game...i left this game pissed off

the colts had 13 rushes for 27 yards
i had 13 rushes for 14 yards...that is so unrealistic it isnt even funny

run game def needs some tunning...but other than that...sliders seem very legit
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Re: Playmakers Madden 11 Custom Sliders

Originally Posted by Playmakers
I know how that feels.....

Congrat's it's the best feeling in the world IMO to see a baby born into this world. I've got 3 of them myself with her having twins a few years ago and and they have have grown up really fast on me.

The Nintendo Wii in my household gets some serious burn now days.

Thanks man. And thank you for saving Madden for me! the first game I tried between Atlanta (me) and Carolina with your sliders felt great - only problem was I couldn't run to save my life...seemed like the Carolina d-line was blowing up my O-line every time I called a run play. Then I lowered the run recognition to 65 and voila! Had a GREAT game with the Falcons and the Giants. I won 24-21 with a last minute TD to Roddy White. Stats were dead on...
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