++++NFL Franchise Authentic Gameflow Experience Sliders+++++

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++++NFL Franchise Authentic Gameflow Experience Sliders+++++

Gameplay experience and stats, along with smoother animations will happen, you will see the CPU move the ball more intelligently with longer drives, use these slider settings below for a challenging game.

I know these slider settings seem unusual, but this seems to be the way to go if you want see realistic smart drives from the CPU in franchise mode, make audibles, play conservatively when needed and go for the first down rather than a TD every play, etc. With other slider settings that have low settings, I would rarely see any great plays, sideline catches, big hits, great blocks and so on. The game felt very arcade like. Using higher slider settings seems "smoother" and the CPU offense actually moves the ball effectively and intelligently with longer drives, you will see consistent short gains, rather than 3 or 4 plays and a score. You will now see better blocking, if they man the box with 8 you will battle to run but may look to the air. Your now able to see 10+ plays a drive on some cases with some teams. You have to really play the situation whether its run or pass and account for play makers on the field. If your up against a great D you will struggle if you have a mediocre offense and vice verse. These are made for franchise.

You will get roughly a total of a 120 plays a game.

Offside: 66
False Start: 51
Holding: 51
Facemask: 52
Defensive Pass Interference: 95
Offensive Pass Interference: 100
KR/PR Interference: 100
Clipping: 51
Intentional Grounding: 100
Roughing the Passer: 90
Roughing the Kicker: 90

Auto-Sub Sliders
QB: 45/50
RB: 80/83
WR: 77/82
FB/TE: 71/76
OL: 22/27
DT: 79/84
DE: 79/84
LB: 72/78
CB: 65/71
S: 47/52

You will see guys sub in and out, specially on long drives or big plays and hits.

+++Updated 7/09/10+++
+++Updated 16/09/10+++ (Patch seemed to have some slight effects on defense.)
+++Updated 6/1/11+++ (Version 1.05Patch)

QB Accuracy: 18 - 100
Pass Blocking: 65 - 100
WR Catching: 52 - 95

Break Tackles: 85 - 100
Run Blocking: 37 - 100 (Top play makers and RB's will be able to get those big plays and yards when your rushing the ball.)
Fumbles: 42 - 67 (Players seem to strip the ball more often now, This is not spot on as of yet so feedback on this would help-how many fumbles are happening in your franchise?)

Pass Defense
Reaction Time: 35 - 100
Interceptions: 32 - 80
Pass Rushing: 35- 95 (You should get on average 2-3 sacks a game.)

Run Defense
Reaction Time: 33 - 95
Block Shedding: 32 - 98 (You have to be honest on defense and stack the box if its a good rusher, AP, MJD, CJ2k etc) - Depending on your skill level, if you find the run a bit to hard to stop even with AVG RB's just bump up to 37 and lastly 40 if its necessary.
Tackling: 93 - 100

Play calling: Gameflow/Conventional (Either way works guys)
QTR Length: 15 Minutes
ACC Clock: 25 Seconds
Auto strafe: On
Auto sprint: Off
Injuries: 31
Fatigue: 53
Game Speed: Slow
Player Minimum Threshold: 0 (This is the biggest change, I moved it down to 0 from 60 for even more realistic experience)

Special Teams
Field Goal Power: 60
Field Goal Accuracy: 50
Punt Power: 70
Punt Accuracy: 100
Kickoff Power:

It is also noted that you should lower the CPU's aggression on both sides of the ball, Offensive especially. Just need to notch down the aggressiveness under the teams "coaching schemes" , 40 or 50 works fine. With this you should see less big plays and longer sustaining drives. Works well for these slider settings. This takes roughly only 30 seconds per team.

I urge everyone to try these out, I have been working on these since i got the game, I want the play makers to stand out, good defense to be noticeable.

Feedback from anyone would be greatly appreciated, want to see how it plays for others (I can help you make the correct changes if need be, just let me know.)

Below is one of my latest games with these sliders. Using the Jets against the Bills during the week 4 opening game.

Jan 1, - NYJ at BUF
Buffalo Bills (0-4)373913
New York Jets (3-1)7771031
Team Stats Comparison
425Total Offense318
187Rushing Yards61
238Passing Yards257
22First Downs12
17Punt Return Yards0
80Kick Return Yards132
522Total Yards450
9-143rd Down Converstion5-11
1-14th Down Conversion0-1
0-02-Point Conversion0-0
3-3Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3-5
38:31Posession Time21:29
Scoring Summary
11:04(NYJ) B.Edwards 32 Yd pass from M.Sanchez70
5:22(BUF) R.Lindell, 34 Yd FG73
6:44(BUF) D.Nelson 10 Yd pass from R.Fitzpatrick710
0:43(NYJ) L.Tomlinson, 2 Yd run1410
10:48(BUF) R.Lindell, 23 Yd FG1413
4:11(NYJ) L.Tomlinson, 7 Yd run2113
12:53(NYJ) N.Folk, 28 Yd FG2413
3:33(NYJ) D.Kelller 22 Yd pass from M.Sanchez3113
Buffalo Bills Boxscore
K.Wilson8 (6 solo)0020
D.Harris5 (4 solo)1000
New York Jets Boxscore
J.Byrd9 (7 solo)0000
D.Edwards8 (7 solo)0000

These slider settings are made for Franchise. For FAQ please visit the site below posted by Vitch, very useful information to help you with any problems you might have.


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Re: ++++NFL Franchise Authentic Gameflow Experience Sliders+++++

Testing these out with the Seahawks in the next few hours. Will be sure to give as much fb as possible.
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Re: ++++NFL Franchise Authentic Gameflow Experience Sliders+++++

Anyone manage to give these a go? Feedback would be a good thing.
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Re: ++++NFL Franchise Authentic Gameflow Experience Sliders+++++

1st game: Bengals (CPU) @ Seahawks (HUM)

HT: Bengals up by 14-6.

TOyards: 220 161

Ryards: 53 (on 16c) 34 (on 8c)

Pyards: 167 (on 17t) 127 (on 22t)

Fdowns: 7 7

Tovers: 1(-1) 0(+1) Tipped passed, INT

At HT I've switched the CPUs Pass D down so that all three sliders sit at 95. Over so slightly too much pressure for me.

FT 17 26

TOyards: 410 347

Ryards: 90 (off 28c) 119 (off 26c)

Pyards: 320 (off 37t) 228 (off 40t)

Fdowns: 14 17

Tovers: 2(-2) 0(+2)

Player Stats:


C. Whitehurst 82.1 17/32 195yds 1TD
M. Hasselbeck (inj early on) 52.1 2/8 48yds
C.Palmer 102.8 18/28 257yds 2TD
J. O'Sullivan 79.4 5/9 67yds


J. Forsett 14c 76yds 5.4ypc 1TD
L. Washington 8c 41 yds 5.1ypc
J. Jones 1c 8yds 8ypc
C. Benson 22c 76yds 3.4ypc
B. Scott 4c 6yds 1.5ypc
F. Vakapuna 2c 8yds 4.0ypc

Despite the sudden turn around I don't think this was triggered by the change in sliders entirely. With only one passing TD I wouldn't say that the passing game was made a LOT easier with the changes I made. 2 turnovers and a solid running game won the game.

On a side note, having the sliders high does make the players play like they would IRL I feel, I had one or two near-sacks on Palmer that he evaded brilliantly and Estaban had some quality diving catches. On to game 2.

2nd game

Chiefs @ Seahawks

FT 22 38

TOyards: 397 352

Ryards: 202 (off 16c) 193 (off 42)

Pyards: 195 (off 40t) 159 (off 33t)

Fdowns: 12 18

Tovers: 3(-3) 0(+3)

Player stats:


M. Hasselbeck 78.7 18/33 167yds 1TD
M. Cassel 82.2 23/40 229yds 1TD


L. Washington 18c 81yds 4.5ypc
J. Forsett 18c 91yds 5.0ypc 3TD
J. Jones 3c 29yds 9.6ypc 1TD

J.Charles 10c 189yds 18.9ypc 2TD (Just two HUGE carries to the house)
T. Jones 5c 10yds 2.0ypc

Despite a high scoring game this was a fairly close fought game at times, they're 2 rushing TDs were HUGE runs while the rest of their running game wasn't up to much. Meanwhile, A fairly standard Seahawks passing game for me, a strong running game and some nice yardage following forced fumbles.

So far so good.
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Re: ++++NFL Franchise Authentic Gameflow Experience Sliders+++++

Nice, Im glad you can see the difference in players ability, guys with good attributes will play well in the game, rather than some low rated guys getting super good stats, you want see Bradford throw for 300 yards, and you wont see the Jets D get run on over 150 unless you have a stud running game and RB.

Use the Seahawks and go play a someone like the jets with a really good rated D, that should also give you a better feel for how these sliders play out.

Have not seen that many big plays with these sliders, although I can see Charles breaking for big runs, he does have a 97 SPD and 98 ACC

I have since updated the slider settings since the first post, hope you have made the right adjustments, should be a little tougher and more low scoring. The injury slider can also go as low as 35 if your finding to many guys are getting injured often.
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Re: ++++NFL Franchise Authentic Gameflow Experience Sliders+++++

How are sacks looking with these sliders?
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Re: ++++NFL Franchise Authentic Gameflow Experience Sliders+++++

Originally Posted by d4rk1ghtcrawler
How are sacks looking with these sliders?
The beauty of the sliders is what defense you have going up against what offense.

A good D with lots of pressure on against a so so offense should get around 3+ a game, depending on the scoreline and so on. You will it differ with each team, a good passing rushing D should see a steady amount of stacks, very realistic.
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Re: ++++NFL Franchise Authentic Gameflow Experience Sliders+++++

I play with the Panthers and I know that they rarely blitz. They run a Tampa 2 an rely on their front four to get pressure.
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