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Re: TheDelta's Custom All-Madden Sliders

sorry but what do you mean, Game Speed - Very Slow (see above) ??

Do you mean use whatever I feel comfortable with?
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Re: TheDelta's Custom All-Madden Sliders

Exactly. I like the slowest setting because it just feels better to watch the play develop, if you feel more comfortable with a faster setting, go for it. Doesn't really change anything about the rest of the sliders.
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Re: TheDelta's Custom All-Madden Sliders

Originally Posted by TheDelta
I've decided to give it a try with a new team, just to see how challenging these sliders are with a worse team, so I used a Fantasy Draft to create the "Tim Tebow Experience", trying to build a team around Tebow and see where it's going. Let's just say it was quite the "experience"...

And if you ever doubted how much ratings matter in this game, these are the same sliders I used to completely dominate the CPU in my Black Knights franchise...

San Francisco (CPU) 43
Seattle (me) 3


T. Romo 26/31, 301 Yards, 1 TD, 0 INT
T. Tebow 12/27, 143 Yards, 0 TD, 4 INT


R. Grant 34 ATTs, 145 Yards, 1 TD
W. McGahee 8 ATTs, 44 Yards
T. Romo 4 ATTs, 12 Yards, 1 TD

J. Best 5 ATTs, 29 Yards
B. Wells 3 ATTs, 13 Yards

I think the stats speak for themself. Neither offense nor defense could make anything happen, Romo was completely unstoppable, his only incompletions were a couple deep balls against 13 mph wind coming from the side. I kind of contained their running game in the first half but that somehow completely broke down after that.

I guess it's gonna be a long season Gotta keep myself from making it easier, though, I really want the challenge this time and want to know if I get better and can make something happen.

Next one was a 44-41 shootout I lost against the Broncos, but only since they allowed me to score 3 TDs in garbage time. Kyle Orton threw for 480 Yards and 5 TDs, coming into the 4th quarter, the Broncos were a whopping 10/12 on 3rd down, so does anyone have any kind of advice on how to play pass defense against the CPU with QB Accuracy above 50? I mean I don't have Revis, but I think Finnegan and Vontae Davis as my starting CBs aren't exactly trash, Patrick Robinson as nickel corner and Earl Thomas and Eric Berry as safeties, so sure, they might get burned once in a while but Orton had a whole of 5 incompletions on 40 attemps... that's just not right. And I got Cushing, Curry, Mayo and Washington as LBs so I wouldn't consider that a weak spot either. I tried everything, man, zone, blitz, zone blitz, rushed 3, 4, 5, 6, it didn't matter...

I hear you on this. I'm having a hard time balancing competition from the cpu and realistic stats. Many games I win , I feel the cpu outplayed me (often he has total yards and plays advantage over me). but he makes key mistakes and I win. When I bump him up to overcome the mistakes he starts putting up insane numbers. Kyle Orton should not EVER go 35-40. I seemingly have to choose between good competition or realistic stats.
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