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Cre8's Sliders

The Type of Gameplay You Should Expect With These
These sliders have largely been influenced by those created by Jarodd21 and MJHYANKEES.
I have had to make some changes in order to bring more of what I consider 'realism'.

Realism - My definition for this is largely influenced by the fact that this is a game and the gamer has control of one player at a time. In that regard, it is an effort to get the other 21 players on the field to interact realistically while still being able to maintain an entertaining experience that keeps a Franchise Mode from getting dull with too many victories.

You should expect -
+ Tough CPU running game
+ DB/WR interactions at the LOS will make SPD matter more/less depending on who you have at those respective positions
+ Fatigue plays a big role in defensive performance (I use Jarodd's Auto-Sub Settings for this I believe)
+ User Pass Rush needs work if you aren't manually controlling the player (This is a known issue, however)

Some of the things I do for my own experience-
- On occasion I will square up for User Picks on long passes, but INTs largely occur a realistic amount otherwise.
- User catching is necessary on occasion in order to beat the CPU ESP Ability to deflect or pick off passes they shouldn't.
- Build up for playaction passes by running the ball 3 or 4 times as you drive down the field.
- Use the hard count to keep the nano-blitzing at bay.

NTTV Sliders/Settings
Settings -
10 Minute Quarters
Playcalling - Conventional
Acc Clock - 15 Secs
Cam - Standard
Auto Sprint and Strafe - OFF
Injury - 15
Fatigue - 55
Game Speed - Slow
Speed Thresh - 5

Offside - 99
False State - 54
Holding - 52
Facemask - 55
DPI - 99 (Rarely Called)
OPI - 99 (Even more rare than DPI)
KR/PRI - 99
Clipping - 25
Int Grounding - 99 (CPU Is Never Called for this)
Rough Passer - 52
Rough Kicker - 99

QBA - 30/30
PBK - 15/75
CTH - 25/55

BRKTKL - 25/0
RBK - 25/40
FUM - 25/50

Pass Defense
React - 10/15
INT - 25/15
PRSH - 40/30

Rush Defense
React - 18/35
BLKS - 18/22
TAK - 25/10

FGP - 50
FGA - 50
PPW - 55
PAC - 70
KPW - 50

*BOLD = Indicates recently changed value

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Cre8's Arena
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Re: Cre8's Sliders

Please let me know if you guys have any issues with these. It is kind of late in the game for new sliders, but I figure it is always good to do some tweaking to find out exactly what makes sliders 'good' for each person.

I recently turned Roughing the Passer down to 52 in order to alleviate the constant whistles for merely bumping the QB.

(Although, it seems to be the more realistic way to have it... Thanks Goodell."
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Re: Cre8's Sliders

Made a couple of tweaks that resulted in a much more realistic game against the Ravens in Season 3/Week 1. Final Score 31-28 with a game winning FG to steal a victory in Baltimore. It was a blast!

Both QBs were over 50% but finished with under 300 yards.
Both HBs finished with under 100 yards rushing.

Got some decent pass rush going as well with a new custom playbook. That really helps freshen up the game a bit if you switch to a new Coordinator or something, switch up your plays.
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