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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 13 All-Madden sliders

Originally Posted by AD.
Great job Jarodd. I'm using the Blue Set and I love the set.. I'm finishing up 2012 season 7-9 as Vikings.. I've had alot games that I got blown out in and and least were close games.. The season status for my team is.. Adrian Peterson 1990 yards..10 TD's(so close needed 10 yards to have 2000) Christian ponder had 1500 yards 12 TD's 6 Ints.. Percey harvin had 4 TD's. 300 Yards.. (stats for him low because he got injury to end season for him in week 6) Jerome Simpson 500 yards 3 TD's Kyle Rudoplh 300 yards 3 TD's the Other 2 were Adrian peterson. Special teams My kicker farthest kick was 56 yards. Shortest 21 yards. My punter kick the ball under 20 yard line 10 times. I had 4 kick returns and 1 Punt returns. My defensive Came together have 13 Int's and 15 sacks. My offensive of line isn't really need to be talked about lol. I had the worse offense in nfl due to injuries. Ponder was sack 25 times. I love the status I get through the year and my games!!
What's going on AD? That's good the blue set worked out for you man.. You definitely went Beast mode with Adrian Peterson I see.. I can tell you depending on him for most of the season.. Haha! Hopefully the next season for you turns out better and you make the playoffs.. What are you looking to get in the draft?
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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 13 All-Madden sliders

D.Brees 18-31 302yrds 3TD 3INT (qb rating 83.7%)
P.Thomas 16 carries for 107yrds 1TD
D.Sproles 6 carries for 32yrds 0TD
T.Cadet 2 carries for 16yrds OTD
C.Ivory 3 carries for 16yrds 0TD
M.Ingram 3carries for 14yrds 0TD
D.Brees 2 carries for 14yrds 0TD 1 Fumble
J.Graham 6 Rec for 84yrds 2TD
M.Colston 4 Rec for 108yrds 1TD(game winning TD)
L.Moore 4 Rec for 81yrds 0TD
D.Henderson 1 Rec for 3yrds 0TD
D.Thomas 1 Rec for 19yrds 0TD
J.Collins 1 Rec for 7yrds 0TD
P. Thomas 1 Rec for 0yrds 0TD

C.Palmer 22-31 356yrds 3TD 0INT (qb rating 141.3%)
T.Jones 14 carries for 71yrds 0TD
D.McFadden 19 carries for 48yrds 0TD(got in injured in 2nd quarter, Did not return)
B.Scaife 8 Rec for 107yrds 0TD
D.Heyward-Bey 4 Rec for 125yrds 1TD
J.Ford 3 Rec for 42yrds 1TD
R.Streater 2 Rec for 30yrds 0TD
D.McFadden 1 Rec for 1yrd
D.Moore 1 Rec for 4yrds 1TD
T.Jones 1 Rec for 14yrds 0TD
M.Reece 1 Rec for 12yrds 0TD

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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 13 All-Madden sliders

Originally Posted by Jarodd21
Yeah you have to pay attention to what's going on up front and cut it back to the lane that open up. Just check the replays you'll see the holes and then you'll get a better feel for what to do the next time.. Don't hit the sprint button until you know where you are going. That is definitely part of the problem.. Keep me posted on how that game goes..
Wow...thanks SO MUCH for the advice! It really has worked. first game with ridley i struggled a bit, had 26 carries for 88 yards. but averaged 4 ypc as a team. second game had 27 carries for 145 yards!!! I dont hold RT every time, and wait for the holes and hit them. Your advice worked perfectly. Im 2-0 with the Patriots with these sliders and having SO MUCH FUN with the game. Thanks again Jarrod!
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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 13 All-Madden sliders

Originally Posted by Jarodd21
Well at least your defense stepped it up in the 2nd half and slowed down there running. Hopefully they play better the rest of the way.. What is your record?
Now, I'm 1-1 after beating the Browns by the score of 27-20 at home. They were up 13-3 but I came back 27-13 before I ended up winning it. It was a blast!

I threw two more picks. Dalton has 2 TDs and 7 picks on the season so far. I gotta work on making better decisions on when I throw the football lol Plus I need to find holes where Green-Ellis can gain some yards.

Since then, I have made few tweaks and I think I am where I want to be. You have done an amazing job with your black set!!
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Post Re: Jarodd21s Madden 13 All-Madden sliders

I feel like the cpu runs the ball way too much against me. I'm playing as the Browns and am 2-6 right now in my Offline CCM. Usually I am playing from behind so I can understand that when I'm behind that the CPU will run the ball the more, but even when I am up by 7 or when I'm tied with the computer their run pass ratio is 60-40 to 65-35. I do notice a shift if I'm up by more than 1 score or if it's inside the two minute warning and they have the ball. I am using a power run scheme for the browns right now and am using the green sliders. I know the Browns run defense is bad while the pass defense is generally pretty good, but I think the cpu is averaging 25-30 passes and about 30-40 runing plays. Should I try changing my scheme to balanced? I'm wondering if the cpu determines that running the ball against me is the way to go, but the ratio seems out of whack. To be clear I've been in all but 2 of the 8 games and while the cpu is having good success against me rushing the ball they are probably only averaging 4.5-5 ypc a good amount but nothing crazy.
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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 13 All-Madden sliders

Playing with some red set, 1-2 with my Vikings so far. Ponder's on 3 TD's 7 interceptions (He had 6 in the first 2 games, and then I stopped acting like a gunslinger and making bad decisions, only had 1 pick in my 3rd game). Peterson's rushed for 100+ yards and 2 TD's each game, and it's been nice and competitive. Coulda beaten 49ers in the last second maybe but Harvin dropped a beautiful throw in the endzone and I lost 33-28. Hoping to get 8+ wins and maybe make playoffs. Used to jam black set in the last Maddens, but black set kills me at the moment, even have a hard time on blue set, so I'm using the red set now, works out well for me and gives realistic results so far. Maybe the 100+ rushing yards vs 49ers isn't that realistic, few teams accomplish that vs that D in real life, but it's Peterson who's a beast! Had a sweet 80 yard rush busting tackles, ended with juking Donte Whitner, he didn't know what happened. Awesome set of sliders.

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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 13 All-Madden sliders

Originally Posted by Jarodd21
Tough loss man.. I was pulling for you to get that trophy man.. Who did you lose to free agency?
I know I think i've played 7 combined seasons throughout the last 2 Maddens with your black set and I always finish the regular season 9-7 or like 10-6 and I always win the wild card match then lose in the Division round.. Haha, well I made it to the NFC championship game once but the Falcons killed me.

I lost 3 CB's. Kelvin Hayden who fit my scheme perfectly. Had an amazing season. I also lost Johnathan Whilite and D.J. Moore who were good fill ins, STers.

I then lost my platoon starting LOLBs in Nick Roach and Geno Hayes who both stepped up big time this season.

Then I lost 2 Offensive Line starters (they weren't very good but there starting for other teams and I have worse in now haha.) I lost my backup QB Jason Campell.

Then another killer was losing Idonije who fit my scheme perfectly he had around 50 tackles and 17ish sacks. Just was a beast against the run and pass.

I also traded Brandon Hardin (DROY and Defensive back of the year) for a 3rd round pick so I could draft a Superstar FS. So they kind of negate each other although Hardin was a little better physically and had a great year.
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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 13 All-Madden sliders

ok Started a game had had to tend to the kiddos, so trying a game this morning with your red set!!! if its to much i will go to green set. its the ravens vs the texans at texas
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