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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 13 All-Madden sliders

Originally Posted by Jarodd21
Haha! Damn you are doing pretty good man.. You might need to start slowly dropping the USER accuracy. . That's the only thing left to tweak.. I know you are having close games but you still shouldn't be undefeated with the Jets.. Haha! You don't have to drop it to 3 but you can drop it to 4 or 5 and work from there..
I know I am due for a loss I can feel it coming, I only blew out the Colts.... all the other games have been a TD or less. It took the preseason to get used to these sliders, but I love them now. I play very conservative on O, I run the ball alot and choose to pass only when the D gives me something. I have a stingy D and they bail me out often with a few sacks or maybe a pick here and there. Jags up next.... Jones Drew ripped me on the blue set, so I better be prepared this time.
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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 13 All-Madden sliders

Originally Posted by Jarodd21
What's going on man? Appreciate then support.. Which set are you using?
i'm using the green set..i'm just transitioning from all-pro and i played about half a season on all-madden with the standard sliders and was just getting killed. not one game was even close, i didn't expect to go undefeated or anything like that, but it just wasn't a good time. i tried your sliders and it really helped me out, it made it more realistic, while helping me get used to the all-madden feel of the game. if that makes sense ha
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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 13 All-Madden sliders

In my second season with the Browns, this was an intense OT game. First game of the year. It was like 5-3 for the longest of time until I was trying to end the half and Richardson broke one off.

Andrew Luck was too clutch in the end.

Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts
Cleveland Browns (0-0)01207019
Indianapolis Colts (0-0)3079322
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense353437
Rushing Yards120148
Passing Yards233289
First Downs1820
Punt Return Yards4714
Kick Return Yards17645
Total Yards576496
3rd Down Converstion79
4th Down Conversion00
2-Point Conversion00
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals66100
Posession Time35:0439:57
Cleveland Browns
B. Weedon24/4327511
T. Richardson211014.81
T. Cadet4194.80
G. Little915617.30
J. Gordon66611.01
T. Richardson331.00
C. Power3279.00
J. Cameron100.00
K. Winslow11111.00
J. Phillips11212.00
Indianapolis Colts
A. Luck19/2930610
D. Brown371203.20
A. Luck4194.80
D. Carter199.00
J. Shockey711716.70
R. Wayne46315.80
J. Casey252.50
M. Williams22311.50
D. Minor28241.01
C. Fleener166.00
D. Brown11010.00
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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 13 All-Madden sliders

hi jarrod, i have been using your black set for 6 seasons now (madden 13) finally i am now 7-0 with the jets. i have tweaked a little bit but after this season i will use exactly yours or any other that you perfect when the time comes.before my 6th season my best record was 8-8, last season). However i acwuired a phenomenal qb(this has made a big difference) he,s an 84 but i seem to makle him play at a higher level. I also drafted unknowingly a wr that has a 99 speed....First time i see this...I use him a a return man and he has 3 td's in 7 games...His speed definitely makes a difference on returns....I guess having very good players does make a difference...Anyways, i will await for your upgraded sliders than you for all of your imput into this game.....
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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 13 All-Madden sliders

Originally Posted by Jarodd21
I use the black set and adjust the other 3 sliders based off that for guys who aren't quite on that level of gameplay...

I just been running a test CCM trying to perfect the sliders before I officially start my CCM. I'll probably be ready to go by this weekend or sometime next week.. I'll be posting highlights and stats when I do. I was doing that last year on 12..
Is that going to be on this thread? Now that would be an interesting read.

The sliders are working perfectly with my CCM now. Thank you for the time you've put in Jarodd!
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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 13 All-Madden sliders

Yeah i downloaded the patch and are you talking about the carries oy the yards because the bears stopped running once i hurt forte
Best Sliders For Ncaa 13 IMOhttp://www.operationsports.com/forum...n-sliders.html
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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 13 All-Madden sliders

Using the second set - or should I say the Red

Using he second set. Can't seem to stop them very often, gash me for lot's.

Hi Jarrod, running an offline CCM as a coach, using the Jags, so I know they are the greatest. But get gased on running plays. Any tweeks, or just need to gut it out. No problem either way, but maybe others are having the same experience.

Originally Posted by Jarodd21
Which set are you using?

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Re: Jarodd21s Madden 13 All-Madden sliders

The Giants season ended in disappointment as they lost their first playoff game.

San Francisco 49ers at New York Giants
San Francisco 49ers (10-6)31401027
New York Giants (11-5)073010
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense317232
Rushing Yards14641
Passing Yards171196
First Downs1711
Punt Return Yards230
Kick Return Yards39125
Total Yards379357
3rd Down Converstion6-112-12
4th Down Conversion0-03-5
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3/20/1
Penalties4/35 yards2/25 yards
Posession Time32:0219:58
Scoring Summary
0:48(SFO) David Akers 22 yard FG30
10:52(NYG) Hakeem Nicks 25 yard pass from Eli Manning(Tynes kick)37
4:16(SFO) Brandon Jacobs 16 yard TD run(Akers kick)107
0:51(SFO) Mario Manningham 14 yard pass from Alex Smith(Akers kick)177
3:51(NYG) Tynes 30 yard FG1710
11:28(SFO) Akers 30 yard FG2010
1:57(SFO) Frank Gore 2 yard run2710
San Francisco 49ers
Alex Smith18-2018410
Frank Gore231255.41
Brandon Jacobs3144.61
Mario Manningham45112.71
Michael Crabtree36120.30
Patrick Willis6110
Donte Whitner5010
David Akers2/33/3931
Andy Lee3135451
Perrish Cox23919.50
Ted Ginn22311.50
New York Giants
Eli Manning19-3519912
Ahmad Bradshaw11211.90
David Wilson6203.30
Hakeem Nicks7699.81
Victor Cruz69115.10
Michael Boley9000
Justin Tuck5200
Antrel Rolle5000
Lawrence Tynes1/11/1431
Steve Weatherford28944.50
Jerrel Jernigan5125250

The offense struggled against the 49ers defense, and their offense moved it when they had to, tough loss. I'll post my stats and a recap of the season later.
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