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It's about that time
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Re: Charter04's Madden 13 All-Pro Sim Sliders

If I raise the player pass reaction slider from default 50, should I adjust any others to compensate?
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Re: Charter04's Madden 13 All-Pro Sim Sliders

I just got ran over by the Jets' ground attack. They had 200 yards on the ground by half time. 8O
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User rushing is a bit too easy. I'm leading the league in rushing yards with Beanie Wells, about 90 yards ahead of the number 2 (week 8).

I've decreased user run block by 10 and will report back

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The Beginning
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Re: Charter04's Madden 13 All-Pro Sim Sliders

New Orleans Saints at Green Bay Packers
Sep 30, 20121ST2ND3RD4THSCORE
New Orleans Saints (2-1)71313336
Green Bay Packers (3-0)7140728
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense470400
Rushing Yards166129
Passing Yards304271
First Downs2221
Punt Return Yards0110
Kick Return Yards48142
Total Yards518652
3rd Down Converstion9-17(52%)4-10(40%)
4th Down Conversion0-0(0%)0-1(0%)
2-Point Conversion0-1(0%)0-0(0%)
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2/12/0
Posession Time34:1025:50
Scoring Summary
8:01(GNB) R. Cobb, returned punt 76 Yds (M. Crosby kick)07
4:04(NOR) M. Colston, 68 Yd pass from D. Brees (J. Kasay kick)77
12:56(NOR) J. Kasasy, 39 Yd FG107
12:43(GNB) C. Benson, 76 Yd run (M. Crosby kick)1014
7:52(NOR) J. Kasay, 26 Yd FG1314
1:07(NOR) D. Sproles, 9 Yd pass from D. Brees (J. Kasay kick)2014
0:30(GNB) J. Nelson, 1 Yd pass from A. Rodgers (M. Crosby kick)2021
11:31(NOR) D. Sproles, 2 Yd run (2-point failed)2621
4:54(NOR) D. Henderson, 67 Yd pass from D. Brees (J. Kasay kick)3321
8:10(GNB) G. Jennings, 2 Yd pass from A. Rodgers (M. Crosby kick)3328
0:00(NOR) J. Kasay, 44 Yd FG3628
New Orleans Saints
D. Brees22/3832031
D. Sproles291083.71
J. Addai6518.50
J. Collins122.00
M. Ingram11111.00
M. Colston511422.81
D. Sproles5428.41
J. Graham4328.00
D. Henderson39030.01
D. Thomas23015.00
M. Ingram155.00
L. Moore199.00
J. Bushrod30
J. Evans10
Z. Strief11
C. Brown01
B. Rudd90.000
D. Hawthorne71.000
M. Jenkins70.010
S. Shanle52.010
C. White40.000
R. Harper40.000
P. Robinson30.010
L. Wilson30.000
J. Greer20.000
E. Mack20.000
C. Jordan20.000
C. Chamberlain10.000
J. Amaya10.000
J. Kasay3/33/31245
T. Morstead522144.20
L. Moore12424.00
D. Sproles12424.00
Green Bay Packers
A. Rodgers34/4430323
C. Benson1212310.21
J. Nelson166.00
G. Jennings810613.21
J. Nelson78612.21
D. Driver6376.10
C. Benson4317.70
J. Finely3144.60
J. Jones2189.00
R. Cobb11616.00
D. Williams122.00
B. Bulaga21
T. Lang10
D. Sherrod01
C. Benson01
A. Hawk80.000
M. Burnett80.000
M. Jennings60.000
J. Bush40.000
N. Perry40.000
E. Walden30.000
R. Pickett31.000
C. Matthews31.000
B. Raji20.000
J. McMillian20.000
S. Shields20.010
T. Williams20.000
C. Wilson20.000
M. Crosby0/14/440
T. Masthay315150.31
R. Cobb37725.60
T. Williams24422.00
J. Nelson12121.00
R. Cobb411027.51

I played a terrible game, forcing passes, holding the ball to long, just crazy stuff like that. The only thing that keep me in this game was my running attack, the big special teams touchdown I had in the first quarter and my defense holding them to field goals. I did have a chance to win late but Starks fumbled(first fumble I've seen) after he catch the ball.

My sliders are:

qb accuracy -------- 10/55
pass block ---------- 50/55
wr catch ------------- 45/52
broken tackles ----- 60/60
run block ------------ 50/57
fumbles -------------- 12/20
pass defense ------- 85/85
interceptions -------- 15/45
pass rush ------------ 55/57
run defense ---------- 0/47
block shedding ------ 40/45
tackling ---------------- 10/40

fg power --------------- 44
fg accuracy ------------- 40
punt power ------------ 47
punt accuracy ---------- 33
kickoff power ----------- 49

injuries ------------------- 60
fatigue ------------------- 80
threshold ---------------- 45
Normal speed

My IR after this game, got hit by some what of an injury bug.

C. Woodson Abdominal Tear 3 weeks
C. Matthews Broken Collarbone 5 weeks
D. Driver Fractured Shoulder Blade 23 weeks (put him on the injured reserve)
D. Bishop Dislocated Ankle 2 weeks

I may turn injuries down 1 or 2 points.

Auto Sub Sliders
QB in/out ------- 1/0
HB in/out -------- 85/80
WR in/out ------- 65/60
FB/TE in/out ---- 65/60
OL in/out -------- 1/0

DT in/out -------- 75/70
DE in/out -------- 75/70
LB in/out --------- 60/55
CB in/out --------- 55/50
S in/out ----------- 55/50

I'm still testing these.

I'm gonna try raising the HB in/out because I am not seeing the back ups come in enough for my taste.
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Re: Charter04's Madden 13 All-Pro Sim Sliders

Originally Posted by DerkontheOS
Are back up running backs running all over the place on anyone else?

I am testing fatigue/auto subs and the Saints have Addai and he has 5 carriers for like 50 yards... But Sproles is only averaging 3.0 ypc...No comprende.
Nope, I'm seeing a noticeable drop in production once the starter goes out. The ONLY thing I am thinking about changing is the HUM pass blocking (I'm giving up an average of 5 sacks a game) and catching. My last 4 games I have had 7, 9, 8, 7 drops, and since I NEVER user catch, I may bump catching back up o 50. Oddly enough Season stats doesn't show you how many drops you have.

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Re: Charter04's Madden 13 All-Pro Sim Sliders

Excellent set! I've tried all the top set for Madden 13 and none of them worked for me. I finally got destroyed by the Saints in my Redskins franchise. Brees tore it up! Thank you. Realism finally!
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Re: Charter04's Madden 13 All-Pro Sim Sliders

I have a problem. It's actually a problem I have with the game (on multiple slider sets), but since it looks like I'll definitely be using these this year I figured I'd ask in this thread:

Does zone D work for any of you? It absolutely does not work for me on this game. Zone blitzes are even worse.
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Re: Charter04's Madden 13 All-Pro Sim Sliders

Originally Posted by MoGotti
i have it on what it is one the page one where the sliders are listed....

this is online CCM...after the CCM games i played a play now online game, and had the best game ive ever played in madden beat St. Louis 16-10 in OT. had better stats for Cam. he didnt go crazy and the rushing was legit. they couldn't pass on my D, but Stephen Jackson had 32 touches for 156 and a TD. so, it played really ncie in play now. I'm just having arcade games in ONLINE CCM
I'm sorry about that because most are getting pretty realistic games on online ccm. Did you use 15 quarters?
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