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Re: Madden 06 Impressions

Originally Posted by pk500
No, the difference is that Badgun and I are both 40 or older, and we can have a conversation among ourselves with a few jabs and words of disagreement, and we don't consider it "dissing" or an affront to our manhood, with all the ensuing personal attacks.

Thankfully, the hard-working, underappreciated mods at this forum recognize that.

Bad and I go back quite a ways at the DSP Forum. We may not agree on everything in sports gaming, but there is mutual respect.

Take care,
Absolutely! pk and I rarely agree on anything. You should have seen our thread on Ipods. But he is correct, I don't have to agree with someone to respect them and throughout all of our discussions, no matter how heated they get, we never stoop to the dreaded name calling which causes so much ill will and hurt feelings, not to mention it will get you banned.

pk is one of the most well respected guys here and at DSP and even though we disagree today, tomorrow we may well be agreeing on something entirely different.
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Re: Madden 06 Impressions

After playing this years Madden on Xbox I thought I would give an impression.

I have the say the speed of the game is insanely fast! (Is there a setting somewhere to slow it down?) It reminds me of Fever 2003. Gameplay seems too arcadey for me at this time, I was 6-10 passing with 200+ yards. I admit I was on easiest level and no slider adjustments so I can assume that will get better. Graphics and Sound are ok, nothing spectacular. Presentation seemed ok aswell. Overall If I had to give this game a letter grade it would be a C. I have been playing NFL2k4 and NFL2k5 for the last 2 seasons and at this time I would say that they are better then this years Madden (my style of football is more sim/real then bombfest to best reciever for a score of 56-0). I have also been playing Madden 2003 on the PC since it came out and dare I say that the gameplay/speed is better then Madden06? (I would)

Im not trying to make this a NFL2k vs Madden post, this is just my opinion on Madden06.
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Re: Madden 06 Impressions

If you think Madden is fast, then you'll think NCAA is the equivalent of a wide receiver who can run a 4.1 40.

NCAA 06 is much faster than Madden 06.

Take care,
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Re: Madden 06 Impressions

After playing this game i am disapointed at best! I have played Madden since the begining and have always love the game until last year. last year the game got bland and boring for me. I ama big franshise guy and the game killer last year reared it's ugly head agin this year. EA thanks for taking the year off and not fixing the NCAA import and created madden rookie class glitch. I talked with my local madden rep on Tucson Arizona, wrote EA been on every important forum just asking for this one thing to be fixed. ALL OF THE PLAYERS THAT ENTER MADDEN ALREADY HAVE BLOATED CAREER NFL STATS BEFORE THEY STEP ON THE FIELD. I was assured thatthis was a BIG concern and that it would be fixed. Yeah right no competion equals same game 3 new features high sale price. I am so mad i might whip out Madden 04 and try to salvage that with updated rosters. If you have this problem let me know. before i thought it was just me but after it started popping up everywhere and then people took notice. I will say that im hopful that the Next gen systems will deliver and that reg console will continue to go down the toliet.
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