This really cracks me up....

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Re: This really cracks me up....

Originally Posted by Longhorn6
There will never, ever, be a "end all be all" game no matter what genre. there will always be someway to improve, some new innovation, some problem fans will find in a game, so if that's what you're waiting for, you wont be playing a football game for awhile.

I'm not saying 2K was a bad game, because it wasnt. The presentation and animations were better than Maddens, hands down, I'm not going to argue that. Madden's just better for my tastes, because I couldn't get into 2K's franchise Mode. I like the owners aspects and off-season stuff almost as much as the in-game because i find it fun, and 2K didn't give that to me.

I'm happy with EA's product this year, and I'm sure, had there been a 2K I would've bought that as well and there would've been good things about both games. I'm just not gonig to sit around moping because there is no 2K. I'll enjoy Madden just as much as I have since I started playing it/

Longhorn6, based on your comments about 2K5 I can see you at least played the game. I respect that and your opinions of what "you" like in a game. I wish you the best of luck with Madden.

I'm not "moping" because there is no NFL 2K6, I just don't like to be forced into having no choice but to purchase a game I know is not better (IMHO). It was the complex game play of the 2K series that got me hooked on console football. I tried Madden several times, and did not like what it offered. When Madden reaches the quality of what 2K5 has in gameplay and online leagues then I will gladly play it. Until then I'm satisfied with pick up games of ESPN 2K5.
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Re: This really cracks me up....

Originally Posted by jbubs
So by that logic, that means McDonalds should start serving rotten, right out the trash food, just because its McDonalds and they will get their money regardless? Kinda like my Cubbies. They refuse to put a top product on the field even though they can easily afford it, but the masses come anyway so its just more money in the upper brass' pockets. F*ck that.

I think that is such B.S. Whatever happened to quality before quantity?
Sorry, but McDonald's food is out of the trash.
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