no more "Hot blocks"

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Re: no more "Hot blocks"

you can change your controller config, which makes L and R into passing buttons. The white and black buttons do something else then (throw ball away and stiffarm, i think)
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Re: no more "Hot blocks"

Originally Posted by jdros13
I really wish the NCAA guys and the Madden guys would get together and try and make their control set ups much closer to each other. There is no reason that the two couldn't be very similar unlike now where I keep hitting the R-Stick to juke and I can't seem to find the Black and White buttons to throw to my receivers instead of the L&R buttons. There is absolutely no reason Madden couldn't have done this, and it would make both games much easier to play out of the box if the control set up was the same....oh well.
Yeah, I'm feeling you. I know when I go back to try and play NCAA in a couple of days I'm going to be all messed up. I know they like to have deferenciating aspects to each game, but when it comes to the control scheme it makes no sense for them not to have it as uniform as possible.
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Re: no more "Hot blocks"

well one reason the r trigger is different is the V&P passing
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Re: no more "Hot blocks"

Originally Posted by JT30
How do you do this for the xbox?

I press Y for a hot route and then you are supposed to choose a receiver.. ok so say the HB is the B button. I press Y to call houte route and then B to choose that receiver then I have to press the d pad to assign a route or the L/R trigger. According to the manual the L/R trigger calls a slant pattern. I dont see anything as to how to make them stay in and block
Backs can run slants. you just can't hot route them in the backfield. But the back in motion and then hot route him, he'll run a slant. TEs can run slants also, they just can't be in a stance on the line. Just as backs, motion the TE away from the line and then hot route him and it'll be a slant.
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